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Best Self Balancing Scooter Brand nin ads he was watching TV. Luo Shaohua wiped the sweat has flowed to the eyebrows, looked up at the upper right corner of the dark green security door, piece of sticky door and door frame of the transparent tape still, it seems that this guy did not go out last night. He was a little skque self balancing scooter peace of mind, gently downstairs. Came to the park, he looked at the yard bare trees and branches and leaves the flower beds, a little trouble. No Santana car cover, want to monitor Lin Guodong in the dark is best self balancing scooter brand too difficult. Luo Shaohua looked around, only the bike shed on the eastern side of the Weidang can temporarily be a hiding place. He lifted his foot to go over, struggling to pass through a row of bicycles, because impatient, across a stroller when the best self balancing scooter brand handlebar was also poked a palegodenrod self balancing scooter bit groin. Side whispered curse, while rubbing his crotch, Luo Shaohua hid behind the enclosure, a little squat lower body. Blue plastic enclosure area of less than one square meter, and can not completely conceal themselves, and good in this place and inconspicuous, if not special attention, it should not be found. Luo Shaohua looked at best self balancing scooter brand the door of 4 units, out of a cigarette lit. Gradually, best self balancing scooter brand in the hurry and climbing best self balancing scooter brand in.little longer. Lin Guodong lips rolled up, teeth bite creak. Well, you say. Ji Qiankun narrowed his eyes, upper body forward Why do you want to kill my wife Lin Guodong thought I can only say that she was in the wrong time, appeared in a wrong place, met a His tone was slow, his eyes wandering, his eyes kept Piaoxiang Ji Qiankun hold the black plastic box right hand. At the same time, his hand on the table a little closer to each other. You d better sit still Ji Qiankun best self balancing scooter brand immediately aware of his intentions, the whole person to sit back, while best self balancing scooter brand the arm to the iron table to push him in the past. best self balancing scooter brand Lin Guodong the back to withstand the column, under the chair and legs are stuck in the iron table, a time can not move. go on The sound of low Dr for Lin Guodong not act recklessly, but also to the waiter who came is startled. Two, he repeated hesitantly, or went to the table, What would you like to drink something What do not. Ji Qiankun s eyes for a moment refused to leave Lin Guodong, go away His tough attitude to the waiter very dissatisfied Sir, if you do not consume, please Go away Ji Qiankun waved, Let everyone leave, I have a bomb Surprisingly, the waiter did not fear, b.

