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Alaska Self Balancing Scooter egan to be filled with a variety of sounds. Morning news, wash the face of the sound of water, drink soy milk squeak, whistling hair dryer, toilet flushing sound, Luo Ying urged her son to the voice of Chunhui. 2 wheel self balancing scooter $100 Luo Alaska self balancing scooter Shaohua busy in the kitchen and dining room, eyes always fall on her daughter and grandson. Since her daughter divorced, Luo Shaohua addition to taking care of his wife, Luo Ying and Chunhui to the daily diet also wrapped in him. He does not think it is a burden, but happy in them. When the police for more than 30 years, after retirement, you can make up for Jinfeng Niangliang owed. Clock points to seven, my daughter and grandson have already eaten breakfast, wash finished. Busy Alaska self balancing scooter morning time can come to an end, Luo Shaohua sitting at the table, picked up a fritters, just bite, I heard his cell phone issued a bite sound. Luo Shaohua rubbed his finger, pick up the phone to view text messages. Glanced, he stopped chewing, shocked. Immediately, he stopped living in the door for Luo Ying. Yingying, a taxi today to send their children. Luo Shaohua reluctantly swallowed the mouth of the fritters, I want to use the car. Well Luo Ying, a little surprised back, I ll give you. No. L.he recess, Ma Jian first got up and left the court. Go to the door, Ma Jian heard a burst of noisy behind him. He subconsciously turned around and saw the wood has been like a wood sculpture Ji Qiankun quickly over Alaska self balancing scooter the seat, jump straight to the aisle. His action fast, so that the presence of the bailiff is too late to antiquewith self balancing scooter react. Hit it, severely beat him Ma Jian silently watching him, and did not come up to block him the slightest meaning. However, Ji Qiankun Xu Mingliang just pull over the shoulder, looked straight at his face goes full of tears and tears. Chapter XI murderers Wei Jiong care gills, listlessly looked at the podium on the grandmother , feel at any time can sleep in the past. Is a sense of trance, he suddenly felt the phone pocket and shake a bit. Wei Jiong smiled. Do not look, is certainly the old discipline. Lao Ji learned to use a cell phone camera, Yue Xiaohui and teach him how to use WeChat. The old man called it a high, every day he received a dozen photos sent over. There are still life, there are scenery, as well as the old Ji s self timer. However, the majority of the level of the photo is not how, not not aligned focal length, is a dark mass. Wei Jiong could no.

envelope. Jiang always raised his head finished it Chen replied ah, the contract signed. Jiang always a cry, on the desktop rummaging, and quickly out of four copies with a transparent folder binding a good manuscript. Three proposals, a paper. Ginger handed the folder Lin Guodong, translated within a week, no problem, right No problem. Lin Guodong put the folder carefully into the bag, Well, Alaska self balancing scooter I ll leave. OK, there lightgodenrodyellow self balancing scooter is something to call. Lin Guodong nodded farewell, turned and walked toward the door, passing by the side when Chen stopped. Goodbye, Chen Xiao. You walk. Girl from the computer raised his head, red forest Guodong smiled. Lin Guodong came to the corridor, went straight to the elevator, press the down button. When the elevator, he could not help but look back. Behind the glass door, Chen Xiao is working down, short hair was hot air heater slightly blowing, like a flower of the aroma transpiration. Internship Phone, the voice of the teacher is rather hesitant, You are not just Mody Mody, and now practice, early point, right Yes, Mr. Meng, I want to participate in the judicial examination this year, so I want to know some knowledge of the judicial practice. That would not hav.into the bottle from the bag, remove the Alaska self balancing scooter pills to swallow. Zhang Zhen Liang looked at him silently, and pour a cup of hot water on the front of Du. To check files in the Council Well, said Du, putting the file on the table between the two men, how did you find the case You always feel that the wrong person, I was thinking, if the murderer is not arrested, then he may once again commit crimes. Zhang Zhen Liang index files, the results let me find this. Du looked at him What do you self balancing scooters uk think You do not come this time, I will not be fooled. Zhang Zhenliang leaned back in his chair, You said first. Du smiled This case and the 1990 series of rape murder case, really like. rape. Strangle the neck. Sharp device fractions. Cruciform tight black plastic bag, transparent tape sealing. Scattered around the body. No fingerprints or other traces were extracted. This is just two years ago, a series of rape murder case approach. However, Du into the heart still has a question mark. Like Zhang Zhen Liang knock on files, more than just like, that his mother is the murderer. Du did not make a sound, lit a cigarette, thoughtfully watching the file cover. If you think you can, I apply to the Bureau to re i.on the board, a good check, casually check, check I do not care.I die brother injustice, to his vindictive day, Remember to tell me Er Yi, I invite you to drink Du smiled Good. From the farmers market in Chunyang out, has been almost one o clock in the afternoon. Du Cheng Wei Yue and Yue Xiaohui went to a beef noodle shop. When eating, Wei Jiong salmon self balancing scooter asked Du police officers, do you think Wang Xu suspect it I do not think he is, he said, and he did not eat much. Wei Jiong nodded I think so, if he is the murderer, should be anxious Xu Mingliang Alaska self balancing scooter for his crime, that you want to review the case, I think he was Alaska self balancing scooter very happy. Yes ah. Du into the bag from the pills, swallow on the water, they picked up a facial tissue, wipe the sweat of his face. Wei Jiong and Yue Xiaohui invariably stopped chopsticks, silently watching him. Du noted that their eyes, feel a little embarrassed to come up with Napal information. Besides, the taste is not right. Well. Alaska self balancing scooter Wei Jiong look at green self balancing scooter Yue Xiaohui, He does not seem to care about Xiao Hui. Yue Xiaohui hanging eyelids, there is no sound. I am not talking about this. Du turned to look at darkolivegreen self balancing scooter the information, Wang Xu was to sell fish, and will certainly be covered with fish.

