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2 Wheel Self Balancing Scooter Because the phone to answer Luo Ying s people, is Lin Guodong. 2 wheel self balancing scooter Ran through the channel, washed down the escalator, Luo Shaohua arrived at the Chunyang Road subway station platform. Waiting for the passengers were surprised to see this gray haired, panting for the elderly. Luo Shaohua glanced around, did not see the shadow of Lin Guodong. Look up the electronic signs, from the next subway stop there is a minute. Luo Shaohua side of the gasp, while the phone call Luo Ying is still off. He cursed loudly, leaning against the platform of the column, constantly looked around the self balancing board news crowd. Subway will be out of midnight, came to take, mostly overtime or dating after the young men and women. South terminus is located in the suburbs, the northern terminus is the relative concentration of residential areas. Therefore, Luo Shaohua living in this side of the site, much more lively than the opposite. In particular the train is approaching, on the platform soon gathered a large group of passengers. Luo Shaohua living in the 2 wheel self balancing scooter crowd, the mood even more impatient. Seeing the time has come to an agreement, their mobile phone is still no movement. Where is the daughter, she still alive Not far fr.overdrawn. He looked around, with the faint light outside the street lights, can only distinguish between the open hall and those dark holes in the door. Where are you To be a little peace after the breath, the ears of the sound darkslategray self balancing scooter is clear up. Suddenly, he heard the head came a faint tussle and cry 2 wheel self balancing scooter for help. Wei Jiong suddenly hold your breath, the whole body trembled slightly. Is the voice of Yue Xiaohui. His body suddenly came to strength, Batui went upstairs. She s at She s still alive Ran over the slow stage, Wei Jiong s Yu Guang glimpse of a corner of the reinforced, hand up. Did not expect a pull under the hand was very heavy, and then a look, the other end of the steel also with a piece of cement. He had no intention to go looking for more hand called weapons, dragging the steel to run 2 wheel self balancing scooter upstairs. Girl s desperate struggle to Lin Guodong feel a little surprised. Thought he was free to play with the frightened girl, however, he had to find ways to uniform her. In fact, Lin Guodong is not accustomed to using a knife, he used it to cut the dead woman s body. So, in two people s tear, the girl s body was a number of scratches, sticky blood stained in the hands of Lin Guodong, his fac.

home late at night about 10. Occasionally in the evening to go shopping, spending very little. However, he can now skillfully use vending machines, 2 wheel self balancing scooter ATM machines and the like. Moreover, his expression and attitude has been relaxed a lot, compared to just when discharged rigid and nervous, Lin Guodong is now like a idle at home, dubious gentle man. Luo Shaohua sometimes doubts his own judgment he really cured it In the Ankang hospital 2 wheel self balancing scooter in isolation, those years, his heart the other end of the monster, are also electric shocks and bound clothes 2 wheel self balancing scooter to kill it Luo Shaohua wry smile shook his head. In determining he completely harmless, he must not relax vigilance. Is thinking, 2 wheel self balancing scooter the bedroom door opened, Jinfeng slowly came out. Wake up Luo Shaohua immediately stood up, greet the past. Just a few steps, Jinfeng seems to run out of strength in general, just met Luo Shaohua s arm, fell into his arms. Luo Shaohua to help her sit down, Jinfeng but with open arms clinging snow self balancing scooter to him, whispered Do not move. He obediently do, holding his wife, motionless. Soon, Luo Shaohua Jinfeng forehead to feel the sweat has been soaked out of his chest. He pulled out a hand and gently stroked her hair. Jinfeng obviou.s reflects his face. Gray, slightly edema, wrinkles. Old face covered in the two still young, vivid face, as if closer to the time and space, confused life and death. Du into sanway smart self balancing scooter the eyes gradually become soft, everything has been falling into the endless void, in the semi bright light, he no intention to pull back to reality, people will die, the most valuable, only memories. On 8 August 1991, at 7 10 am. A young uniformed police carrying two large plastic bags, hastily onto the C City Public Security Bureau Tiedong branch in front of the steps. Through the glass door, he nodded to the duty of colleagues, turn right, along the east side of the first floor of the corridor. At the moment has been bright daylight, the corridor is dim, both sides of the door countless closed, only the north end of a window can still light. The silence of the corridor, only to hear the young police footsteps and plastic bags of the sound of friction between the rustle. Close to the eastern end of the room, the young police were inexplicable chill, as if the door in front of the bursts of cold air is being released. Came to the door, he moved the plastic bag to the left, hesitated, raised his hand and gas and brass self balancing scooter sweet smell, as if with a sticky texture, clearly pulling Luo Shaohua s body. Less than half a second later, two people staggered over the steps, one up, one down. Luo Shaohua head strabismus, body stiffness to go to the 4th floor, heard the voice of the key came orengered self balancing scooter the top of the jitter. He tried to maintain the mechanical walking posture, until in front of the corridor outside the open space, suddenly the body limp down. Is he Luo Shaohua teeth said to himself, feel the mouth has been rustling sound, not wrong Until the legs no longer trembled, he almost Delaware self balancing scooter fled with a gesture that ran into the opposite building. Quickly came to the 6th floor of the monitoring point, Luo Shaohua panting to come up with binoculars, 2 wheel self balancing scooter motionless to see the Lin Guodong home. Lin Guodong look as usual, behavior as usual. Hang clothes, make tea, sit in front of the computer, smoke, turn on the computer. And usually slightly different is that he brought back the plastic bag does not seem to day to day supplies, but a pile of printing paper, it seems that some kind of manuscript. Lin Guodong the text on the computer next to the first 2 wheel self balancing scooter study some, then quickly knocked on the keyboard. Oc.

