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Best Self Balancing Scooters On The Market on perhaps this guy really intend to spend the rest of his life calmly Luo Shaohua Luo Ying raised the question he can change it Son sun idea is probably the most heart of a man s desire just around the corner, and can not fit the peaceful and stable family life. The best state is played outside the suave romantic playboy, home after the transformed, incarnate as a competent husband and father. However, with age, especially when the energy and financial resources are difficult to sustain, he smart electric self balancing scooter may find that the so called Jiaoqibei Mei is not Seoul, the couch next to the familiar breathing and the morning cup of warm water is precious. However, Lin Guodong not the same. After all, he did things, is the vast majority of men would not have thought about. Randomly pondering for a leray self balancing scooter balance motion 6.5 two wheel while, Luo Shaohua look at the watch, has ten o clock. He picked up the telescope again, looked to the Wyoming self balancing scooter room of Lin Guodong. best self balancing scooters on the market Indoor as before, Lin Guodong is still missing. It seemed best self balancing scooters on the market that he did. Luo Shaohua see pickled cabbage cylinder backpack, thought, the backpack pulled out, got up and down the stairs. Back to 22 units of 501 units of the door, Luo Shaohua first observe the movement of the four weeks to deter.s, I saw the invoice. Ji Qiankun smiled, to your three hundred dollars are used to buy cigarettes You take the road toll, right Two dollars only. Wei Jiong waved his hand, You re welcome. Ye Hao, two dollars, do not push to let go. Ji Qiankun also no longer insist, on the prosecution limitation thing, find out Twenty years later, if it is deemed necessary for the prosecution to be necessary, the case may be submitted to the Supreme People s Procuratorate for approval and the prosecution shall forestgreen self balancing scooter continue. Immediately, Wei Jiong again to extend the time and interruption of prosecution to explain Ji Jiqun listen. And last time, Ji Qiankun hear very focused, during which has always been smoking, a small room soon filled best self balancing scooters on the market with smoke. In other words, once placed on file Ji Qiankun listen to, pondered a moment, said to himself, it does not matter the prosecution time. Yes, Wei Jiong, speaking up, decided to show best self balancing scooters on the market off a little, However, 79 years and 97 years of criminal law in the prosecution of the statute of what is the best self balancing scooter limitations is slightly different. What is the difference Ji Qiankun asked immediately. Wei Jiong did not expect Jikkun Kun would ask such a fine, and sometimes panicked, stammere.

