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Aliceblue Self Balancing Scooter g age, I learned to cook their own, cleaning, comb hair Yue Xiaohui turned to Wei Jiong, expression calm aliceblue self balancing scooter The first menstruation, but also my own good. Wei Jiong feel a little embarrassed, but the girl s eyes clear and bright he can not remove their eyes. Later, he began to drink, very, very fierce kind of Can you imagine what, a junior high school girl, go to the house aliceblue self balancing scooter looking for the street do not know where the father was drunk. Yue aliceblue self balancing scooter Xiaohui half of aliceblue self balancing scooter the body are hidden in the shadow, only a pair of eyes shining. Found, but also find a way to take him home. Yue Xiaohui soft voice, but also with a little make fun of, I even gave him a bath, when he was drunk unconscious. Wei Jiong thought, softly asked aliceblue self balancing scooter Do you hate him No, Yue Xiaohui uttered clearly, a man can not do anything when he is lost and grieved what is the best self balancing scooter so he can only do that. Drunk father. The sleeping father. In the ignorant and feel a moment to enjoy a quiet father. I was aliceblue self balancing scooter much more fortunate than him, after all, I was not impressed by my mother, but he was not the same. The girl slowly out of the shadow, slender stature and white face one by one emerge. Then, a rolled up the arm of the arm stretched over. Thank you. Yu.of the body into the cab, this is aliceblue self balancing scooter called Wei Jiong waving with aliceblue self balancing scooter a man over. Taxi drivers have no time to slip away, so always along the way with a straight face, and repeatedly stated that if a man spit in the car, we must pay the fare increase. In order to pull this trip as soon as possible unlucky job, the driver drove the car fast. However, in the emergency stop and high speed turn, the man finally could not control, spit a mess. Finally to the destination, Wei Jiong dragged unconscious man has taken aliceblue self balancing scooter out a sour smell of the taxi. The driver side loudly scolded, while the window ventilation, and finally more than fifty dollars to the fare, only angrily left. Yue Xiaohui lives in the 4th floor. This distance, for the arm of a drunk Yue Xiaohui and Wei Jiong, is a long and difficult journey. Finally get him to the 4th floor, the door, placed on the sofa, Wei Jiong has been tired and whole body soft, sweating. Yue Xiaohui is also out of breath. She let Wei Jiong break a break, he went into the kitchen burning water. Then, half pot of water tea, half pot of boiling water for hot towel, to wipe his father s face full of vomit. Her deft movements, looking calm, it seems to take care of d.

onger tempted, picked up the cup to hit the ground. Luo Shaohua understand Ma Jian s anger. Luo Ying awake, had the night after the incident had some memories. Xiangyang and talk to her when the woman called and asked him to compound. Sunny on her ambiguous attitude irritated Luo Ying. After the walk away, she casually found a bar alone drink boring wine, as drunken things, she completely remember. As for the cause and effect, Luo Shaohua clear than anyone else. Lin Guodong home the same day he burglary, he heard the news outside the door. Now think of it, that is Lin Guodong. Needless to say, Lin Guodong has long been found to track and monitor their own. And aliceblue self balancing scooter Lin Guodong certainly in turn turn themselves and their families do a clear picture of the situation. After more than 20 years later, Luo Shaohua once again locked into the room, completely angered Lin Guodong. He followed mintcream self balancing scooter and hijacked Luo Ying, but did not hurt her. Cut himself in the subway station, leaving a blood fingerprints, is to issue a warning to the Luo Shaohua. I have regained freedom, no one, nothing can stop me. Gengrang Luo Shaohua fear is that Lin Guodong has the courage to fight back, that is, he did not look f.ch suspense is useless. Gengrang his unhappy, the students have begun to clean up stationery, finishing bags, a look can not wait. Mang teacher standing still did not move, quietly watching the students. The students immediately stop action, honestly stay in the seat. Enthusiastic little, but also reached out and grabbed the students have been away from the block slip. Finally, add a sentence go back and look at the amendment to the Criminal Law 8 , recidivism part of the amendment, waved after the hands of a long time to listen to the voice of the recidivism, Get out of class. Meng teacher unplug the U disk, turn off the multimedia device, and then rise, the classroom has been empty. Has been on most of the semester classes, after school questioners are few, so that these children can only stimulate enthusiasm for learning in the final exam before. Meng teacher picked up the bag, and my heart when the lunch break to play badminton or swimming. Just out of the classroom door, I heard a slightly timid voice. Teacher Meng. Oh Meng teacher looked up, in front of security self balancing scooter a man wearing a sports jacket, jeans boys. He leaned over the bag, his hand still carrying a cup, the forehead has fine sweat.r her body. This time, Yue Xiaohui did not refuse. But she still does not look at him, eyes scattered stare in the outpatient building out of the crowd. Yue Xiaohui long hair into a string together, the floralwhite self balancing scooter neck is also deposited with thick gauze, the arm can also be seen in the shape of bandage. Wei hotpink self balancing scooter Jiong looked up and down her, whispered how are you For a long time, Yue Xiaohui finally had a response Nothing, skin trauma. She raised her head, looked at Wei Jiong, and finally to the forehead gauze. What about you I have nothing. Wei Jiong smiled, sewing three needles. Yue Xiaohui also Lie Liezui, revealing a non cry non laugh expression. Immediately, she lowered her head, his forehead arrived in the knee. I can not sleep, with a doubling of the tranquilizer is useless. Yue Xiaohui s voice low and fuzzy, as if from deep underground pass up the general, one close your eyes, see the blood, overwhelming, like the same waterfall. Wei Jiong sighed in the bottom of my heart, stepped forward, Lan Yue Hui Lan shoulders. The girl shuddered and instinctively dodged back. Immediately, she obediently leaned his head in the arms of Wei Jiong. A few seconds later, Wei Jiong feel the girl completely r.

