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Best Self Balancing Scooter For Kids isappeared. Ji Qiankun realized that the razor has been arrived in their own pipe. He opened his eyes, just to see the ceiling, in front of another Mongolian Yue Xiaohui towels to re cover in his face. Wait a few days. Yue Xiaohui s voice becomes distant, you want, we want, will come. Ji Qiankun lying in a wheelchair, waiting for her to go on, or have action. However, the surrounding is always a silence. A moment later, he took down his face towel, stood up. The room was empty. Chapter 30 Awakening Lin Guodong out of the gate, the plastic bag thrown into the trash. Tonight the wind is a little best self balancing scooter for kids big, the air has a moist flavor. He looked at the clouds rolling over the night sky, it is estimated that the first spring of this year will come. Lin Guodong put his hand in the jacket down jacket, tight collar, walked outside the area. Since the night away Chen Xiao, Lin Guodong for several days did not go out. He is very clear that the original translation company can no longer go to the. However, before getting the meager salary does not allow him to support for a long time, he must find a job as soon as possible. After a dozen online resumes, no one responded. Which makes him in a depress.d out from the cafe, can see a large number of dignified expression of the police around the door, from time to time to spy on the interior. Various reports, the sound of the command issued mixed with the current sound of the walkie talkie, from the broken glass door into the cafe, the endless. In this best self balancing scooter for kids atmosphere, four people sitting around the table, eat and drink in silence. Old Ji eat both slow and less. Wei Jiong and Yue Xiaohui have no appetite, each eating a donut, a small mouth sipping juice. Lin Guodong actually put a pair of ready to fight the situation, his hands together, best self balancing scooter for kids the big bite. However, his eating is both ugly and crazy, every kind of food only to eat a few mouthfuls on best self balancing scooter for kids the lost, and then reach out and grab another. Soon, all kinds of leftover food in his scattered around the ground. Gradually, Lin Guodong also could not eat. His name burp, wiping his mouth, to hand out the hand to Ji Qian Kun. Is there any smoke Ji Qiankun best self balancing scooter for kids to see him, reaching in the pockets of groping, and really found a box of cigarettes and lighters. He ignored Lin Guodong, but handed the cigarette Wei Jiong. Wei Jiong take the hint, best self balancing scooter for kids out of a cigarette to Lin Guodong, and help him lit. Ji Qian.

e seem to shout far away, struggling, tussle, while a few men scolded, but also mixed with women screaming. Gradually, the confusion of the voice attributed to calm, and ultimately completely quiet down. Du inexplicably thought of prison and Ji Qiankun where the nursing home. A few minutes later, a man in white underwear walked into the drawing room. He walked down to roll up the sleeves, kept breathing heavily, his forehead full of shiny sweat. Du police officer is not it He went to the table, out of a hand best self balancing scooter for kids to the Du, My surname best self balancing scooter for kids Cao, is the attending physician. Du Cheng stood up, across the table and shook his hand. Sorry to keep you waiting, there is a patient of the disease. Dr. Cao wiping sweat, sitting in the opposite Du Cheng, eyes fell on the cup of hot water. Du immediately pushed the glass to him You drink, I did not move. Dr. Cao also rude, picked electric self balancing scooter videos on youtube up the cup drained. What are you looking for About a patient. Du Cheng out of Notepad, he called Lin Guodong, I heard that you are his attending physician. Dr. Lin Guodong Cao, raising his hand and wiping his mouth to stop the action, He has been discharged. I lightslategray self balancing scooter know I just saw his discharge proved. Du Cheng nodded, is the most of the dispute. What is more, the assertion is outside the terrorists khaki self balancing scooter sneak into the city to engage in sabotage. At this time, the rapid siren from far and near. Soon, several police cars and ambulances, fire engines and rapid. Zhang Zhenliang jumped from a police car, while commanding colleagues to block the scene, while running to the cafe. A door, he saw the dignified look of Du Cheng and Lin Shugong is unable to live bran. Master Zhang Zhenliang walked quickly to the table, immediately discovered Jiqian Kun hands of the remote control initiator. He without hesitation to pull out the pistol, the head of Qi Qiankun at the same time look at Du into. What s this Block the street, evacuate the masses. Du did not answer him, directly issued an order, Let the team, fire and emergency on standby. Good. Zhang Zhenliang put down the gun, eyes and detonators in the remote control for a few seconds, Do you want someone to talk to him Useless. Du into a frowning, I come. Zhang Zhen Liang nodded Master, you be careful. Then he turned to the door. Just a few steps, Zhang Zhenliang eyes suddenly stared. An old man in black cotton padded clothes staggered through the broken glass door, sh.rget Not so simple. Du Cheng shook his head, This guy s darkgoldenrod self balancing scooter economic conditions should not be too bad, if only to vent the beast, station street women have. He went to the white board, pointing to a few photos rape, affirmation and sex, kill and mistyrose self balancing scooter flesh, although there is silencing, but can see his hatred of the best self balancing scooter for kids victims from the heart for a female , He wants to possess, and deep hatred. Has been silent, Yue Xiaohui suddenly asked Du police officers, when investigating the case of the police are male, right Uh Du was surprised by her question. Yeah, how You have ignored the point, a woman in addition to external clothing, looks, hair, there is a kind of invisible things, the same can stimulate the man. Three are stunned, then at the same time ask What navy self balancing scooter Yue Xiaohui pointed to his clothes smell. Du into the first reaction perfume Yes, Yue Xiaohui nodded, I checked some information, perfume for some men, is the aphrodisiac. Perhaps it is a special smell, to stimulate his impulse. Du immediately turned his head to Ji Qiankun, who gave a little thought to give a definite answer Yes, Feng Nan day out, do paint the perfume Madame Butterfly. perfume. Du s brain up and running, and the first victim.

