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Best Self Balancing Scooter 2015 dow of the scene so that his pupil instantly narrowed. Men still lie down at the window, motionless. Lin Guodong kneel beside him, hold down the handle with both hands, is trying to insert the knife into the man s back. At the same time, Yue Xiaohui unclear cries are also heard in the cold. Ah Wei Jiong uttered a cry of fear and fear. He climbed up, picked up a piece of wood, to cyan self balancing scooter Lin Guodong swoop past. Shouting alarmed Lin Guodong. He turned his head and quickly got up. Wei Jiong has been rushed to the front, exhausted effort to midnightblue self balancing scooter play the board to his head to play. Lin Guodong quickly dodge escaped. Wei Jiong not hit, the person lost balance. Lin Guodong aimed at the opportunity, in his lumbar kick on the kick fiercely. Wei Jiong find anything to fall to the ground, mouth suddenly more than blood. He just turned over, his face was Lin Guodong kicked. I want to best self balancing scooter 2015 harm me Lin Guodong hysterically shouted, You can not Covered with blood and dust as he was like a devil, his eyes flashing crazy intention to kill. He glanced around the circle, picked up the piece of steel, with reinforced concrete block is struggling to climb up the head of Wei Jiong, raised high Lin Guodong a bottle of beer, pinch his cheeks, is filling his mouth. Background, Jinfeng a red cheongsam, clutching his mouth to see them nonsense. Jinfeng s heart a soft, this is their wedding day. Then the body sturdy, clumsy guy, now turned into a gray haired old man, is stubbornly twisted his head, back to his wife, crying silently. Jinfeng holding self balancing scooter in walmart him, over and over again in his hair Mosa Zhao. In her arms, Luo Shaohua body stiffness, could best self balancing scooter 2015 not shiver. A long time, the living room came the ring tones. Jinfeng pat Luo Shaohua s shoulder, got up to the living room to take the phone. Luo Shaohua took the opportunity to wipe the eyes, wiped his face clean. Jinfeng holding the phone, his face conspire to the front of the screen, while walking to the bedroom, whispering while reading the phone best self balancing scooter 2015 number. Who s calling Do not know, strange number. Jinfeng to continue to tweet, vibration of the phone and handed him. Luo Shaohua looked at the phone screen, staring at the fixed phone number, thought, press the answer key. Hey No response in best self balancing scooter 2015 the handset, only vaguely hear the car Ming voice and deliberately suppressed breathing. Do not bother to distinguish, Luo Shaohua from breathing to know who t.

