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Alabama Self Balancing Scooter $k = 0;u are busy, there are found to inform us immediately. Having said that, he waved to the Du into Go, eat first. Meeting room best self balancing scooters on the market doors and windows open, fresh air through the hall. Alabama self balancing scooter Despite some slight chill, but just from the forensic dissection room out of Ma Jian and Du Cheng, as papayawhip self balancing scooter if from the winter suddenly through the summer. More people feel a little pleasant, full house food aroma nasal cavity of the corpse swept away. Several colleagues were sitting around the table to eat breakfast, to see them come in, have got up seat. Ma Jian and Du Chenggang just sit, milk, steamed stuffed buns and tea eggs pushed to the front. Despite the already hungry, Ma Jian s appetite is not how. Eat half a bun, drink a few mouthfuls of soy milk, he lit a cigarette, looked around for a segway self balancing scooters bit chewed colleagues, opening asked how the situation A man wearing a sweat stained short sleeved shirt, hair disheveled, such as chicken coop swallow the mouth of the police buns dead source to find in progress, yesterday afternoon to a few people, are nearly a month to report the missing population , But none of them. He bite the bun in his mouth, looking at the hands of the information, vague and said The recent alarm.

guarantee that he does not expose you Luo Shaohua still does not move, If I were him, rather than waiting for the court, suffer a gun, not as good as an instant to be blown into pieces. That his mother how to do Du broke out at once, he grabbed Luo Shaohua collar, repeatedly shaking, You let me how to do Were watched blown here fly ah Suddenly, Iveco police car door was opened, and anxious Jinfeng appear in the car, behind also followed by Zhang Zhenliang. Into the child, darkgoldenrod self balancing scooter you Jinfeng arms holding a cloth bag, reach out and pull into the arms of Du, You let him go. Du Cheng Jinfeng look at, but also take a look at Luo Shaohua, mercilessly shoving him in the seat, sitting next to himself, breathing heavily. Luo Shaohua stared at his wife, murmured how do you come Jinfeng did not speak, gainsboro self balancing scooter leaning on the door, looked up and down his own husband. Suddenly, she raised his hand, mercilessly pumping Luo Shaohua a slap in the Alabama self balancing scooter face. This action seems to Alabama self balancing scooter run out of her whole body strength, the whole person to fall backwards. Zhang Zhenliang hastened to hold her. Luo Shaohua also stuck half of the body, grabbed Jinfeng sleeve. Jinfeng throw him, cover your chest, big mouth breathing. To b.a call to drink. He subconsciously turned his head, suddenly stunned. Wei Jiong and Yue Xiaohui side by side Alabama self balancing scooter on the aisle, is a little bit close to him carefully. Old discipline, you Wei Jiong has always stared at the right hand of Ji Qiankun, You must not mess. Ji Qiankun is chaos how do you know I Alabama self balancing scooter am here You Alabama self balancing scooter take that portable Wi Fi, Alabama self balancing scooter right Yue Xiaohui shook his cell phone, eyes full of panic, automatically connected. Ji Qiankun tightly closed his Alabama self balancing scooter eyes, immediately opened, expression is very upset. He re faced Lin Guodong, slightly side head You two, immediately go Old discipline, you calmly point. Wei Jiong slowly walked to the table, pointing to Lin Guodong, the police immediately to, he could not run go Wei Jiong anxious, but also approached to persuade, but felt his shoulders were firmly locked. He turned and looked, Du Cheng. You two, immediately leave here Du into Alabama self balancing scooter Ji Qiankun, surface, such as submerged, old discipline, I now want to arrest Lin Guodong, you walk with me. He can not go anywhere. Ji Qiankun does not look at him, always stare Lin Guodong, I too. Old discipline, the truth of the matter has been identified. Du Cheng tried to ease the tone, I guaran.dow of the scene so that his pupil instantly narrowed. Men still lie down at the window, motionless. Lin Guodong kneel beside him, hold down i1 hover self balancing scooter reviews the handle with both hands, is trying to insert the knife into the man s back. At the same time, Yue Xiaohui unclear cries are also heard in the cold. Ah Wei Jiong uttered a cry of fear and fear. He climbed up, picked up a piece of wood, to Lin Guodong swoop past. Shouting alarmed Lin Guodong. He turned his Georgia self balancing scooter head and quickly got up. Wei Jiong has been rushed to the front, exhausted effort to play the board to his head who makes the best self balancing scooter to play. Lin Guodong quickly dodge escaped. Wei Jiong not hit, the person lost balance. Lin Guodong aimed at the opportunity, in his lumbar kick on the kick fiercely. Wei Jiong find anything to fall to the ground, mouth suddenly more than blood. He just turned over, his face was Lin Guodong kicked. I want to harm me Lin Guodong hysterically shouted, You can not Covered with blood and dust as he was like a devil, his eyes flashing crazy intention to kill. He glanced around the circle, picked up the piece of steel, with reinforced concrete block is struggling to climb up the head of Wei Jiong, raised high Lin Guodong Another.

Alabama Self Balancing Scooter , word by word Alabama self balancing scooter to whispered, What do you want in Alabama self balancing scooter the end Lao Ji smiled, asked scare you He 2 wheel self balancing scooter picked up the cigarette case, moved the wheelchair to the sunny place, stared at the corner of the room, and lit a cigarette. You just saw the man at the door, named Tian, called Tian Youguang. Old Ji s face was covered Alabama self balancing scooter with smoke, looked worried, he was a widower, about two years ago to be sent here. Stick one, all right around the courtyard of the old lady, hands and feet, take advantage of. Old Ji snorted from the nose, mouth is a trace of contemptuous smile. About three months ago, I found him and Zhang Haisheng suddenly played fiery. Lao Ji turned around, facing the Wei Jiong, solemn expression, Oida is a stingy iron cock, smart balance wheel start Zhang Haisheng is a non profit can not afford early Zhu Er, How did they get together I was surprised to notice that, and as a result, I discovered their secrets. They are partners, to Old Pie Pie Piezui, Laoqin used to be a dance teacher, good temperament, looks good, got Alzheimer s disease is Alzheimer s, after being sent home here. He stretched out one hand, fingers open. A fifty. Lao Ji to the Wei Jiong shook his hand, Zhang Haisheng received the money, giv.e topic of privacy, the administrator looked up and looked at Wei Jiong, got out of the archives. Wei Jiong initially also feel funny, but he soon realized that the opportunity came. He immediately got up, sandwiched files to the file rack behind the trot, Alabama self balancing scooter walked with nervous planning from the file display of the law, a shelf can probably go home four years or so files, then Xu Mingliang murder case Of the file to at least five file racks after he must seize the time. Crossed between the two rows of archives, his eyes glimpse of a man sitting in another column table, is flipping the files, want to just come from his crashed sound. In a hurry, Wei Jiong only saw the man s gray hair, bloated body and gray black and white down jacket. He had no time to give too much attention to men, but do not expect the other side after exposing their behavior. Went to the fifth file rack, Wei Jiong looked up at the index card 1994 1999 punishment. His heart a hi, hurriedly rushed to the sixth file rack before, really 1989 1993 punishment. He rushed to the iron rack, starting out from the top of a file, look directly to the case. An Jiarong intentional injury death case. Wei Jiong hastily back to t.

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