Aliceblue Self Balancing Scooter carrying in his hand. What you fear, he is what. Luo Shaohua issued a sharp whistle, left hand tightly grasp the torch, his right hand touch the waist, eyes of the night, an instant on the overwhelming. Shaohua, Shaohua Wake up Luo Shaohua suddenly opened his eyes, his right hand uphold in the futile futile in the waist, a full half a minute later, he realized that before looking down at their own, is his wife aliceblue self balancing scooter Jinfeng. Is a nightmare, but also the nightmare. Luo Shaohua heavily back down on the bed, big mouth breathing heavily. Jinfeng Phi out of bed, took a towel to help him wipe the self balancing-scooter sweat full aliceblue self balancing scooter of head full of brain. Wiping the neck, Luo Shaohua Jinfeng grabbed the wrist, her wrinkles, has been slightly relaxed skin to Luo Shaohua peace of mind a lot. Jinfeng did not move, obediently let him hold, gently caress, until Luo Shaohua aliceblue self balancing scooter breathing gradually stable, she was softly said sleep a little longer. Luo Shaohua nodded. Jinfeng turn off the lamp, strip to lie down, a moment, they issued a slight snoring. Wait for her to sleep, Luo Shaohua re opened his eyes, a hand in Jinfeng who gently patted, sideways, watching the sky a little lit up the window. At blue self balancing scooter six o clock the alarm sounded a.gs of the dispute. What is more, the assertion is outside the terrorists sneak into the city to engage in sabotage. At this time, the rapid siren from far and near. Soon, several police cars and ambulances, fire engines and rapid. Zhang Zhenliang jumped from a paleturquoise self balancing scooter police car, while commanding colleagues to block the scene, while running to the cafe. A door, he saw the dignified look of Du Cheng and Lin Shugong is unable to live bran. Master Zhang Zhenliang walked quickly to the table, immediately discovered Jiqian Kun hands of the remote control initiator. He without hesitation to pull out skque self balancing scooter the pistol, the head of Qi Qiankun at the same time look scarlet self balancing scooter at Du into. What s this Block the street, evacuate the masses. Du did not answer him, directly issued an order, Let the team, fire and emergency on standby. Good. Zhang Zhenliang put down the gun, eyes and detonators in the remote control for a few seconds, Do you want someone to talk to him Useless. Du into a frowning, I come. Zhang Zhen Liang nodded Master, you be careful. Then he turned to the door. Just a few steps, Zhang Zhenliang eyes suddenly stared. An old man in black cotton padded clothes staggered through the broken glass door, sh.

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