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Bisque Self Balancing Scooter ept moving. That atmosphere, slightly fishy, slightly sweet. Lin Guodong slowly close your eyes. Chapter IX Old House Yes, so look at the slide Ji Qiankun bisque self balancing scooter hand over the old reading glasses over his head, the other hand on the phone screen slide a bit, the screen did not change, is still a desert sunset picture. What are you afraid of He said, laughing. Slightly awkward, slide to the other side of the screen. Ji Qian Kun Ying should be, and tried again. Pop sound Qing Xiang, the screen unlock, more than a dozen application icons appear on the screen. Ji Qiankun ho a cry, amazed. It s so advanced now, it s amazing, he said, pointing to the old, open ended Nokia phone on the table, This old guy can only call. You buy this Taiwan is just a mid range products, but for you, should be enough. Wei Jiong bent down, pointing to the screen, old discipline, I ll teach you to call. Jiqian Kun was twisted body, smiling to the girl standing on the bedside single said Girl, you sit ah, their own tea to drink. Yue Xiaohui self balancing scooter uk also reported to smile black self balancing scooter You do not kind, I myself on the line. Having said that, she continued to patiently browse the bedside bookshelves, from time to time to remove a boo.ed around and pulled out from the meat stalls under a chair, sat up. Wang Xu picked up the stained cortical apron, hastily wiped his hand, took out a box of cigarettes from his chest bisque self balancing scooter pocket, and out of a light. He leaned over the meat stall and looked down at Du. People are dead for more than bisque self balancing scooter twenty years, and there s nothing to talk about. Du and half looked up and looked at Wang Xu You and your brother looks quite like. Cousin, what strange Wang Xu snorted from the nose, a child, we both went out, we thought we were twins. Ah. Du Cheng nodded, Xu Mingliang if live up to now, probably you like this. No, Wang Xu wryly shook his head, Do not look at my brother was a meat, more than I have pursued. He looked at Du Cheng, and look at Wei Jiong and Yue Xiaohui, presumably they are police, expression becomes gloomy. If you did not catch him, my brother may self balancing scooter importers now be bigger than your official. Du Cheng remember Yang Guiqin once said, Xu Mingliang to participate in the purpose of adult college entrance examination, is to circle the heart of a dream. He wants to be a cop, is not he Wang Xu fiercely smoked two cigarettes, lost cigarette butts, he was still out when the stall reading, also invit.

