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Antiquewith Self Balancing Scooter ng teaching materials read the land grandmother , thoughts but not to come back. His heart is pathetic old discipline. Old Ji sun, reading, smoking, cooking their own, no need to explore a legal issue, are in their little time left, struggling against the fate. antiquewith self balancing scooter He tried to cultivate a flower of hope in a prisonerlike life, growing it alone, blooming happily, and persuading himself, in bright colors and subtle florals, that I was not old. Even if I can not walk, only in the iron gate after watching the secular fireworks, but I still belong to the world. Yue best self balancing scooter reviews Xiaohui missing a day, until dinner, Wei Jiong was in the cafeteria to see her. Although the body is tired, but Yue Xiaohui looks good spirit. Queuing a meal, she saw Wei Jiong, smiled at him waved leray self balancing scooter battery his hand. A few minutes later, Yue Xiaohui carrying a few plastic bags came, sat opposite Wei Jiong. Worn out. To take care of cats and dogs it Wei Jiong raised his head to see Yue Xiaohui unscrewed a bottle of ice tea, Guldu to drink a small bottle. Yes ah. Yue Xiaohui took out another bottle of ice tea, and handed Wei Jiong, Please you. Thank you. Wei Jiong removed the lemonchiffon self balancing scooter plate, you eat it Eaten. Yue Xiaohui hee hee, and the kittens to e.ling boys dormitory has become very quiet. Wei Jiong turn around, feel bored, but also decided to go home in the afternoon. His luggage is not much, in addition to a few pieces of laundry to stay in the holiday is to see the end, Wei Jiong look at the watch, happens to antiquewith self balancing scooter be lunch time, carrying a bag to the canteen. The cafeteria in the same deserted few, most of the tables are empty. Wei Jiong lay the meal, holding the plate to the dining area, a glance to see is eating Mala Tang Yue Xiaohui. She also saw him, waved his hand to Wei Jiong over. How to get the morning test Yue Xiaohui picked up a fish ball, grinning asked, see you very early to pay the. So so, pass the estimated no problem. Wei Jiong backpack on the side mini smart self balancing scooter of the seat, you Almost. Yue Xiaohui look at his backpack, how to go home Well, antiquewith self balancing scooter go back in the afternoon. Wei Jiong drank the soup, too salty when do you go In no hurry, anyway, my home in the city. At that moment, Yue Xiaohui suddenly become meaning Xingxing, and then grin and laugh, afternoon to find Xiao Douzi to play. Wei Jiong first froze a moment, and soon thought of that antiquewith self balancing scooter American Shorthair. Social practice classes antiquewith self balancing scooter are over, you went to the rescue station ah. By.

isappeared. Ji Qiankun realized that the razor has been arrived in their own pipe. He opened his eyes, just to see the ceiling, in front of another Mongolian Yue Xiaohui towels to re cover in his face. Wait a few days. Yue Xiaohui s voice becomes distant, you want, we want, will come. Ji Qiankun lying in antiquewith self balancing scooter a wheelchair, waiting for her to go on, or have action. However, the surrounding is always a silence. A moment later, he took down his face towel, stood up. The room was empty. Chapter 30 Awakening Lin Guodong out of the gate, the plastic bag thrown into the trash. Tonight the wind is a little big, the air has a moist flavor. He looked at the clouds rolling over the night sky, it is estimated antiquewith self balancing scooter that the first spring of this year will come. Lin Guodong put his hand in the jacket down jacket, tight collar, walked outside the area. Since the night away antiquewith self balancing scooter Chen Xiao, Lin antiquewith self balancing scooter Guodong for several days did not go out. He is very clear that the original translation company can no longer go to self balancing scooter buyer antiquewith self balancing scooter the. However, before getting the meager salary does not allow him to support for a long time, he must find a job as soon as possible. After a dozen online resumes, no one responded. Which antiquewith self balancing scooter makes him in a depress.rship, but the anti social killer as the object of worship is extremely rare. In addition, if he does intend to kill to release the evil in the heart of the long hidden, it is easy to form a continuous intent of committing the crime. Moreover, the police has not cracked the case, which will greatly stimulate his confidence again committing the crime. However, in this case after the incident 20 skque self balancing scooter years, C City, no similar cases occurred. In other words, after he killed Liang Qingyun, since disappeared, completely hidden. The police portrayed him, basically from the Xu Mingliang homicide case of both the experience male, 30 to 40 years old, clean appearance, talk, have driving qualifications, may own motor vehicles, careful thought, mini smart self balancing scooter there is a certain Of the anti detection experience, the murder and the Department of the dead in terms of the first offense. In addition, in view of his Xu Mingliang murder case highly restored, this person should be well aware of the many details of the case. This conclusion, in fact, in terms where to buy leray self balancing scooter of finding suspects is not much effect. Although the news media at that time, although not as contemporary developed, however, the public can still through various c.

Antiquewith Self Balancing Scooter d, do not remember these things, my dad always told me that my mother is dead. Yue Xiaohui face square, the sound seems to pass from the bottom of the deep general, Years, a relative sent to drunk father back, accidentally talking about my mother s death, I know my mother was killed Wait Wei Jiong jumped up and interrupted the words of Yue Xiaohui, You mean Perhaps the female intuition, the first time I saw the old discipline, he felt that he and I have some connection. Yue Xiaohui and lit a cigarette, So, when you told me in the library When the old commissioned your business, I knew at once what that connection was. However, in that family murder case, the old Ji s wife is the fourth, that is, the last victim. Wei Jiong in the fast recall, the incident in August 7, 1991. Your mother in 1992 antiquewith self balancing scooter October 27 killed, do Ah, in fact, I know you earlier than that series of murder. Yue Xiaohui bombs and soot, gently smiled, Can you imagine A second year junior high school girls, carrying HelloKitty bag, Sitting in the city library to read more than a decade ago, the newspaper, to find the year of the chain rape murder case. So, you know very early Xu Mingliang is not.say first instance, but But what There s too little direct evidence to tell you that you have nothing but fingerprints, such as body fluids. Every murder case is not extracted, the murderer with a condom. But antiquewith self balancing scooter the condom was not found in his house. This good explanation, after committing the crime to discard. This is not a good explanation. Zhang Zhenliang knocked on the table, a know how to clean up the body, the use of condoms, wipe fingerprints, parcels in the body will commit such a mistake After committing the crime panic, understandable ah. The problem is that he was not panicked at that time. Zhang Zhenliang straightened up, to kill four people, his way of getting rid of the body has become more skilled, parcel body is also orderly. , You do not feel strange What s so strange This guy is a butcher ah. Zhang Zhenliang look around, depressed the voice, If I self balancing electric scooter walmart was him, not worthwhile to Zombie. What would you do Du asked, staring at him. We all know, the human body and pork is too his mother like a.Experiment, not all with the pig Zhang palevioletred self balancing scooter Zhenliang whispered, first handle off the head and hands and feet for example, after cooking chopped, the rest Slowly deal with chanting.T.

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