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Blue Self Balancing Scooter envelope. Jiang always raised his head finished it Chen replied ah, the contract signed. Jiang always a cry, on the desktop rummaging, and quickly out of four Missouri self balancing scooter copies with a transparent folder binding a good manuscript. Three proposals, a paper. Ginger handed the folder Lin Guodong, translated within a week, no palegodenrod self balancing scooter problem, right No problem. Lin Guodong put the folder carefully into the bag, Well, I ll leave. OK, there is something to call. Lin Guodong nodded farewell, turned and walked toward the door, passing by the side when Chen stopped. Goodbye, Chen Xiao. You walk. Girl from the computer raised his head, red forest Guodong smiled. Lin Guodong came to the corridor, went straight to the elevator, press the down button. When the elevator, he could not help but look back. Behind the glass door, Chen Xiao is working down, short hair was hot air heater slightly blowing, like a flower of the aroma transpiration. Internship blue self balancing scooter Phone, the voice of the teacher is rather hesitant, You are not just Mody Mody, and now practice, early point, right Yes, Mr. Meng, I want to participate in the judicial examination this year, so I want to know some knowledge of the judicial practice. That would not hav.home late at night about 10. Occasionally in the evening to go shopping, spending very little. However, blue self balancing scooter he blue self balancing scooter can now skillfully use vending machines, ATM machines and the like. Moreover, his expression and attitude has been relaxed a lot, compared to just when discharged rigid and nervous, Lin Guodong is now like a idle at home, dubious gentle man. Luo Shaohua sometimes doubts his own judgment he really cured it In the Ankang hospital in isolation, those years, his heart the other end of the monster, are also electric shocks and bound clothes to kill it Luo Shaohua wry smile shook his head. In determining he completely harmless, he must not relax vigilance. Is thinking, the bedroom door opened, Jinfeng slowly came out. Wake up Luo Shaohua immediately stood up, greet the past. Just a few steps, Jinfeng seems to run out of strength in general, just met Luo Shaohua s arm, fell into his arms. Luo Shaohua to help her sit down, Jinfeng but with open arms clinging to him, violetred self balancing scooter whispered Do not move. He obediently do, holding his wife, motionless. Soon, Luo Shaohua Jinfeng forehead to feel the sweat has been soaked out of his chest. He pulled out a hand and gently stroked her hair. Jinfeng obviou.