nd holding the mouse, want to casually look something to distract. At a glance, a title jumped into his line of sight. That is after the last search, has not yet browsed a page murderers are still at large murder mini segway self balancing scooter case reproduction. This is a post from a web forum. Lin Guodong open the page, I thought was a mess of the story However, only two or three lines, his eyes widened, then the body tight. That pencil, carbazole it soon broken. Chapter XV complicity Wei Jiong the last piece of butter biscuits thrown into the mouth, while chewing, while sloppy to sweep away the biscuit crack. He has been lying like this one morning, in a small sense of guilt to enjoy the finish of the Spring Festival. A thick set of judicial examination exercises lay beside bisque self balancing scooter him. It is he deliberately back from the school, intends to finish in the holidays. However, according to past experience, after the end of the winter vacation, this book will be intact back. Wei Jiong comfortable to turn over a body, while watching the phone, while comforting themselves tomorrow, tomorrow, we must learn. Suddenly the door was pushed open, her mother broke into a glance to see the bed sheet of cake residue. You are a pig ah.alone If he took her, I would feel it Having said that, the old paused, the sound becomes hoarse, difficult Her name is Feng self balancing scooter price Nan, do not talk, but love to laugh we have been trying to have a child killed, she is only thirty Four years old. Again silence. Two people without a word sat, a moment, Wei Jiong look across the bedside bookshelves, first to break the silence. So for so many years, have you never let go of this I do not want to ask the murderer to let her go, said the old man, looking at her as if she had been killed. Death of the moment, will not meditate on my name in my heart, eager to save her Do not say Wei Jiong tears finally out of the blue. I want to know this.I want to see what is killing my wife is what kind of person.I want to ask him personally, how can other people s daughter, mother, wife play, like the same as the demolition of a toy They cut into pieces Have you been investigating the case Yes, until I met a car accident. Wei Jiong silent for bisque self balancing scooter a while, thought, slowly asked self balancing scooter china old discipline, why do you say to me Because you gave me hope, Lao Ji looked at him. Before I came to you, I thought I could only stay here all my life.first floor of the main shopping malls is a variety of jewelry, watches, brand counters. Lin Guodong one by one over the counter to see the past, occasionally stop to listen to other customers and salesman to talk, his face darkhaki self balancing scooter is always a touch of friendly smile. Probably because listening too focused, he caused a pair of young men and women are buying diamond ring attention. Young man looked at him from bisque self balancing scooter time to time, the girl put the bag to the front, tightly clutching. Lin Guodong not agree, smiled, holding Coke slowly leisurely to leave. Upstairs, Lin Guodong has encountered some small trouble. He looked at the escalator and hesitated, and finally stood by to see the other bisque self balancing scooter customers climb the escalator one by one. After pondering for a while, he carefully set foot on the escalator moment, Lin Guodong body lost balance in the narrow pedal dancing a lot, he barely bisque self balancing scooter grabbed the arm rest. Escalator rose to the second floor, his breath, bisque self balancing scooter watching the end of the pedal gradually close together, exaggerated jump, almost in the smooth marble floor fall. Surprisingly, that can always be his cans of Coke firmly pinch in his hand, did not spill a drop. The second floor mainly sells women s bisque self balancing scooter clothi.

Bisque Self Balancing Scooter ing home will organize the old people stay in the dinner party, the Chinese bisque self balancing scooter New Year bell ringing when there will be dumplings to eat. However, according to the old personality, is not Minato this lively. At this moment, he will probably be a person sitting in the room alone, and slowly eat their own hand made dinner. Thought of this, bisque self balancing scooter Wei Jiong feel a little sad. Filled with coffee table in front of the snacks, fruits and drinks, so he gave birth to a trace of faint uneasiness. At eleven o clock in the evening, parents began to prepare dumplings. And noodles, mix stuffing, while busy, did not forget to throw a new underwear Wei Jiong, so he quickly put on. Wei Jiong look at his mother a red shirt pants, secretly funny Mom you pretty lust. Benming years. Mother hands covered with flour, bisque self balancing scooter said with a smile, Figure auspicious. Benming forty eight years You a brats, deeppink self balancing scooter even your mother do not know how old age Mom picked up the rolling pin, as if to beat him, Hem, not old, right Wei Jiong grinned to hide in the bedroom, put on a new shirt, his mind was gone God. Remember self balancing scooter in india correctly, the old discipline this year, 60 years old, is Benming years. Twinkling of an eye to the midnight, steaming du.uth white foam, and my heart only one idea do not catch him caught down in the second, in any case can not be robbed gun. However, the man s action more violent. Soon, he had to hold Du into the right hand, doom to break into the Du into the fingers. Du Cheng watched five fingers were one by one apart, so he pressed the cartridge release button without hesitation, Pata sound, clip landing. Man surprised a moment. Almost the same time, Du into the back of an empty feeling, the whole person fell back to the ground. The elevator doors open, the ninth floor. Immediately, Du Cheng saw a few feet in front of their own flashed, electric smart self balancing scooter the pressure on his body was pulled from the man, and face down and down. All this happened too quickly, a few feet wearing shoes in their own face, who continued to bump. Du intoadvertently take into account these, the whole person to relax down, has been simmering in the throat of that tone suddenly spit. Immediately, he was lying on his back, piercing to cough up. For a long while, he barely with the elbow support half up, pointing upstairs. The 15th floor. Ah, ah, know seize the time trial, I ll go back. Zhang Zhenliang hang up, his face gloomy. Moment.

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