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Arizona Self Balancing Scooter put the basket on the table in the hands. Two bedroom door is also closed, from time to time a slight snoring came from the room. Luo Shaohua sat down at the table, while adjusting the breathing, while watching the clock on the wall. Five twenty five in the morning. Outside the window of the sky is not as strong as black as ink, faintly appear a bright white horizon. Luo Shaohua atmosphere gradually stable, he got up and went to the kitchen, took out a white porcelain plate from the cupboard, back to the table, open a plastic bag in the basket, the smell of fried dough sticks blowing. He put the dough sticks neatly placed in the plate, and took out a few cups of milk, one by one into darkmagenta self balancing scooter the straw. Subsequently, he returned to the kitchen carrying basket, the classification of a few vegetables into the refrigerator. After all this, he looked up again at the clock five forty. The family will get up at least six o clock. Luo Shaohua sitting back to the table, open the semiconductor radio, lower volume, quietly listening to a file health care programs. Gradually, the sky a little lit up the window, the car sound, the voice is also increasingly clear. This is a haze of weather, the city is.t to lunch. Chen Xiao test asked, You either Well Lin Guodong recovered, quickly put away the manuscript, Well. Chen Xiao was a bit surprised, but the words have been exported, then recover too late. Thought, just a meal, Arizona self balancing scooter no big deal. Two out of the office one after the other. Chen Xiao lock the door, went straight to the elevator. And other elevator time, two people have a take a ride to pull some gossip, Lin Guodong looks a little nervous, very straight back straight, always looking at the LCD panel constantly changing numbers. Chen Xiao mind secretly funny, can not think of this old gentleman where to buy 2 wheel self balancing scooter kinda innocent. Soon, the elevator came to their floor. Many people inside the car, the basic people are rushing to lunch. Two people squeezed into. Chen stood in the doorway, Lin Guodong stood behind her. The elevator is down. Chen Xiao wondering bowl of ravioli or Mala Tang, suddenly felt the air behind the neck gently blowing, as if someone was breathing heavily behind her. She frowned, subconsciously moved forward half a step. At the same time, she heard an Arizona self balancing scooter almost imperceptible sound. Both as a sigh, like groans. Five minutes later, Lin electric self balancing scooter unicycle segway Guodong and Chen Xiao stood in an alley dow.

t them heat the dishes soon. Wei Jiong grabbed a wheelchair arm No, old discipline, I brought you dumplings, we eat this. Dumplings Arizona self balancing scooter Old discipline a look of surprise, good good. Wei Jiong open insulation boxes, opened the lid, braved the hot dumplings in front of him. Try it, my mother s craft. Old Jihao already took chopsticks, can not wait to pick up a stuffed into his mouth. How is the taste Elder brother big mouth eating dumplings, oil juice down the mouth down, delicious delicious skque self balancing scooter 10 wheels Hey, you slow down, said Wei, laughing, and got up to get a napkin. Then turned around, he was shocked. Old discipline back to himself, head down, his hands holding a heat lunch box, shoulders slightly twitching. He was crying. In this silence of the night, in countless people with blessing to sleep, the first ray of sunshine in the New Year before the arrival of a lonely old man, crying in silence. Tenacious, optimistic, such as the old discipline, and finally a box of hot dumplings relieved all the armor. When he calmed down a little, Wei Jiong only put a hand on his shoulder, while handed from behind a napkin. Arizona self balancing scooter Old Ji shook a moment, quickly took Arizona self balancing scooter the piece of paper, wiping his face in the random. Arizona self balancing scooter Oh.but also in his home found a variety of criminal investigation literature and documentary works to verify. Secondly, from Xu Mingliang s own characteristics, born in single parent families, learning achievement in general, withdrawn personality, not many friends, youth have suffered setbacks. Due to stress, the mother of its more negligent, lack of necessary communication between mother and child and communication. This leads to a lack of compassion and compassion for others. May not love history, the reason can not be ruled out is difficult to establish normal contact with other women s sake. Have sexual needs, and had Arizona self balancing scooter witnessed the mother and other men of affair, may have a hatred of women s psychology. From the perspective of criminal psychology, such people committed crimes of rape, murder is not surprising. Finally, Xu Mingliang s fingerprints were found on plastic bags wrapped in dead bodies. This is the most direct and most important evidence. Procuratorates approved the arrest, prosecution and the court found the basis for its conviction, but also around the evidence to start. Zhang Zhenliang does not deny this, change is me, will also be the first guy arrested and tried to.n. However, he told the matter to Ma Jian, Ma Jian went to investigate Lin Guodong information. Du into the head down, looking at his toes, these two guys may act against him. And certainly not through proper means. Zhang Zhenliang then his words go on, they are retired, and that, if they might Self Balancing Scooters Product put themselves in at this point, their situation than we also passive. Having said that, Zhang Zhenliang around to see, conspire Du into the side, whispered Master, you say, that Lin Guodong will kill it Du did not immediately answer. Lin Guodong from the current performance, he is actively adapt to the new life after discharge, and can self reliant, do not see the intention to re do evil signs. However, in the event of stimulating the hearts of the devil to stimulate his incentive, such as perfume Du Cheng s stop abruptly, he suddenly realized Zhang Zhenliang s real intention lies. Do you mean Du turned self balancing scooter site uk to see Zhang Zhenliang, brow gradually wrinkled. Master, I know that the police should not say that, but Zhang Zhenliang looked back into the Du, expression complex, Maybe that is our only chance. Luo Shaohua turn off the shower, while wet from the hands of the hair, while in.

