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2 Wheel Self Balancing Scooter Wholesale Because the phone to answer Luo Ying s people, is Lin Guodong. Ran through the channel, washed down the escalator, Luo Shaohua arrived at the Chunyang Road subway station platform. Waiting for the passengers were surprised to see this gray haired, panting for the elderly. Luo Shaohua glanced around, did not see the shadow of Lin Guodong. Look up the electronic signs, from the next subway stop there is a minute. Luo Shaohua side of the gasp, while the phone 2 wheel self balancing scooter wholesale call Luo Ying is still off. He cursed loudly, leaning against the platform of the column, constantly looked around the crowd. Subway will be out of midnight, came to take, mostly overtime or dating after the young men and women. South terminus is located in the suburbs, the northern terminus is the relative concentration of residential areas. Therefore, Luo Shaohua living in this side of the site, much more lively than the opposite. In particular the train is approaching, on the platform soon gathered a large group of passengers. Luo Shaohua living in the crowd, the mood even more impatient. Seeing the time has come to an agreement, their mobile phone is still no movement. Where is the daughter, she still alive Not far fr.o jump out. With the help 2 wheel self balancing scooter wholesale of out of the window irradiation shimmer, Wei Jiong see the attendant and clothes lying in a small bed, feet down and 2 wheel self balancing scooter wholesale the 2 wheel self balancing scooter wholesale ground, has long been asleep. Wei Jiong quietly touch the wall, gently from the shelf to remove a string of keys. Subtle clamoring sound so that he breath his breath, and then dare not have 2 wheel self balancing scooter wholesale action. A few seconds later, see the attendant no signs of wake up, Wei Jiong pinch the key in the palm of the hand, slowly the same way out. Out of the duty room, Wei Jiong dare relieved. He greeted the old Ji surprised eyes, walked to the door, open the lock, pushing the old discipline out of the yard. Came to the street, the old discipline suddenly become very nervous, body Bengzhi, hands tightly clutching the wheelchair armrest. Out of more than 100 meters, he was gradually relaxed, began to look around. In the empty streets, two people in turn walked a small supermarket, breakfast shop, barber shop, mobile communication business hall, butcher. After a primary school, the old Ji let Wei Jiong slow down, facing the closed gate looked for a long time, but also specifically touched the door number in the past. Those children s voices come from here

Ji is clearly recording something. In addition, he is now skque self balancing scooter 10 wheels safe, at least the video can also be sent to their own WeChat. Moreover, this matter and Zhang Haisheng. Half an hour later, the taxi finally arrived at its destination. Wei Jiong pay whitesmoke self balancing scooter the fare, get off to the nursing home ran. Just went to the door, he saw a large iron gate closed on weekdays has been open, and two still flashing lights police car parked in the yard. An old man was caught in the middle of two uniformed police, is bowed into the car. Wei Jiong look like goes on the face of death, recognize that he is the video appeared in the bald man. The yard was crowded with old people. Wei Jiong one to see the 2 wheel self balancing scooter wholesale old discipline, he sat in a wheelchair, quietly leaning against the door, watching the front of a mess. Wei Jiong waved, old Ji looked at him, did not speak, but turned to shake the wheelchair, walked to the small building. Wei Jiong on the unknown, only to heel to keep up. Just entered the small building, they saw two policemen carrying a stretcher down from the upstairs. Stretcher covered with white quilts, only to show the head of the inability to shake, it seems still sleeping. Looked at the gray hair, Wei Jiong.investigation of the situation, Wang Xu and Xu Mingliang is a cousin, since childhood is closely related. In early 1990, Xu Mingliang to obtain a license, and Wang Xu is peers. Xu skyblue self balancing scooter Mingliang before the case, Wang Xu has been in the same farmers market to sell fish for the industry. Because they usually pay, often with fish and each other. Series rape murder after the incident, Yang Guiqin inadvertently operated meat stalls, put the stall to Wang Xu. In Wang Xu body, both doubts, there may be ruled out. At the same time, he usually caught fish, fish and cut fish when the time, will be wearing gloves, in line with the provisions of the Wei Liang Wei, Jiong s inference. However, from another perspective, when Wang Xu s work skills should be limited to decomposition of fish, dismemberment of the human body I am afraid that force can not be caught. Therefore, the best way is to conduct face to face with him. Wang Xu was impatient with Du s visit. Du Cheng said in the identity, he dangling from the cigarette, cut into small pieces of meat into the meat grinder, glanced Du into a You have not been looking for my two aunt yet, come to me why Nothing, talk about your brother s thing. Du look.hang North self balancing scooter Haisheng immediately retorted, She eats every day. She s taking an overdose, Laugi smiled, and I know who did it. Cigarettes from the mouth of Zhang Haisheng snapped out on the floor. He stared at the old discipline, his face turned from white to green, his lips are shaking up. Arizona self balancing scooter Old discipline you do not joke, this you also photographed Wei Jiong, old discipline has always stared at Zhang Haisheng, his face seems to have Ruoyouruowu laugh, give him a 2 wheel self balancing scooter wholesale look. Well Wei Jiong froze for a moment, then realized that the old discipline that he sent to his two videos. He hastened to phone out, find and old Ji s micro message dialog box, open the video. See the picture of the moment, Zhang Haisheng made an lightgray self balancing scooter action, it seems to rush to snatch away the phone. Old Ji aware of his intention, immediately made out of words You stand in place to see Zhang Haisheng did not dare to move, 2 wheel self balancing scooter wholesale bow bent, standing watching two videos, his face has been sweating. Such as Wei Jiong put away the phone, he just suffered a sap like a bear, no 2 wheel self balancing scooter wholesale longer stand up. Zhang Haisheng slumped down in bed, his hands Wulian face, the body are violently shaking up. Wei Jiong embarrassed to see the old discipline.

