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Bisque Darkgray Self Balancing Scooter r what I will look at Lin Guodong continue to kill Do I fear every day waiting for the exposure of this matter Luo Shaohua s lightgodenrod self balancing scooter voice has been with a tearful voice, This is why I am looking for you today. Ma Jian suddenly returned to calm, mouth and even with a trace of Ruoyouruowu smile. Luo Shaohua stared at him, stunned for a long time only stammered and asked Do you mean Must be resolved Lin Guodong, or sooner or later there will be an accident. Ma Jian convergence of a smile, eyes become aggressive, but also to catch in front of Du into. Luo Shaohua is still an unknown on the inside look. Ma Jian took out his cell phone, open the picture library, open one of the pictures, handed to Luo Shaohua before. The picture is mediumorchid self balancing scooter a girl, twenty year old look, looks sweet, well proportioned, is a drink shop to buy tea. Ma Jian s fingers sliding on the screen, the girl s photos in turn appear. Bus in the bus station. Organize documents at the desk. Stalls at the street bisque darkgray self balancing scooter to buy cards. See the last one, Luo Shaohua s eyes suddenly stared the girl sitting in a hot pot shop, and the opposite is the man smiled and chat. And that man, it is Lin Guodong. She is This girl called Chen Xiao, Lin Guodong is.y from this full of personality for the old man s curiosity, and her bones of goodness and compassion. However, since that Jiqian Kun Wei Jiong commissioned to help him investigate the series after the murder case, Yue Xiaohui attitude can be used to describe the frenzy. Sometimes, Wei Jiong even think she is also eager to catch the murderer than Ji Kunqun. This point, can not simply be interpreted as feel stimulated or fun the. I told you last time, my mother died early in my time. Yue bisque darkgray self balancing scooter Xiaohui staring at the increasingly dark square, it was in October 27, 1992, when my mother in the city When the department store was a salesman, she went off at nine every night, and she did not go home that night. Wei Jiong surprised to stare She The next morning, her body was found throughout the city. Yue Xiaohui bisque darkgray self balancing scooter slowly turned and looked at Wei Jiong, Massachusetts self balancing scooter in the dark, her eyes sparkling, everywhere, naked. She stretched out two hands and crossed her forefinger She was cut into ten pieces in a black plastic bag and tied with a yellow tape. Wei Jiong s mind exploded about what the boom. Late at night. rape. Murder after the corpse. Black plastic bags. Yellow tape I was less than one year ol.