Alaska Self Balancing Scooter ion Luo Shaohua nodded. Ma Jian leaned back to the back Alaska self balancing scooter Alaska self balancing scooter seat, took out his gloves and feet into the pocket pocket, Dian Dian baseball bat, picked up a retractable batons. If he did not open the door, you open the lock If you do not open the door, you open the door, Suddenly, Ma Jian Luo Shaohua was also aware of sitting Alaska self balancing scooter on the co pilot, a move did not move. Hurry up. Luo Shaohua visual front, is a daze, to hear the call of Ma Jian, as if awakened like to turn around. Old horse, we in the end doing Luo Shaohua spoke, the voice low dumb, so waiting aquamarine self balancing scooter for the girl was killed Ma Jian leaning on the door, staring at Luo Shaohua looked for a few seconds, slowly turned away. Shaohua, some things, you and I can not stop. Ma Jian s voice revealed a deep tired, Moreover, you go back now, it may be too late. Luo Shaohua trembling a bit, the head on his knees, reaching out to seize his hair. This is our only chance, and after tonight everyone will be safe. Having said that, Ma Jian stood quietly on the side of the door, so Luo Shaohua get off. A long time, Luo Shaohua sighed, lift the foot step down the car. Let s go. Two people one after the other, through the silence of the park Yong As he passed through the living room, his peripheral light caught a glimpse Alaska self balancing scooter of the new electric pressure cooker on the gas stove in the kitchen. blanchedalmond self balancing scooter Then, he went to self balancing scooter reviews the bathroom Alaska self balancing scooter door, pushed the door and went inside. The toolbox is on the sink. Seat back, hand saw exposed wooden handle. He went to the bathtub, opened the shower curtain, staring at the bottom covered with translucent plastic film. Suddenly, his breath quickly, his hands clenched into the fist, as if the chest has a drum the greater the balloon, almost to his chest up broken. Lin Guodong pulled a plastic film, in the hands quickly kneaded into a ball, mercilessly thrown to the wall. Small cab smoke filled. Ma Jian first cough out loud, then, Luo Shaohua also began to cough. Two old people cough in the cab one after another. Finally, Ma Jian curse a fuck, opened the skylight. It is estimated that the son of a bitch is busy living it will not pay attention to downstairs. Luo Shaohua fell to the window, reaching out the cigarette butt out, looked at the watch. Fast for two hours. Luo Shaohua turned around and asked Ma Jian, also continue to wait Ma Jian look at the window, thought Otherwise, to explore the actual situat.

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