ned off with the police completely. As the road narrowed, there was a temporary traffic congestion. Slowly through the vehicles here are curious to open the window, far self balancing scooter supplier to the side of looking around, trying to see through the group of busy police in the green belt in what happened. Site investigation is in progress. Center site, the exploration staff one inch to search the ground. A forensic squatting on the ground, looking dignified stare at the black plastic bag. On the outer edge of the green belt, a sanitation worker was nervously describing the passage of the body of the two policemen. The camera s flash fires continuously. Clear and brief instructions and responses from best self balancing scooters on the market the best self balancing scooters on the market explorers were kept in the ears of Luo Shaohua. He smacked the dry mouth, carefully stepping on the channel pedal, into the center of the scene. Plastic bags in a bush, the grass next to the slip rubbing marks, looks, should be thrown into the road from best self balancing scooters on the market the left. The surface of the plastic bag was scratched by shrubs, revealing a green white human skin. He was reportedly told that he did not know what it was, leaned closer and saw best self balancing scooters on the market a mole on the skin that he realized that it was the human body. Luo Shaohua the thread, the side of the white cloth and handed Zhang Haisheng. Zhang Haisheng put the white cloth into the towel bar, install the other side, pull a few times, the hammer thrown into the toolbox. Bahrain. Well, you first go out. Ji Qiankun finishing the hands of a large stack of photos, do not look at him, I ll call you something. Zhang Haisheng bite rattle bang to close the toolbox, heels went out, back to the door fell to the mountain ring. Yue Xiaohui watched him go self-balancing hoverboard out, turned to Wei Jiong spit tongue. Wei Jiong helpless smile. Yue Xiaohui did not know why Qi Qiankun Zhang Haisheng so arrogant, one reason, it will not explain to her. Ji Qiankun shook his wheelchair and greeted them Come, put the picture on the whiteboard. Two hands, Ji Qiankun to command. Soon, half a sheet of whiteboard was covered by dense photos. Small dormitory, looks like the Public Security Bureau of the conference room in general. Photos are divided into four columns, are the scene and autopsy pictures, according to the four murder case in chronological order. Wei Jiong looked for a while, back to Ji Qiankun asked Do you want to put the scene diagram also posted up Ji Qiankun did not immediately a.mand of the famous Zhang Zhenliang, or the first blatant leadership. So we all quiet down. Moment, Duan Hongqing stood up and cleared his throat Well, Laodu, you have a good rest. What is needed, just open. Having finished, heels to the door. Colleagues rushes to leave, are trailing Duan Hongqing away. Zhang Zhen Liang out of the house, whispered to Du Cheng said Master, you take care of the body. That case, I also check, years later we Yeliang touch. He finished, he pressed the shoulder into the DU , Turned downstairs. Send away the guests, Du Chengguan good door, slowly Duoqu to the living room, watching paleturquoise self balancing scooter the New Year on the ground, smiled. New Year, he muttered, Yes ah, New Year. He picked up a large plastic bag, opened a look, is cut into small pieces of ribs, the hearts of a sudden initiation of the idea of doing a good meal. Du went straight to the kitchen, passing the chest of drawers, he stopped and looked at the picture frame, exclaimed Hey, let s New Year For the Chinese people, all the festivals, the most important is the Spring Festival. Although the taste is getting more and more light, but in the Spring Festival to visit friends and relatives is indispensable. However.

Best Self Balancing Scooters On The Market . This also became Xu Mingliang strong best self balancing scooters on the market anti detection capability source. How old are you when your husband died I think thirty five. Du silently looked at her for a few seconds can ask you a relative privacy problem Old woman stared, stared back at him You ask it. After his death, you have not Du into account words and phrases, and other men The old woman turned her head and looked out the window. Xu Mingliang know this, right Well, the old best self balancing scooters on the market woman retracted, looking at the ground, Mingliang technical school the first year, the man and I That day the child suddenly came home. And then He returned to school directly. The old woman smiled, I did not explain, can not explain. Fortunately, the child did not ask me, I and the man broke. After that incident, has he changed your attitude No, he did not talk much since he was a kid, and I did not have much to talk to. Du Cheng nodded, reaching for cigarettes, found inside the cigarette has been running out, thought, and hand received back. Can go to his room to see i1 hover self balancing scooter reviews it Du fingers into the living room of the north side of the door closed. Casually. The old woman got up and went to the door, pushed open. The room is n.or reading room away. After packing their bags, Wei Jiong and in accordance with the instructions of Yue Xiaohui, found the table. He is also very familiar with the purple Nike bag, installed books and stationery, picked up her cup, once again best self balancing scooters on the market went to the rooftop. Just took the top floor, Wei Jiong suddenly thought of what to speed up the pace. Toward the steps leading to the roof, best self balancing scooters on the market he almost ran up. Pulling the door, he saw Yue Xiaohui still sit firmly on the cement bench, the kraft paper portfolio is still flat on her body. The girl heard best self balancing scooters on the market his footsteps, turned his head, from the mouth to take off a cigarette is about to burn. The sky has gradually darkened. In the slight spring breeze, Yue Xiaohui s long hair fly. Half of her face hidden in the shadow, only his eyes skque self balancing scooter reviews shining. Yue Xiaohui smiled at him, stood up, throwing the cigarette. Go, go to the cafeteria. Having said that, her middle finger lightly a bomb. Cigarette butts rolled out, with a bunch of swaying Mars, fell a few meters away on the concrete floor, flashing a few times, went out. Ji Qiankun heard the knock. He took off his glasses and said come in at the door. The door opened. Yue Xiaohui came in, followed by backhand.

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