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Black Self Balancing Scooter on case was announced in 1992. Ji Qiankun then reported to the police Zhang Haisheng to help Tian Youguang the crime of rape, and provides the video data as evidence. This case has been dealt with separately. In view of the suspect Jiqian Kun suffering from disability, life can not take care of themselves, while the lungs were found in the physical examination lesions, C City People black self balancing scooter s Procuratorate decided to take bail measures on its after paying the deposit, the temporary acceptance of the C City Third People s Hospital treatment. May 8, black self balancing scooter C City Intermediate People s Court trial of Lin Guodong series of rape murder case. The defendant Lin Guodong was charged with the crime of rape, intentional homicide and robbery. Lin Guodong on the prosecution of the alleged crime confessed. The trial lasted two days, will choose a sentencing. Ji Qiankun in the adjournment the next day received a black self balancing scooter Zhang Zhenliang sent a DVD disc. CD ROM recorded in the case of Lin Guodong the whole process of trial. Ji Qiankun in the ward with self balancing scooter buyer a borrowed portable DVD player to read this CD, always calm expression, without a word. However, in the evening, the whole floor of the people have heard an old man called a.. Wei Jiong picked up the plastic bag, opened it and found that it was a box of soda crackers, a bottle of Coke and two packs of tissues. Then turn down, the bottom of the bag and a box of cigarettes. Five milligrams of tar content in Zhongnanhai cigarettes. Wei Jiong heart jumped up. This is Yue Xiaohui like cigarettes brand. If this shopping bag is indeed Yue Xiaohui, then at least two things can be explained First, she did go through this alley Second, she encountered a sudden situation. In other words, she was here Lin Guodong hijacked. Wei Jiong s brain began to run fast this alley is not suitable for committing the crime, Yue Xiaohui black self balancing scooter must Virginia self balancing scooter be hijacked somewhere else. From the time to infer, they should not far from here. He left the shopping bag and ran all the way to the end of the alley. A few minutes later, Wei Jiong has been out of black self balancing scooter the Black Mountain Road 102 Lane, in front of him is Matsuyama Road. Looking at the wide road and sporadic vehicles, Wei Jiong need to make a choice again. In case she was Lin Guodong hijacked a taxi Wei Jiong hastily took out his cell phone, dialed the phone into the Du. Hello, I ll be right in. As soon as the telephone was connected, Du sounded.

im. However, this also means that the rest of his life every day to live in fear. unless Old horse, Luo Shaohua slowly opening, You have seen Du into it No, just asked Zhang Zhenliang sent a little money in the past. I heard him Ma Jian suddenly turned to look to Luo Shaohua, has been aware of his implication. Shaohua, what the hell do you think Ma Jian look of wroth, whatever the outcome of the past or into our brothers No, I m not looking forward to his death. Luo Shaohua hastily explained, I just Oh, I have pulled you into the water, I can not Do not say Ma Jian distractedly waved his hand, Even if the child is gone, his apprentice Zhang Zhen Liang will not trace it down. Luo Shaohua clutching his face, fell on the bench, a long while did not speak. For a long time, he sighed, trembling and said north facenorth faceWhen I asked, DNA should also be tested and found that he had a lot of trouble, he said Out, in his statement on the next little effort, the evidence should be enough Do you fucking mad Ma Jian eyes self balancing motorcycle wide open, Even if you do not have to jail, do not even have a face Let s do a lifetime of Interpol, in addition to honor, but his mother fo.ing home will organize the old people stay in the dinner party, the Chinese New Year black self balancing scooter bell ringing when there will be dumplings to eat. However, according to the old personality, is not Minato this lively. At this moment, he will probably be a black self balancing scooter person sitting in the room alone, and slowly eat their own hand made dinner. Thought of black self balancing scooter this, Wei Jiong feel a black self balancing scooter little sad. Filled with coffee table in front of the snacks, fruits and drinks, black self balancing scooter so he gave birth to a trace of faint uneasiness. At eleven o clock in the evening, parents began to prepare dumplings. And noodles, mix stuffing, while busy, did not forget to throw a new underwear Iowa self balancing scooter Wei Jiong, so he quickly put on. Wei Jiong look at his mother a red shirt pants, secretly funny Mom you pretty lust. Benming years. Mother hands covered with flour, said with a smile, Figure auspicious. Benming forty eight years You a brats, even your olivedrab self balancing scooter mother black self balancing scooter do not know how old age Mom picked up the rolling pin, as if to beat him, Hem, not old, right Wei Jiong grinned to hide in the bedroom, put on a new shirt, his mind was gone God. Remember correctly, the old discipline this year, 60 years old, is Benming years. Twinkling of an eye to the midnight, steaming du.oor number, and finally stopped in a building downstairs. Immediately, she looked around, selected the opposite of a residential building, went straight ahead. Into Kansas self balancing scooter the floor, the two climbed to the second floor of the slow platform. Yue Xiaohui tiptoe, through cheap skque self balancing scooter the window to the opposite to see, turned to Wei Jiong said the windowsill things to move down. self-balancing scooter fastest Wei Jiongzhao do, laboriously put the four flower pots and a bag of corn grain to the ground. Yue Xiaohui always staring across the building, look focused. Wei Jiong wipe sweat, and finally could not resist. This is where Yue Xiaohui does not look at him, just to the window Yangyang chin 5th Floor, Luo black self balancing scooter Shaohua home. black self balancing scooter Well Wei Jiong even more surprised, how do you know Very simple, first posing as a newspaper reporter, an interview with police officers to do the retirement, call the Tiedong branch, to his home phone number and then posing as courier, said the address on the courier is not clear, to his home address answered the phone is an old lady, estimated to be his wife. Yue Xiaohui smiled, tone understatement, Luo Shaohua was elected in 2005, the city s top ten outstanding People s Police Online has his photos, recognized good

