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Black Friday Self self balancing scooter store Balancing Scooter Walmart able to force, fell back to the ground. His upper body hit behind the file shelf, suddenly felt the iron frame shaking up. Wei Jiong surprised, quickly turned around, want to hold the file rack. Just out of hand to be cracked down the file was smashed. Then, a large group of dust with the falling files flying up. In a mist, Wei Jiong saw that gray haired man from the front of the archives after the turn out, his face looked surprised at himself. At that moment, Wei Jiong suddenly realized that he had seen this man. What are you doing A cry of horror and anger came from the door, watching the two men looked through the sound, see the administrator holding a steaming cup, is black friday self balancing scooter walmart stunned to see a messy archives, as well as a lying one stop black friday self balancing scooter walmart them. Oh, it s all right. The man first responded, pointing to the top of the shelf, I asked the young man to help me get the dossier above, he did not stand, the result that s it. When he finished, he extended his hand to Wei Jiong, his face with a meaningful smile. Get up quickly. Yue Xiaohui surprised to look at the depressed Wei Mississippi self balancing scooter Jiong, and his hair behind that gray, wearing a black man down jacket the whole person looks awful Wei Jiong, seems to.ic sofa, where there was a black leather sofa. is her. He lowered his head, looked at the color faded, painted mottled floor. is her. Immediately, he turned and went to the entrance hall of a marble countertop table, black friday self balancing scooter walmart touching the cold, smooth desktop. is her. The whole body and heat up. Lin Guodong feel a fire is burning from the inside out, hot liquid from the pores in the Qin, burned the skin crackling. He lightcyan self balancing scooter lowered his head, closed his eyes, slowly breathing, trying to darkmagenta self balancing scooter let the boiling of the brain cooling down. A few minutes later, Lin Guodong long to spit breath, Jiu has been sweaty shirt, wiped his forehead. He took his feet to the bathroom, intends to wash your face with cold water. However, when he entered the door of the moment, his mind and blasted a boom. Milky white ceramic tile floor, yellow plastic shower curtain, brass handle shower nozzle, and that blowing from the sweet smell. They are. Lin Guodong has been completely free from the control of the brain, he quickly took off the body clothes, hand holding the already extremely hard lower body, fast action together. When the peak comes, Lin Guodong legs trembling violently, and finally completely limp, back against the wa.

will not voluntarily surrender. He will certainly try every means to seek to flee. He has no relatives in the city, even after discharge to re establish some social relations, and now the streets are covered with his arrest warrant, the same will not help him. The only thing to give him the property, only Luo Shaohua. Although the two each other sworn enemies, but Luo Shaohua has always been holding in the black friday self balancing scooter walmart hands of Lin Guodong. Who is the cat, who is a rat, in fact, very difficult to determine. Lin Guodong once caught, there is no guarantee that he will not fight a dead fish net, the Luo Shaohua then favoritism things shook out. Therefore, Luo Shaohua to help Lin Guodong fled, you can protect the peace. From the current situation, Lin Guodong has not last long. Perhaps he will soon contact Luo Shaohua, to blackmail, in order to seek property continue to cyan self balancing scooter abscond. Ah, make sense. Zhang Zhenliang turned to highlight, do it. Highlight and move, got up and went to the door, just opened the door, and rushed in to black friday self balancing scooter walmart hit a full hit Duan Hongqing. Your kid did not long eyes ah Duan Hongqing hands holding a black friday self balancing scooter walmart piece of paper, his face anxious, busy three fire four to go No I highlight a t.onger tempted, picked up the cup to hit the ground. Luo Shaohua understand Ma Jian s anger. Luo Ying awake, had the night after the incident had some memories. Xiangyang and talk to her when the woman called and asked him to compound. Sunny on her ambiguous attitude irritated Luo Ying. After the walk away, she casually found a bar alone drink boring wine, as drunken things, she completely remember. As for the cause and effect, Luo Shaohua clear than anyone else. Lin Guodong home the same day he burglary, he heard the news outside the door. Now think of it, that is Lin Guodong. Needless to say, Lin Guodong has long been found to track and monitor their own. And black friday self balancing scooter walmart Lin Guodong certainly in turn turn themselves and their families do a clear picture of the situation. After more than 20 years later, Luo Shaohua once again locked into the room, completely angered Lin Guodong. He followed and hijacked Luo Ying, but did not hurt her. Cut himself in the subway station, leaving a blood fingerprints, is to issue a warning to the Luo Shaohua. I have regained freedom, no one, nothing can stop me. Gengrang Luo Shaohua fear is that Lin Guodong has the black friday self balancing scooter walmart courage to fight back, that is, black friday self balancing scooter walmart he did not look f.en, one of which looks about the age of 60 years, bald. Wei Jiong remember in the nursing home saw this man, but do not know which room he is. Another person is Zhang Haisheng. From the video content, two people are talking, and talk about things quite secretive. Because they are constantly looking around. Zhang Haisheng always sandwiched smoke, tilted his head, a lazy look. Bald man seems to have asked him, his face has palegreen self balancing scooter been flattering expression. At the end of the video, bald man according to Zhang Haisheng s shoulder, stuffed his pocket with something. Zhang Haisheng dodge a few times, but see that he is just doing like, and finally pretended to helplessly nodded promised. Bald man cheeky, and talk to him after a few hurry to leave. Zhang Haisheng also turned to walk to the other side of the corridor, walking from his pocket and took just the things from the action point of view, it should be a few notes. The video ends here. Wei Jiong was very surprised, he did not know the meaning of this video, is it bald man also please Zhang Haisheng from the outside purchase of nursing homes contraband Is thinking, the old discipline has made a WeChat over received it. Wei Jiong reply recei.