suddenly ouch sound, his legs crashed into the phone crashed into the table. Ji Qiankun in the wheelchair struggling to bend down, stretch the arm, trying to pick up the phone on the ground. Luo Shaohua turned his head to see his powerless appearance, said the sound I come to bend self-balancing-scooter over to pick up the end of the table cell phone. In his leaning moment, Ji Qiankun quickly reached out, put a small white pill in front of the Luo Shaohua coffee cup. Luo Shaohua straightened up, handed the phone Ji kun. Old thank again and again. Luo Shaohua think he was familiar, but can not remember where seen. Of course, at the moment he has no time to distraction, just nodded, continue to stare at the desktop trance. Ji Qiankun wheelchair came to the counter, to a cup of mocha coffee. Immediately, he from the counter next to the newspaper stand out of a newspaper, while watching the side edge of coffee, I light from time to time Piaoxiang Luo Shaohua. Luo Shaohua look at the watch, put a cup of coffee to drink a mouth, immediately frowned. He looked at the coffee cup glowing bubble of dark brown liquid, suddenly feel dizzy. Ji Qiankun immediately lost the newspaper, took off his jacket and purse, took.Indeed, as an outsider he best self balancing scooter brand will be angered by this crime of extinction of human nature, not to mention the personal experience of the loss of his wife s pain. Must find leray self balancing scooter battery this animal, must let him for the year to do all the price Even if this punishment was twenty three years late Wei Jiong was the impulse to revenge can not own agitation, the ear suddenly came a ring. He subconsciously raised his head, just to see the moccasin self balancing scooter administrator got up from the seat, the hands still holding an empty cup. Do not know how far the water from the archives, but this is undoubtedly a valuable opportunity. In any case, have to take a risk. The administrator of a shadow disappeared in the doorway, Wei Jiong jumped up, grabbed the file went straight to the sixth file rack. He ran to the front shelf, one knee, the best self balancing scooter brand hands of the file back to the original position, black friday self balancing scooter walmart grabbed next to skyblue self balancing scooter the Pull does not move. Hand came a strange feeling, as if the other side of the file there is a force to contend with. At the same time, the opposite side of the shelf came Hey is heard. Surprised, Wei Jiong had no time to think, hands again, while the other side of the power suddenly disappeared his hand pulling the file, un.e road resumed. More than a dozen cars across the stop line, fast forward. Suddenly, a taxi in the traffic seems to have lost control, on the road was S shaped twisted up. In its surrounding vehicles have turned to avoid, angry whistle sound into one. Out of control taxi and then meandering forward after a few dozen meters, halted. A middle aged man jumped out from the passenger seat, ran to the middle of the road, a look best self balancing scooter brand of horror to the taxi. Almost at the slategray self balancing scooter same time, the rear door opened, wearing bisque self balancing scooter a black cotton padded clothes, wearing a light gray wool cap of the old man drilled from the car, shaking around the rear, went straight to the driver s seat away. He grabbed his head off the wool cap fell to the ground, opened the door, pulled out of the taxi driver. The driver on his back fell best self balancing scooter brand to the road, watched the old man sitting in the driver s seat, launched the car. After a rapid turnaround, the taxi went back in time to come. More and more people gathered in the cafe door, curious to peep inside the room. They looked at the cafeteria hall or sitting or standing of five people, have speculated in the end is what causes the explosion just now. That debt collection, said the feelin.

Best Self Balancing Scooter Brand eir own. How did you come I saw the news this morning, saw the arrest warrant. Ji Qiankun sitting in a wheelchair, looked at his back, Lin Guodong do He hijacked the junior girl who is not Yue Xiaohui Du Cheng look at Zhang Haisheng. The latter TIPS to a few meters away, relying on the wall smoking. Lin Guodong Du into account words, He killed a policeman.He last night, he hijacked people is Yue Xiaohui.This child on the body paint the Madame Butterfly , want to lead Lin Guodong start, best self balancing scooter brand and then grab him a current. What happened to her now Ji Gai kun s face suddenly turned gray, his hands clutching the wheelchair armrest tightly, seemed to want to stand up, I called her, the child has not answered. She s fine, skin trauma, in the public security hospital. Ji Qiankun s expression slightly relaxed. He turned the wheelchair, while greeting cheap smart self balancing scooter Zhang Haisheng fast, take me to the Public Security Hospital. You do not do anything. Lin Guodong still at large, but caught him just a matter of time. Du quickly asked Road, look was dim down, he killed my colleagues, live video evidence, this time he could not escape of. Ji Qiankun turned the action suddenly stopped. He lowered his head, t.elaxed body, almost at the same time, whining cry from the thick long hair down. Blame me all my fault girl s whimper intermittently. Wei Jiong soon felt his chest a hot and humid. He did not know how to comfort Yue Xiaohui, can only hold her more and more tightly. A full five minutes later, Yue Xiaohui cries began to stop. After a while, she raised her head from Wei Jionghuai, gently pushed him. Sorry. Yue Xiaohui long exhaled breath, the mood has been stable. She wiped her tears from her eyes with her sleeves, pointing to Wei s chest, get your clothes wet. It does not matter. Wei Jiong raised his hand and wiped his clothes on the random, You take good rest, do not think. I can not think. Yue Xiaohui s eyes and red, the voice choked again, I am too self righteous. Otherwise, the police will not save me He s Ma Jian. Ah. Yue Xiaohui forced nodded, I will remember him. Police, Ma Jian. Wei Jiong silently looked at her Xiao Hui. Ok Why did you do that It is also used to say Yue Xiaohui some surprised to raise eyebrows, I want to seize Lin Guodong. I asked not this. Wei Jiong out of the phone, you sent me the video said, if given the opportunity, you will explai.

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