erdict to Xu Mingliang was executed, there is always a man in the running for his injustice. However, the strength of the individual is insignificant, even if he is a part of the machine, in the face of a mechanically rigid judiciary. This person is Du Cheng. He insisted that it was a wrong case. To this end, the Du and had been as close as brothers, Ma Jian and Nebraska self balancing scooter others darkcyan self balancing scooter against each other. Board can not accept this is a high degree of praise of the iron case there are any flaws. In the repeated trade offs, Du Cheng was transferred from the original post, went to the province of a more remote county, was transferred back in 1993. I was in F City. Du into the thought, how Zhang Zhen Liang from the carry bag and took out a portfolio, and handed Du into. I did not guess wrong. Zhang Zhenliang look solemn, Since you have to do, then you should look at this. You fuck even told me to hide the goods Du Cheng Xiao Xiao Road. However, he saw the expression of Zhang Zhenliang, realized that this is not a joke. Maine self balancing scooter Portfolio is still a criminal case file. Du turned to see the first few, his face suddenly changed, the faster the faster turn the hand. Shock beam, Du into the file, tightly staring at t.class Wei Jiong also laughed, You best self balancing scooter 2015 have been today land grandmother caught a back. Nothing. Yue Xiaowei shook his hair, there are two opportunities, but today the month frightened. Wei Jiong think of that long haired girl Haha, almost as accomplice. Yes ah. Yue Xiaohui patted the plastic bag of a large chicken, so to appease. Those cats and dogs will not let you put it You do not see their eyes, looking forward to someone touch, hug. Yue Xiaohui eyes have water vapor surplus, there is a puppy, abandoned three times, for everyone to please. At the time, it chased it well. I do not know why, Wei Jiong suddenly remembered Lao Ji sitting in front of the iron look. Poor. Yes ah. Yue Xiaohui playing with best self balancing scooter 2015 the side of the plastic bag, social practice classes get, I want to go. why Be needed, be dependent. Yue Xiaohui turned around and looked at Wei Jiong eyes, mouth with a slight smile, It feels good. Wei Jiong also looked at her You will be a good mother in the future. They are tame and simple, was abandoned again and again, hurt, but still absolute trust in human beings, and I would rather with them I honeydew self balancing scooter would like to go with them, She raised her neck, the bottle best self balancing scooter 2015 of brown red liquid drink. P.e the old Qin doubled under the sleeping pills, to facilitate her to bully her. This bastard in order to comfort, each with sesame oil. Wei Jiong finally understand the strange old woman who surnamed Qin taste come from, think of the use of sesame oil, can not help but burst of churn the stomach. Old Qin best self balancing scooter 2015 is very poor, was the next drug, ignorance and unconsciously to be ruined. Lao Ji sighed, But I think her heart is clear, but she did not know. He put the cigarette butts pressed out Before the Spring Festival, the old Qin s family to pick her up, the old lady happy, happy like a child, but the sixth day she was sent back, his son left, the old lady that gear best self balancing scooter look Ugh. Can imagine. After a short period of family happiness, but also the lonely lonely time. best self balancing scooter 2015 Not to mention, but also endure endless insults and rape. However, the mystery of the hearts of Wei Jiong is growing. Old Ji, Wei Jiong silent for a long while, and finally asked, You know the law, right Old Ji seems to Wei Jiong s question is not unexpected, nodded ah. You are very clear, Zhang Haisheng and Oida, is an accomplice, right Correct. Why do not you put the two videos to the police Wei Jiong stared at the old Ji eye.

Best Self Balancing Scooter 2015 whispered Call Du into, fast Yue Xiaohui is also a look of tension. She quietly took out his cell phone, unlock the screen, quickly turned to find the address book. Wei Jiong looked at the mobile phone screen constantly sliding name, heart constantly urged her. Suddenly, Yue Xiaohui hand stopped, she stared at the top of the phone screen, uttered a small exclamation. She then exits her contacts and opens the honeydew self balancing scooter Wi Fi settings screen. Wei Jiong was confused, more and more anxious hearts, almost whispering and whispered What are you doing Yue Xiaohui did not answer, his face is an incredible expression she handed the phone Wei Jiong. In the list of available WLANs, the two lines are particularly clear 60 year old old discipline. connected. The thirty third chapter obsession Lin Guodong looked at the back of Luo Shaohua, went to his opposite, opened the chair to sit down. Car keys a word not finished, Lin Guodong stunned. In front of this wearing a brown down jacket, wearing a black wool hat people looked up, although the age is about 60 years old, however, he is not Luo Shaohua. I m sorry. Lin Guodong immediately stood up, I am mistaken. Lin Guodong, the stranger s hands were all.d finally clenched his fists on the knees knocked twice. Then he leaned over to explore the bed, pulled out an old suitcase, opened, set off a few pieces of old clothes, indianred self balancing scooter from the bottom out of a kraft paper portfolio. Kraft paper best self balancing scooter 2015 portfolio on the handwriting has been blurred, there are several corners damaged. Luo Shaohua open portfolio, which is wrapped in a plastic bag was tightly rectangular objects. He patted the layers open a sun visor and a paper with writing on it. Luo Shaohua the visor in his hand, repeated look, the line of sight to stay in the back of the dark brown spots on a long time. Immediately, he took out scissors from the bedside cabinet, along the edge best self balancing scooter 2015 of the visor, the back of the whole piece of non woven down. Finally, he stood up, looked around in the bedroom, put the non woven paper and paper into the kraft paper portfolio, out of the bedroom. Wear underwear, wear a black wool best self balancing scooter 2015 cap. Luo Shaohua emptied satchel, went to the study best self balancing scooter 2015 took a few books, together with the kraft paper portfolio bag into the bag. Before leaving, he was on the desk in the old object to find a police dagger, hides into the pocket. Jinfeng sitting on the sofa in the living room, and always.

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