2 Wheel Self Balancing Scooter Wholesale Indeed, as an outsider he will be angered by this crime of extinction of human nature, not to mention the saddlebrown self balancing scooter personal experience of the loss of his wife s pain. Must find this animal, must let him for the year to do all the price Even if this punishment was twenty three years late 2 wheel self balancing scooter wholesale Wei Jiong was the impulse to revenge can not own agitation, the ear suddenly came a ring. He subconsciously raised his head, just to see the administrator got up from the seat, the hands still holding an empty cup. Do not know how far the water from the archives, but this is undoubtedly a valuable opportunity. In any case, have to take a risk. The administrator of a shadow disappeared in the doorway, Wei Jiong jumped up, grabbed the file went straight to the sixth file rack. He ran to the front shelf, one knee, the hands of the file back to the original position, grabbed next to the Pull does not move. Hand came a strange feeling, as if the other side of the file there is a force to contend with. At the same time, the opposite side of the shelf came Hey is heard. Surprised, Wei Jiong had no time to think, hands again, while the other side of the power suddenly disappeared his hand pulling the file, you, who will it Ji Qiankun stared at Wei Jiong, as if he is a stranger never met. I do not want to confirm this conjecture.But, Du taught me a way, according to 2 wheel self balancing scooter wholesale the location 2 wheel self balancing scooter wholesale of the corpse can deduce the path of the murderer dead bodies, and then delineate the murderer may live. Wei Jiong expression gradually serious Your home is within this range. Ji Qiankun sad smile So you self balancing scooter for sale come to test me From the conversation that day, I know you will drive, you can feel the energetic heart, and you should remember that I said the phone landed in the room, you have to go back to the key room to take in fact I put down the key to your house, Wei Jiong paused, and then I found a hand saw on the cupboard in your bedroom. Ji 2 wheel self balancing scooter wholesale Qiankun nodded, his mouth muttering Good boy One day after that, you let Zhang Haisheng take you to the Yang Long Cemetery. Wei Jiong continued, You bought two flowers in the shopping, one of which is placed in front of your wife s spirit He turned his head to Yue Xiaohui, Put it on the soul of a woman named Liang Qingyun. Ji Qiankun silent for a few seconds, his face becomes pale Why did not you immediately inform me Wei Jiong hesitated If 2 wheel self balancing scooter wholesale your heart is obsesse.

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