n the ceiling of the halo, the aluminum plastic panels are also dazzling white. He narrowed his eyes, his body shaking a bit. A huge psychological stress will make the body s fatigue doubled. Similarly, this moment of powerlessness makes him clearly feel that blue self balancing scooter their blue self balancing scooter determination and reduce the points. Do not Do not He shook his head vigorously, forcing himself to turn his attention to another issue. That thing, will not spray so high Hesitated, he reluctantly straight soreness has been extremely waist, tiptoe, while pulling a piece of plastic film, reaching the ceiling. A few minutes later, he stepped out from the bathtub, hand washstand, standing in front of the mirror a slight asthma. The toilet was covered with plastic film to live, even the toilet saddlebrown self balancing scooter is also Mo can be outside. The bright and clean wall of the past is now no longer reflect the light, at the moment, he was a group of fuzzy and cold light shrouded, as if living in a dream, very unreal. This is good. Unreal feeling will make him more courage, because he next to do things that have never even thought have not thought about. To breath a little calm, he began to take off the body clothes, and soon, in addition to the, disheveled, unclean Pan Xiaoning went to the school security office, said Lin Guodong tried to rape her in the female teachers quarters. Is a matter of great importance, the security officer who did not neglect, followed by Pan Xiaojin back to the dormitory and found Lin blue self balancing scooter Guodong only wearing underwear, is sitting Pan Xiaojin bed in a daze. People feel something strange, although Pan Xiaoning insisted Lin Guodong turned to the public security organs, the Security Department or the Lin Guodong off a night, and so on after the morning by the school leadership to deal with the matter. School leaders committed a difficult, the matter once open, not only the school discredited, high hopes of Lin Guodong will also be behind bars. blue self balancing scooter Lin Guodong said nothing about the matter, neither excuse nor refuse to describe the situation that night. After repeated consideration, the school decided to do first Pan Xiaojin s ideological work. After some persuasion, Pan Xiaojin probably take into account their own reputation, may also be read between the two points, and ultimately reluctantly agreed not to pursue. Lin Guodong was suspended for one month, after deducting the annual bonus, cancel the to be interested in everything around self balancing scooter news him. A few minutes later, he was in the main hall of a commercial vending machine attracted, up and down to study for a blue self balancing scooter long time, carefully read the instructions, Lin Guodong took out a stack of cash, remove a five yuan notes into the coin mouth. Then, in a row of bottles and jars in a few back and forth to choose a lot, and finally pressed a button under the canned Coca Cola. Gudong blue self balancing scooter sound, a can of Coke fell into the export port. He was shocked, did not seem to know where the sound came from, vending machines around a few laps, his self balancing electric scooter face is still an unknown on the inside look. Next to the Kanto cooking stalls guarding a girl muzzled laughed, pointing to the vending machine below the export port. Lin Guodong This suddenly realized that out of the cans of Coke. He took the red jar, turned the circle looked, and take a look at the vending machine, a look of joy, as if a four sided magic side of the child. Immediately, he opened the can of coke, cautiously drank, first frowned, and then Zaza Zui, it seems that the taste quite satisfied. As a result, Lin Guodong carrying Coke, began shopping in the mall slowly, from time to time sip on one. The.

Blue Self Balancing Scooter a large open space on the south bank of the canal appears in the vision of Du Cheng, where in the past navajowhite self balancing scooter called River Bay Park, in 2012, the park was demolished, a temple built in the original site, so now called Jinding Temple tourist area. Du into the car parked on the roadside, along the stone steps all the way down, carefully through the frost covered the grass, down the slope came to the river. Stone bridge, cheap 2 wheel self balancing scooter pavilion, covered with green vines gallery is gone, that tree is still there. Du into some slight asthma, his hand holding the rough trunk, looked down at the foot of the river bed. Now the dry season, abundant compared with the summer flood, the South Canal river water barren many, can see the bottom of the river silt and water swaying with the water plants. Some parts of the end of the thin ice, the part has not yet frozen in Guadan the sun braved a slight steam. Du into the line of sight in the river back and forth glance, and finally freeze in a mud. That is the 11.9 dead body found dead body 3 dead body place. Today, Du Cheng still clearly remember, when that stained with mud, to the set of black plastic bags were opened, Ma Jian blurted out the phrase I speak. At the conference room. self balancing scooter china Duan Hongqing hands on his hips, standing blue self balancing scooter in place to breathe for a while, looked up for Du Cheng. Doudou, what are you going to do Duan Hongqing tone full of anger, which is also mixed with a trace of frustration, Do you remember I told you what Duan, I do not want anything, Du into the line of sight from the body to turn to Duan Hongqing, I just want to know the truth. The blue self balancing scooter truth is so important DuanHongQing as if in the face of an unreasonable paranoia, that thing in the past twenty years, who still remember you have to be investigated, meaningful Meaningful. Du s lips trembled, I remember. You are a dying man Duan Hongqing could not hold back, Why do you have months, days, hours, why do you force yourself I told you, Du Cheng look at Duan Hongqing, and look at Ma Jian, word by word, said, I left each month, every day, every hour, every minute, is to find out the truth. Fart Duan Hongqing cursed, waving the paper cup to play blue self balancing scooter the table fly. He bowed his hands, holding the table, springgreen self balancing scooter his head hanging in the chest, trembling. For a blue self balancing scooter long time, he looked up, tightly staring Du into Well, Laodu, you do not care about yourself, OK. Duan Hongqing Du Cheng grabbed the.

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