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Aquamarine Self Balancing Scooter ser, and his outline became clearer. Full of sweat and rain on the face, a pair of burning anger and alert eyes shining. Wei Jiong The girl struggled again, with crying to him for help, quick help me The boy bite his teeth, trying to lift the bar, aquamarine self balancing scooter however, huge cement block just a few centimeters away from the ground, but also heavy navyblue self balancing scooter fall. The exhausted boy tried again, suddenly heard behind the rapid footsteps. At the same time, a hand pushed him. A aquamarine self balancing scooter more tall figure appears in Wei Jiong s side. Wei Jiong thought it was Du Cheng arrived, but looked up, but it is a strange man s face. Gray hair. Founder of the face wrinkled. Man s mouth tight sip, his eyes staring at Lin Guodong tightly, his mouth ordered Wei Jiong go away Sudden confrontation situation to Lin Guodong confusion. He instinctively grabbed the girl, the tip arrived in her neck, and slowly receded back. Do not come over, or I ll kill her Wei Jiong suddenly anxious. He has adapted to the dim light of the hall, but also found the body stained blood Yue Yuehui. You do not mess around The man s eyes from Lin Guodong body transferred to the girl s neck, has been stabbed in the tip of the skin to stay a few seconds, sud.smell, appearance is not as clean as Xu Mingliang this pair, how to win those women late aquamarine self balancing scooter at night Of trust, lie to them on the train and we do not match the characterization of the suspects. So, Wang Xu can also be ruled out Well, he said, his face was very bad, and though he wiped it again and again, the sallow face kept rolling, but he just mentioned a man, and I was very interested. Who Yue Xiaohui looked up. That aquamarine self balancing scooter tutor Du suddenly did not speak, and reach in the abdomen, trembling whole body up. Wei Jiong hurriedly stood up and reached out to help Du into. Du nothing upper body almost all aquamarine self balancing scooter on the table, pointing to his bag, medicine, blue bottle that. Yue Xiaohui to open his bag, remove the bottle, and poured a piece and handed him. Du into the mouth, hand received Wei Jiong handed to the mineral water aquamarine self balancing scooter bottles, shallow to drink. Yue Xiaohui looked at the hands of the bottle, whispered You eat is painkillers Ah, said Du, lifting up his sweaty face, grinning, You two who will drive Wei Jiong and Yue Xiaohui on the look a bit, shook his head. I have to wait for a while. Du Cheng is still straight to the waist, Do not worry, the effect should soon be able to come up

