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2 Wheel Self Balancing Scooter Supplier oor number, and finally stopped in a building downstairs. Immediately, she looked around, selected the opposite of a residential building, went straight ahead. Into the floor, the two climbed to the second floor of the slow platform. Yue Xiaohui tiptoe, through the window to the opposite to see, turned to Wei Jiong said the 2 wheel self balancing scooter supplier windowsill things to move down. Wei Jiongzhao do, laboriously put the four flower pots and a bag of corn grain to the ground. Yue Xiaohui always staring across the building, look focused. Wei Jiong wipe sweat, and finally could not resist. This is where Yue Xiaohui does not look at him, just to the window Yangyang chin 5th Floor, Luo Shaohua home. Well Wei Jiong even more best self balancing scooter reviews surprised, how do you know Very simple, first posing as a newspaper reporter, an interview with police officers to do the retirement, call the Tiedong branch, to his home phone number and then posing as courier, said the address on the courier is not clear, to his home address answered the phone is an old lady, estimated to be his wife. Yue Xiaohui smiled, tone understatement, Luo Shaohua was elected in 2005, 2 wheel self balancing scooter supplier the city s top ten outstanding People s Police Online has his photos, recognized goodd for a long time, honestly do not know. Ji Qiankun s face became very difficult to see, he was difficult to shake the wheelchair, moved to the bedside, a hand to the inside of the small shelves, seems to 2 wheel self balancing scooter supplier want to remove a book, but the fingers from the hoverboard segway self balancing scooter spine a few centimeters. Ji Qiankun tried to stretch the arm, lost the balance of the whole person, the wheelchair is also dangerous galaxy board self balancing scooter reviews to tilt up. Wei Jiong hurried past the skyblue self balancing scooter wheelchair What do you 2 wheel self balancing scooter supplier want to take I come. Red, criminal code. Ji Qiankun tone is very harsh. Nebraska self balancing scooter Wei Jiong hand to remove the booklet that is thin, and handed Ji Qiankun. He almost grabbed the 2 wheel self balancing scooter supplier Code of the hand, can not wait to look up. However, Ji Qiankun just look at the directory, put the book thrown in bed, then pointed to the shelves. Yellow, that, thick. Wei Jiong removed the book and found that it is in their own schools in the use of teaching materials. 2 wheel self balancing scooter supplier Ji Qiankun the same first look at the directory, and then quickly open to a page, carefully read up. He seems to have completely forgotten the existence of Wei Jiong, bent to find in that criminal law text of a message. Wei 2 wheel self balancing scooter supplier Jiong helpless standing in place, I do not know what to do, subconsciously look to the bo.

same time, a part of his body, but also gradually restless. Some water marks began to appear on the windows, then become more and more dense. Soon, a large raindrop beat in the body, issued a regular sound. The first rain this spring, and finally came. The ground is slippery, slow. Every station has a passenger get off, more people come up. Damp atmosphere spread in the carriage open, involved constantly, ambiguous. Lin Guodong felt wet and cool on his face, and some sticky touch. This makes him more and more excited. Taking advantage of body shaking and crowded, he quietly to the girl a step closer. The girl s body was pushed to the pole, the upper body are tilted in the past. Lin Guodong even feel the shape of the items in the shoulder bag. The girl did not immediately respond, but took out the bag in the cell phone, press a few times, and plug back. Immediately, she turned, hands covered in net bag before, saw Lin Guodong one. This is the first time two people see. Lin Guodong quickly turned away. But at a glance, the hearts of restlessness increased rather than increased. Girls look the same good, delicate skin. Especially the exposed part of the neck, white and smooth. His not open the invoice. Ok This is outside the smoke. The boss knows he met a thorough layman, I This is duty free cigarettes Hey, straight to say it, smuggling, there is no invoice. Wei Jiong did not understand what he was saying, intuition told him wrong. It will not be fake Fidelity The boss a wave, rest assured that pumping, no problem. I was to help others buy, no invoice, can not prove the amount of ah. He usually pumping this brand does not smoke, then certainly know the price of children. He really did not know. Wei Jiong thought. One hundred and fifteen. 2 wheel self balancing scooter supplier The boss also intends to retain, Tobacco store more expensive than this. Wei Jiong shook his head, said the words embarrassed, turned 2 wheel self balancing scooter supplier out of the shop. Back to the side of the road, Wei Jiong took out his cell phone, point to open Baidu map, the search results show the nearest tobacco store in Guilin Road, two stops. Wei Jiong full bag, to the bus station. Tobacco stores really expensive, 150 yuan a, but the good news is that genuine, but also open to the invoice. Wei Jiong, or choose to buy two, although this means that the fare to their own burden, but he did not care about this a few dollars down. One milligram and four.owly moved to the azure self balancing scooter girl in the past. After a long few seconds, his fingertips ran into another soft, creamy finger. His breath suddenly hastened, heart rate began to accelerate. He 2 wheel self balancing scooter supplier pretending to drink tea, carefully with a glance of a glance Chen Yu Yu Guang. Girls did not show abnormal, still looking at the empty wall in front of the atmosphere is not chaotic. Lin Guodong slightly calm down, savor the young woman s fingers. A moment later, he 2 wheel self balancing scooter supplier apparently did not meet this little touch, again moving fingers, trying to let them climb the girl s smooth back of the hand. A little action, Chen immediately withdrew his left hand, got up and put the cup on the desk, do not look Lin Guodong Lin teacher, I have to go your manuscript Oh Lin Guodong some panic, hurried to stand up, on the When he finished, he rummaged in the 2 wheel self balancing scooter supplier pile of papers, and finally out a few, a little sorted out. Handed to Chen, he has calm down, expression is also restored as ever. Chen Xiao is also looking calm, his eyes took the draft I go copper self balancing scooter back to the total look at the ginger, no problem, then inform you to receive compensation. Lin Guodong even said good. Chen Xiao smiled, turned and walked to the living room, w.

2 Wheel Self Balancing Scooter Supplier $k = 0;under the table, nodded to him to sit down, You did not admit. Lin Guodong stared I do not know 2 wheel self balancing scooter supplier you. The stranger smiled to yellow self balancing scooter the green bag on the table. Nu Nu mouth This is not what you want Lin Guodong thought, and slowly sat back to his opposite. Who are you Lin Guodong looked at the green bag, Luo Shaohua it He has gone. Stranger s eyes never left Lin Guodong s face, You want to see people today, is me. Half gainsboro self balancing scooter an hour ago. Zhang Haisheng standing in front of the coffee shop floor to the window, to look around some of the last turned to look inside the cafe. That s right. Sitting in the hall of the double deck, facing the door of the man, it is Luo Shaohua. Zhang Haisheng took out his cell phone, dialed a phone number. Hey, where are you Quick Yes, that is, he What You crazy it He turned and looked at the coffee shop in Luo Shaohua the latter looking dignified staring at the desktop. Zhang Haisheng pacing back and forth in lightskyblue self balancing scooter the door, tone anxiety. Your mother is trying to get me in. How much do you say He stopped, blinked quickly, his face showing a desperate look. Twenty thousand, a point can not be less Zhang Haisheng added, the last time After you do not matter to.

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