Arizona Self Balancing Scooter mand of the famous Zhang Zhenliang, or the first blatant leadership. So we all quiet down. Moment, Duan skyblue self balancing scooter Hongqing stood up and cleared his greenyellow self balancing scooter throat Well, Laodu, you have a good rest. What is needed, just open. Having finished, heels to the door. Colleagues rushes to leave, are trailing Duan Hongqing away. Zhang Zhen Liang out of the house, whispered to Du Cheng said Master, you take care of the body. That case, I also check, years later we Yeliang touch. He finished, he pressed the shoulder into the DU , Turned downstairs. Send away the Arizona self balancing scooter guests, Du Chengguan good door, slowly Duoqu to the living room, watching the New Year on the ground, smiled. Arizona self balancing scooter New Year, he muttered, Yes ah, New Year. He picked up a large plastic bag, opened a look, is cut into small pieces of ribs, the hearts of a sudden initiation of the idea of doing a good meal. Du went straight to the kitchen, passing the chest of drawers, he stopped and looked at the picture frame, exclaimed Hey, let s New Year For the Chinese people, all the festivals, the most important is the Spring Festival. Although the taste is getting more and more light, but in the Spring Festival to visit friends and relatives lightgodenrodyellow self balancing scooter is indispensable. However.rget Not so simple. Du Cheng shook his head, This guy s economic conditions should not be too bad, if only to vent deeppink self balancing scooter the beast, station street women have. He went to the white board, pointing to a few photos rape, affirmation and sex, kill and flesh, although there is silencing, but can see his hatred of the victims from the heart for a female , He wants to possess, and deep hatred. Has been silent, Yue Xiaohui suddenly asked Du police officers, when investigating the case of the Arizona self balancing scooter police are male, right Uh Du was surprised by Arizona self balancing scooter her question. Arizona self balancing scooter Yeah, how You have ignored the point, a woman in addition to external clothing, looks, hair, there is a kind of invisible things, the same can stimulate the Arizona self balancing scooter man. Three are stunned, then at the same time ask What Yue Xiaohui pointed to his clothes smell. Du into the first reaction perfume Yes, Yue Xiaohui nodded, I checked some information, perfume for some men, is the aphrodisiac. Perhaps it is a special smell, to stimulate his impulse. Du immediately turned his head to Ji Qiankun, who gave a little thought to give a definite answer Yes, Feng Nan day out, do paint the perfume Madame Butterfly. perfume. Du s brain up and running, and the first victim.

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