2 Wheel Self Balancing Scooter time. Zhang Limin s voice tired, there are luminol reaction, but most are dust, not very good to identify. He pointed to the ground As you said, I saw every tile seam you want to find the blood, how long before Du Cheng to see him Twenty three years ago. In the end you are looking 2 wheel self balancing scooter at what the case ah Ma is not the day before the day out Zhang Limin stared, Even if found, the possibility of blood contamination is self balancing hoverboard 2016 very large, DNA can not be tested out ah. Du into the gloomy face. He patted Zhang Limin s shoulder, said something hard, and went back to the living room, look around the room. Ji Qiankun unwilling, in fact, Du Cheng is. Lin Guodong will bear the criminal responsibility for the killing of Ma Jian, of course, he deserved. However, if twenty three years ago, the serial murder this unclear end, Du 2 wheel self balancing scooter Cheng also find it difficult to let go. Lin Guodong did not take coercive measures before, because the possibility of obtaining sandybrown self balancing scooter evidence is extremely slim. Although it is now possible to conduct a search on his home, but still difficult. Du into the eyes in turn swept the sofa, chest of drawers, tables and TV stand. Lin Guodong rape, murder scene certainly here. Which as part of the.mplings out of the pot. According to tradition, Wei Jiong and Dad down the stairs firecrackers, greet the God of Wealth. Then upstairs, just to catch up with the New Year bell ringing. The sound of firecrackers outside the window is also increasingly fierce, numerous fireworks in the air bloom, the whole city as bright 2 wheel self balancing scooter as day. Chinese New Year, reached the climax. Wei Jiong a family sitting at the dinner table, while eating dumplings bless each other. Health and longevity of their parents, son academic success. Mom also added a find a girlfriend come back to see. Wei Jiong blushed to protest, but in the end was pleased to accept a big red envelope. Eat dumplings, Chinese New Year Gala is coming to an end. At one o clock, the firecrackers gradually subsided. Mom and Dad began to yawn, ready to break into the bedroom. Wei Jiong has begun to plan another thing. And other parents asleep, he quietly dressed, stealing the father of two boxes of cigarettes, but also filled with a box of dumplings, out the door. Cold air, but not fresh. Smoke smell pungent, thick smoke has not yet dispersed. Wei Jiong marching Montreal firecrackers and fireworks self balancing scooter quality specification debris, footsteps hurriedly, went straight to.

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