Black Self Balancing Scooter ed again, a light appears at the corner, from far and near, more and more obvious air began to crest on the platform. Luo Shaohua has been aware of these, the only thing he can quartz self balancing scooter do is stare at the opposite Lin Guodong, meaningless roar. Suddenly, Lin Guodong raised his right hand, the index finger in the lips, made a silence to his gestures. Luo Shaohua suddenly stopped, the upper body still leaning over the plastic Weidang, staring at each other s every move. Lin Guodong left out from his pocket, lift, pop sound shot in front of the plastic weidang. A blood red fingerprints appear in Weidang. blood. Bright red blood. Constantly dripping, flowing blood. Luo Shaohua s head bang, the last trace of the remaining reason also disappeared. Luo Ying He tried his best to hit the plastic enclosure. Look, two. Weidang shaking up, the final deformation. Electric control along the door along a gap that separates a wide. Luo Shaohua withdrew from the bag retractable batons, throwing, insert the gap in the electric gate, the force prying pressing what are you doing Accompanied by a roar of surprise and anger, two subway security officer rushed over. Luo Shaohua nothing to hear, eyes only g.carrying in his hand. What you fear, he is what. Luo Shaohua issued a sharp whistle, left hand tightly grasp the torch, his right hand touch the waist, eyes of the night, an instant on the overwhelming. Shaohua, Shaohua Wake up Luo Nebraska self balancing scooter Shaohua suddenly opened his eyes, his right hand uphold in the futile futile in the waist, a full half a minute later, he realized that before looking down at their own, is his wife Jinfeng. Is a nightmare, but also the nightmare. Luo Shaohua heavily back down on the bed, big mouth breathing heavily. Jinfeng Phi out of bed, took a towel to help him wipe the sweat full of head full of brain. Wiping the neck, Luo Shaohua Jinfeng grabbed the wrist, her wrinkles, has been slightly relaxed skin to Luo Shaohua peace of mind a lot. Jinfeng did not move, obediently let him hold, gently caress, until Luo Shaohua breathing gradually stable, she was softly said sleep a little longer. Luo Shaohua nodded. Jinfeng turn off the lamp, strip to lie down, a moment, they issued a slight snoring. Wait for her to sleep, Luo Shaohua re opened his eyes, a hand in Jinfeng who gently patted, sideways, watching the sky a little lit up the window. At six o clock the alarm sounded a.

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