ited States and the United States to absorb a big mouth, Xie, ah, Zhang team. Master, you call me Zhenliang it. Zhang Zhen Liang s voice has been with a tearful voice, blame me, I should take you to see a doctor earlier. What s the navy self balancing scooter matter with you This age, the body is a bit wrong too normal. No, Master Zhang Zhen Liang s lips shaking up, I did not take care of you 15th Floor, I also let you climb up and down. The line of the line, you control a little emotional. Duan Hongqing stared Zhang Zhenliang one, your master live it well pumping me. He saw Du into three finished a cigarette, put the cigarette butts into a bottle of mineral water, and reached for Zhongnanhai, quickly from his pocket and pulled out a pack of Su smoke. Du was not polite, out of a light, waved to his colleagues to indicate Do not stand, and find a place to sit. Colleagues rushes to agree, have in the ward in the other two beds to sit. Duan Hongqing pulled a plastic stool, sitting on bisque darkgray self balancing scooter the edge of Du into the bed. Zhang bisque darkgray self balancing scooter Zhen Liang did not sit, leaning against the bed, looked helplessly into Du. Some people come up with smoke to smoke, the room soon filled with smoke, it was pulled up the window. Dua.ghtly staring at her, seemed to want to look for her long awaited answer. Girls trembling to come to see not dare bisque darkgray self balancing scooter look at them, after Du into the side, shrink from the shoulder, it seems that as soon as possible to escape the four strange men. Du into a grabbed her arm. Girl scared, screaming. Shock beam, take bisque darkgray self balancing scooter her top self balancing scooter out Du Cheng is still tightly staring at Ma Jian and Luo Shaohua, the girl to push Zhang Zhenliang. Zhang Zhen Liang should be a cry, pulled from the non stop playing girl, walked outside the park. what are you doing Ma Jian looking great change, Di He soon as suddenly after the storm, reach out to stop Zhang Zhenliang. Unexpectedly, just got up, he was Du into a punch in the face. Ma Jian was staggered, almost fell, under the arm of Luo Shaohua barely stand firm. Then raised his head, the front is extremely angry into bisque darkgray self balancing scooter the face of Du. Ma Jian, I speak your mother Du raised a finger, trembling point to him, What the hell is your police, you, but also his mother darkred self balancing scooter is it Ma Jian also red eyes, struggling to red in the past. However, Luo Shaohua from behind tightly cling to him, Ma bisque darkgray self balancing scooter Jian can only futilely waving fist, the Du Chengzheng roar. You fuck that I was for themselves Ma.g forward to. Lin Guodong staring at the monitor, his hands crossed together. Gradually hard, joints Kaka sound. He knew what he was looking for, as if an old man who was about to lose his memory opened the old diary in the middle of the night. This makes him self balancing scooter china feel a little cringe, however, is more excited. Yes ah, memories. In addition to this, I left what Lin Guodong re touch the keyboard, knock out the last keyword. murderer. Memories can be a river, a green grass, a trash can, a water tower, a narrow bathroom, a saw, a knife knife. Twenty three years ago, the past in the eyes of Lin Guodong slowly. Those touch and smell, clearly exist in his fingertips, linger in the air around him. He opened one after another page, quietly watching those thrilling words, feel the blood rushing in the body endless. Those nights. bisque darkgray self balancing scooter Those thrill and trembling. Those with fear and excitement. Unconsciously, he has sweated. Turn off the last page, Lin Guodong tired leaning against the chair, raising his hand to wipe the nose has been flowing to the sweat. He looked around and finally fixed his eyes on the single bed. is her. He stood up, slowly walked to the living room, staring at the beige plaid fabr.

Bisque Darkgray Self Balancing Scooter bled back to the room. Indoor lighting soft, floating in the air with a taste of instant noodles. That was the dinner he had just eaten. Think of their own face to eat serious, pretend nothing had happened, Lin Guodong secretly feel funny. Subsequently, is the deep resentment. He sat back in front of the computer, stared at the monitor on the document, which arranged in chaotic characters, both in English, but also Chinese. Whatthefuck The son of a bitch When do you want to force me to This is Lin Guodong on the computer work for a whole afternoon and night, he tried to keep looking calm, action soothing, but completely unable to focus on the translation of this manuscript. In the chest gushing out of the vices are turned into a vicious words, by his percussion in the document. He sighed, not saved mediumvioletred self balancing scooter to close the bisque darkgray self balancing scooter page, re open a new blank document. This is his first job after getting discharged. In the morning of the interview, the translation of the company bisque darkgray self balancing scooter s boss has bisque darkgray self balancing scooter repeatedly looked at the hair gray, dressed in shabby, his eyes filled with ridicule and questioning. Brand name undergraduate degree is still useful, although only in exchange for first translated a try tomorro.uodong also took off his clothes, thrown in Chen s clothes, you casually visit want to drink something Tea bar. Chen Xiao covered his crimson cheek, smiled at him, just scattered alcohol. Lin Guodong should be a cry, got up and went to the kitchen boiling water, and remove the two clean cups, put away the bisque self balancing scooter tea. This is their third date. In the earlier lunch, he and Chen have drunk some beer. At the moment, the bladder swelling badly. And so the water to open the work, he went to the bathroom. Convenient, he stood in front of the sink, unscrew the faucet, rushing to rinse his hands. Suddenly, he turned and looked under the window of chocolate self balancing scooter the stainless steel bathtub, suddenly felt the body heat up. A few minutes later, Lin Guodong holding two cups of hot tea to come out from the kitchen, Chen is not in the living room. He sniffed his nose and went straight to his bedroom. Really, Chen Xiao sat at the desk, is looking at a book. See him come in, Chen put down the book, said This is the forest where the teacher every day work Yes ah, the conditions are very simple. Lin Guodong handed cup to Chen. The girl said thanks, a small mouth to drink. Lin Guodong carrying cups, and slowly walked to the.

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