Best Self Balancing Scooter For Kids ang elution murderer s notoriety, so that floating in the city over the injustice to rest. Therefore, he needs in the shortest possible time to collect enough evidence, in time for Ma Jian and Luo Shaohua start before Lin Guodong to justice. Ji Qiankun put down the photos of Lin Guodong, raised his head, eyes in the Du Cheng, Wei Jiong and Yue Xiaohui face back and forth glance, expression driven to distraction. Yue Xiaohui stepped forward, squat body, hand on the knee in the Ji kun kun, gently Mosa Zhao. segway self balancing scooter for sale He Ji Qiankun eyes dull, intonation as if in the balder in general, Why did he want to kill my wife For perfume, said Du, thinking, For the woman who hurt him, Lin Guodong has a strong sense of possessiveness and full of hatred for all the women with that taste. He pointed to Wei Jiong leray self balancing scooter not charging and Yue Xiaohui have to say, find out the case, the two little guys credit. Ji qian Kun close your eyes, two lines of muddy tears fall best self balancing scooter for kids from his face. He bowed his head, his hands clasped, washed the other three worship and worship. Thank you, thank you. Ah, long ago told you, I am not to help you. Du waved his hand, I am for myself. Wei Jiong patted Ji Qiankun shoulder. The old man wiped his.ent thing Well, before the Spring Festival. In other words, he lived in a mental hospital Du into the heart to calculate a bit, Twenty two years Yes, I m his second doctor, Dr. Cao smiled bitterly, before Dr. Zhu Huijin. Is his illness serious enough to take so long to treat From his medical records point of view, because of mental disorders. Dr. Cao seems to have some hesitantly, mental illness and powderblue self balancing scooter other diseases, it is not too reliable indicators of equipment and parameters, and the disease is often lingering, Recurrence rate is also high. Then, since he best self balancing scooter for kids was allowed to leave the hospital, he was cured Why, said Dr. Cao, you are within the system, you must know that in our country, some things can not be true. Oh Du Cheng raised his eyebrows, You mean Cao Guodong situation, it is difficult to assess, can not completely sure has been cured, can not be completely denied. Dr. Cao staring best self balancing scooter for kids at the table, blanchedalmond self balancing scooter his tone indifferent, his treatment costs have always been responsible for the home later, his mother died, , Only to provide the most basic treatment costs.The city is only best self balancing scooter for kids one well being of the hospital, the bed is very tight.Therefore, early this year, the hospital focused on.

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