Black Friday Self Balancing Scooter Walmart oked at him, raising his hand pointing to the closet black bag, which has a file bag. Wei Jiongzhao do, and soon found that the file bag, out, which is a criminal case files, the cover says 1992.10.28 rape murder case. See these words, Wei Jiong s body immediately heated up. Finding a case, not as simple as you think. Du into his look, expression suddenly become bleak, I can not hold to Lin Guodong case is not easy to say.So, may not help you too much. The old Ji s case after so many years, not to get cornfloewrblue self balancing scooter out quickly Wei Jiong turned to look into the Du, his face is both gentle and firm smile, You can do, I can. Yue Xiaohui knocked on the door, hear Ji Qiankun answered come to open the door into it. Ji Qiankun sitting next to a small wooden table, is looking through a stack of information, Chong black friday self balancing scooter walmart Yue Xiao Hui exposed a smile, while black friday self balancing scooter walmart to her behind to see. Wei Jiong did black friday self balancing scooter walmart not come I thought he was here for you. Yue Xiaohui triumphantly phone, This guy, do not know where to go, do not answer the phone. She took off her coat and put her backpack on the bed, and gathered it around Jikun Kun. What do you see Just a close to him, a strong oil flavor to jump into the nostrils. Yue Xiaohui money. Ji Qiankun back by sitting in a wheelchair, his hands crossed, meaningfully watching Zhang Haisheng, You do not worry, fast. Moreover, you should be able to guess what I want to do At that time, you do not say, Alabama self balancing scooter I do not say, no proof of death, who black friday self balancing scooter walmart take no self-balancing scooter fastest way you. Dead without a permit, the four words did not let Zhang Haisheng have the slightest sad expression, on the contrary, but some relief. He stood in thought. I m leaving. Ji Qiankun is the demolition of a roll of wire, without looking up to ah a cry. That, transportation and meals Ji Qiankun pocket money out of three hundred dollars thrown in the past three days of the cost, first with. Zhang Haisheng pick up the money, stuffed into his pocket, turned to the door, hear Ji Qiankun and stopped him. Listen, said Ji Qiankun, taking off his glasses, his eyes shining. He only needs to go out, dress, dress, and belongings, and report to me understand Zhang Haisheng suddenly feel inexplicable flustered. He nodded casually, hastily opened the door, went out. Wei Jiong went to the yard of the nursing home, back to see Ji Qiankun room windows, thick cloth curtains close together, self balancing scooters uk completely do not see the indoor situ.

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