g smiled, looked at her while drinking tea. Girl today wearing a black turtleneck sweater, dark aquamarine self balancing scooter blue jeans. Upper body caused by convex, straight legs slender. His face because of the formation of the blush has not yet subsided, coupled with hot tea Xiadu, face on the vapor surplus. Lin Guodong walked slowly, and girls sitting side by side on the bed. Under the weight of two people, mattress depression down, Chen s body over, half leaning on Lin Guodong s body. However, she did not escape or adjust the sitting position, let his arms close to Lin Guodong. Two people do not speak, holding their cups, small mouth sipping. Girl with his left hand on the bed, looking at the front of the wall, head is not strabismus, arm occasionally carried to the mouth, the tea slowly into the mouth. Lin Guodong is constantly flaring nose, it seems that girls should take all the air sucked into the whole body. Tea fragrance, after the initial bitter taste of the entrance, after the goods suck back Gan. Lin Guodong but drink the more thirsty, as if the nose is not the girl s body aroma, but a mass of fire, and instantly the tea will evaporate completely. He quietly moved the body, Zhu right in the bed sl.u explain to me, what is the time limit for prosecution The time limit for prosecution Wei Jiong was puzzled, Why ask this Do not be afraid, not to test you. Old man laughed Oh, I just want to know. Wei Jiong carefully recalled a moment, found a complete recitation of the original criminal law is really impossible, put the prosecution prescription to tell the general meaning of the elderly to listen to. The old man listened with great concentration. To see aquamarine self balancing scooter him intently, for fear of missing any word look, Wei Jiong could not help but think of himself in the final examinations before the teacher assigned to the scope of the examination when the moral character. However, listening to Wei Jiong stammered finished, the old man s mood was suddenly subsided, the eyes of the light slowly dim. He sat silently for a while, and aquamarine self balancing scooter pulled out a cigarette lit. Do not say, kill people The old man looked thoughtfully misty smoke, twenty years later, all right No. Wei Jiong quickly waved his hand, seems to continue to prosecute, is hoverboard segway self balancing scooter the highest law or the highest seized to Ah The aquamarine self balancing scooter old man s face slightly aquamarine self balancing scooter relaxed, young man, not solid ah. Wei Jiong face Teng to look red. See his distress.ack in the car s stainless steel wall, the body constantly trembling, eyes wide open, tightly staring at Du into the hands of the gun. Elevator doors have begun to close, Du curse the sentence, lift his foot and rushed into the elevator. Men hit a hit, the middle of the abdomen into the Du. Suddenly, the breath stuck in the throat into the Du, his face Biede bruising, one hand tightly on the elevator door, the other hand in the floor button on the floor keys casually pressed the 9 8 6 several self balancing scooter for sale digital lights turn on. Almost at the same time, the elevator door creak closed. The elevator immediately down, an instant sense of loss of weight so that the blood suddenly rushed to the head, Du into some dizzy, he held high the right hand of the gun, his hoverboard segway self balancing scooter left hand forced between himself and the man, the body slightly separated, , Lift the man to kick open. Men hit the opposite side of the wall of stainless steel, a swoop and swoop over, went straight into the right hand into the Du, trying to gun. Tear a few back and forth, Du has been exhausted, the other side burlywood self balancing scooter is like a wild animal in general, his eyes blood red, could not roar. Du Cheng clearly saw the man from the accumulation of small mo.

Aquamarine Self Balancing Scooter can not help you to the dormitory. Oh, nothing. Yue Xiaohui stop rejection scarf, reach out to, give me. Not for the time being. Wei Jiong to the library direction Nunu chin, can help you carry it there. Yue Xiaohui look at the past Candle volunteers Yes ah, the content of social practice. Where What about you Stray animal rescue station. Rhode self balancing scooter Yue Xiaohui narrowed his eyes and laughed, I like what cats and dogs. When he finished, the girl thought of something like a racking his head Oh, I forgot to buy cat food. What about that Not afraid. Yue Xiaowen indifferent to say, big darkolivegreen self balancing scooter deal tomorrow morning slipped out to indianred self balancing scooter buy. There are two land law classes in the morning. It s okay to have my roommate cover up for me. Said, two people have come to the bus next to the bus. Several volunteers chatting around the car have to cast curious eyes. Wei Jiong pretending not seen, the shopping bags handed back to Yue Xiaohui. Thank you The girl waved at him friendly, I can not see tomorrow morning can not be surprised. Wei Jiong and her waved goodbye, turned on the bus, looking for a position near the window, watching the girl back away. 1 30, full of red candle volunteer service team bus to start on timeunder the table, nodded to him to sit down, You did not admit. Lin Guodong stared I do not know you. The stranger smiled to aquamarine self balancing scooter the green bag on the table. Nu Nu mouth This is not what you want Lin Guodong thought, and slowly sat back to his opposite. Who are you Lin Guodong looked at the green bag, Luo Shaohua it He has gone. Stranger s eyes never left Lin Guodong s face, You want to see people today, is me. Half an hour ago. Zhang Haisheng standing in front of the coffee shop floor to the window, South self balancing scooter to look around some of the last turned to look inside the cafe. That s right. Sitting in the hall of the double deck, facing the door of the man, it is Luo Shaohua. Zhang Haisheng took out his cell phone, dialed a phone number. Hey, where are you Quick Yes, that is, he What You crazy it He turned and looked at the coffee shop in Luo Shaohua the latter looking dignified staring at the desktop. Zhang Haisheng pacing back and forth in the door, tone anxiety. Your mother is trying to get me in. How much do you say He stopped, blinked quickly, his face showing a desperate look. aquamarine self balancing scooter Twenty thousand, a point can not be less Zhang Haisheng added, the last time After you do not matter to.

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