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Best Self Balancing Scooter e to go to the High Court, right I think so, the Court will have concluded some of the major or difficult cases, more representative. Would you like to study the practice and see if the file is useful It is. Wei Jiong quickly turned to look at the hands of the notebook, the above is Yue Xiaohui handwriting, However, to see the files in the trial transcripts, learning efficiency is higher, not too many opportunities to listen to trial, may not be able to encounter typical case. He read the sentence almost word by word, after the breath of waiting for the teacher s response Meng. Well, a little best self balancing scooter bit of truth. Your kid is also very studious, rare. Meng teacher thought, Well, you come to my office tomorrow morning, I ll give you a letter of introduction.I have a classmate in the High Court , You seagreen self balancing scooter directly to him on the line. Wei Jiong quickly thanks, the relieved hung up the phone. You can really do it. best self balancing scooter He handed the notebook back to Yue Xiaohui, You compiled these words really let the teacher believe. Of course. Yue Xiaohui quite proudly put the notebook into the bag, Lao Meng s favorite students, law school all know. She made careful preparations for the telephone call. The dialogue bet. ?>

iously under the soil. There are some patients in the open space self balancing scooter reviews in the walk, the thick cotton wool underwear to wear in the following services, all of blanchedalmond self balancing scooter them seem bloated. Du into a man looking at the wall talking to himself, almost hit a stick holding dead branches in the ground to the point of the middle aged man. Do Middle aged man is very unhappy, Do not break my combat sand table Oh, said Du, carefully circumambulating him, Head, you go on. Into the inpatient building, Du Cheng and female nurses take the elevator to the top. Through a best self balancing scooter corridor, Du Chengchen really feel that they are in a mental hospital. The left side of the ward, he tried not to see the door in the Zhang Zhang suddenly appeared face, want to come to those distorted, abnormal face will not make people feel too happy. At the end of the corridor is the reception room. The furnishings were simple, except for a long table and a few chairs. The female nurse arranged for him to sit at the table, gave him a cup of hot water to close the door to leave. Du into a sitting room in the reception, the first, that surrounded by a silence. Sitting for a while, he realized that the ear is actually vaguely sound came. Some peopl.aohua ran quickly, straight toward the woman on the bench, can not wait to pull up her head yes, it is floralwhite self balancing scooter Luo Ying. At the same time, he felt a breath of hot and humid spray in the hand, but also with a thick wine taste. Luo Shaohua suddenly lost the strength of the body. She s still alive. Luo Ying body covered with a blue Yurong Fu, upper body with rosybrown self balancing scooter his father s action unable to shake. Luo Shaohua suddenly remembered that blood fingerprints, hastily opened Yurong Fu, would like to see whether she suffered a trauma. I just looked briefly, all right. Zhang Zhenliang came, he was only wearing a sweater, is holding his shoulder to shiver, but people are still best self balancing scooter in a coma.It looks like it is drunk. Luo Shaohua do not trust, or look up and down a lot. Indeed, Luo Ying clothing is complete, the body is not blood. He stood up and saw a few men standing, in addition to Du Cheng and Zhang Zhenliang, the other few are the criminal team of the young man. That man Well. Zhang Zhen Liang squat to the man triumphant chin, to find Luo Ying, this bastard is her touch Soso. Luo Shaohua with a flashlight according to him. The man best self balancing scooter s hair is dirty and chaotic, wearing a broken cotton jacket does not see, skque self balancing scooter 8 wheels you say with gold self balancing scooter a small paragraph, I go first. Ma Jian folder into the armpit, black friday self balancing scooter walmart thought, and asked Road, Do not let this person know, after all, is a private matter, Ok Highlighted again and again promised, his eyes kept aiming at the door best self balancing scooter of the conference room. Ma Jian patted his shoulder, got up and went to the door. Just opened the door, and a hurry came in the face of a person hit. Come gasping, seems to be trot all the way over. Ma Jian looked pale, puffy, full of sweaty face, suddenly stunned. The child Du into the sleeves wipe his sweat, tired face filling a trace of a smile. Ma, long time no see. Yes ah. Today passing Bureau, on the look. Ma Jian quickly returned to normal, I heard you sick, serious Hepatocellular carcinoma, late. Du is just a short answer, did not see Ma Jian suddenly surprised expression, a rare trip, sit down and talk. He pulled over a chair and sat down and took the cigarette case and placed it on the table. Ma Jian did not move, but frowned and looked at him, softly asked When found Do surgery In that moment, Du into his eyes to see the concern from best self balancing scooter the heart. This look has not been twenty three years. Those days, such as water and fire, as if by a bad.

Best Self Balancing Scooter b, he and his mother will Sometimes, he is a person to the young face, rounded, smooth, and fingers pinch the feeling in my face one day, two people did not come Wei Jiong silent, quietly watching the girl in the night, and her mouth suddenly bright and dark cigarettes. Cat quietly two wheels smart self balancing scooters ran over, attached to the edge of Yue Xiaohui, wrapped around. I lay down for a day. Hungry, cold, afraid. Yue Xiaohui bowed his head, gently stroked the cat with the instep of the stomach, I can not do anything, can only cry, or sleep.Often, he came back A man. Cats comfortably curled up, lying on the girl s feet. your mom In fact, I often feel that these are my illusion. Yue best self balancing scooter Xiaohui gently smiled, I was less than one year old, can not remember these, but I clearly know that from that day, Everything is different. She put the smoke Diao in his mouth, his hands stretched out to the back, unlock the ponytail has been loose, and re tied. There was only one person in the face of the crib, getting thinner, getting rough, getting more and more anxious. The girl spit out the smoke into the deep blue sky. He did not find any woman, He can not take good care of the lives of two people.So, from a very youn.Find out the murderer best self balancing scooter s motive killings, killing or killing plans you can narrow the scope of investigation suspects, otherwise Need a needle in a haystack. Well, I understand. Wei Jiong nodded to see the file in hand, in other words, is to understand why the murderer kill Yue Xiaohui s mother. best self balancing scooter You appreciate the momentum of children, but engage in the case can not mess. Du best self balancing scooter Cheng Wei Jiong to ward off the door, lit a cigarette, say, you are not the police, a lot of means of investigation can not be used. First, the motive of the murderer. He pointed to the case file I have the situation, are here. Separated by twenty two years to try to figure out a person s heart, this can do You so trust me Wei Jiong has begun to feel for the revenge of Yue Xiaohui s vision is just a stupid impulse, and inner crumbling. Yes. But I do not know anything. Your biggest flaw is inexperience. Du into the mouth of misty misty, mysterious expression, your biggest advantage is this. Wei Jiong stared in surprise. In my experience, my mind best self balancing scooter will be fixed in a frame. Du into the self balancing electric scooter look serious, the face of this unconventional case, I can easily put himself into best self balancing scooter a dead end.But you do not like, You can think of s.

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