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Brass Self Balancing Scooter owerless, not to mention not yet recovered Yue Xiaohui. The girl woke up in Wei Jiong s shaking, a time confused and disoriented, do not know what happened. Fast, Luo Shaohua out. Hearing this sentence, Yue Xiaohui suddenly full of energy. She bass to jump up, lying in the window to look downstairs. See Luo Shaohua went to a dark blue car, she hurriedly brass self balancing scooter pulled Wei Jiong ran downstairs. They went to the park entrance, just to see Luo Shaohua closed the door of the brass self balancing scooter driver s seat, and soon drove away from the roadside. Yue Xiaohui raised his hand to stop a taxi. Wei Jiong turned brass self balancing scooter to see that still smoke the trash, followed by a taxi in the Yue Xiaohui behind. All the way to track. Taxi trailing Luo Shaohua Santana sedan, and finally came to Hing Wah North Street and Dawang Road intersection. Luo Shaohua parked the car, looked at the road a bit, into a company called TheOne coffee shop. Yue Xiaohui instructed a taxi in ten meters away from parking, pay off after the fare. Wei Jiong is still for her just to be a taxi driver to track the reasons for laughing and crying. That s my dad, I want to see who s the little three who red self balancing scooter s been dating. Yue Xiaohui looked at the coffee shop, expression.sly feel very brass self balancing scooter comfortable, adjust the location of the head, so that deeper into his cheek bosom, and uttered a whisper similar Qingyin. She knew that the man holding his own does not belong to her, but belongs to the street, belongs to the night, belonging to steel and blood, are those abnormal, distorted faces. In the days after he took off his uniforms, she once thought he could finally have him until the morning. Jinfeng opened his eyes, looking at the sofa behind the black canvas shoulder bag. She hated it, and understood that it was part of a man s roots. Even if he was old, no longer catch up and fight, happy to cope with salt, but in his blood something, or will be easily wake up. Jinfeng turned around, took a deep taste of the body of a man. Do you have smart balance wheel anything to do For a long time, only to hear a man muffled response ah. Jinfeng looked up from his arms, looked at his face filled with apologetic, and smiled. Go ahead. Half an hour later, leray self balancing scooter Luo Shaohua climbing green bamboo garden 22 4 unit 4 floor, slow, slightly smooth breath, then climb the rest of the steps. The corridor was quiet. Luo Shaohua gently walked to the door of room 501, carefully put the ear on brass self balancing scooter the door melato.

i s voice sounded Who Wei Jiong heart wonder, brass self balancing scooter should be I, Wei Jiong. The other side of the door temporarily quiet, vaguely able to hear someone whispering. Moment, the door open, Zhang Haisheng stuck half the head. The old discipline is not very comfortable, just eat the medicine, ready to sleep, you come back another day. Oh Wei Jiong frowned, how he Cold. Zhang Haisheng tone and expression are quite impatient, You go. When he finished, he retracted and closed the door. Zhang Haisheng locked the door, turned around and saw Ji Qiankun tie a plastic bag, readily thrown at the foot, suddenly frightened. Are you fucking lightly Zhang Haisheng leaned against the door and seemed ready to take the lead. I m fucking. Ji Qiankun smiled. In front of him a small wooden table, filled with plastic bags, pipes and wires and the like items. He took a piece of paper and carefully counted the items. Check is completed, he looked up and found Zhang brass self balancing scooter Haisheng also stood by the door. Why do not you go Old discipline, what do you intend to harm me when Zhang Haisheng still looked at the fear of a small wooden table, Even if you do not inform me, I have to get his mother sooner or later. Harm you I give.hing to do.The murderer probably imitate the impulse , brass self balancing scooter But found the ability to imitate the crime is not enough you also noticed that he is in a very panic to complete the case of crime so there is no next time. Du Cheng did not say anything, the complexity of this matter has exceeded his imagination. Originally just traced an old case, now becomes two. The next question is, the murderer seems to be behind the killer. And the relationship between the two men, lightslategray self balancing scooter really just imitate that simple He placed the dossiers of the two cases on the table, glancing back and forth. This action was Zhang Zhenliang see in the eyes, the latter hesitated, reaching out to the two files together in the pile. Master, Zhang Zhenliang said slowly, You say, this case from behind, why not cracked You know, we are engaged in the case, especially murder, are from the motivation to start, and then began to investigate the social relations around the victim. He pointed to the file This case is likely to be a random choice of victims, no motive to kill, naturally bad investigation. Is there nothing else Du Ducheng brass self balancing scooter raised his head, just met Zhang Zhenliang meaningful eyes, he immediately realized that apprentice.of each other snuggle up, let Wei Jiong often thought it was just an illusion. More subtle is that the two seem to have a tacit understanding of the general, not to mention that field sunset. The next day at 9 30, Wei Jiong standing in front of the Provincial Higher People s Court, holding that a thin introduction letter, looking green self balancing scooter at this tall towering building, could not help but shake. Do not you do not do so ah Yue Xiaohui tone is quite easy, openly walked in I m waiting for you outside. By, not you go brass self balancing scooter Wei Jiong whispered in the heart of the sentence, took a deep breath, trembling, walked up the marble steps. Went to the deep red copper door, Wei Jiong be considered to the majesty of the national judiciary. I do not know because of fatigue or tension, onto the steps of gostwhite self balancing scooter more than thirty levels, he has been panting, legs are soft to death. Wei Jiong side of the wipe, while to the left and right look, always olivedrab self balancing scooter feel in front of the two lions in the tightly staring at their own. At the same orchid self balancing scooter time, he also attracted the attention of security guards. Wei Jiong to avoid the other eyes full of vigilance, to work out the phone. Five minutes later, a tall man from the hall at brass self balancing scooter the end of the ru.

Brass Self Balancing Scooter and fingerprints. Yes. Du nodded, plastic bags with Xu Mingliang fingerprints, and he is selling pork, so the police was convinced that he is the murderer. The murderer may be one of his customers Ji Qiankun said, your inference, may not There is only one person s fingerprint on the plastic bag, said Du into a hand. It s summer, when you see a person wearing a glove to buy meat, will not it feel strange Well, that would be. Ji Qiankun honestly admitted. And, in the body bag also found a shoe. Du into leray self balancing scooter balance motion 6.5 two wheel hoverboard frowned, This is the only time we found the victim s clothing.I can not figure out, as a patient and meticulous, Skilled, more brass self balancing scooter calm attitude of committing the crime, why would commit such a stupid mistake Fen Shi encountered some unexpected brass self balancing scooter situations. Yue Xiaohui interrupted, So he panic. It s possible, said Du, touching his chin, but it can not explain the fingerprint. Not. Wei Jiong pondered, slowly said, If he is not Xu Mingliang customers Well, you mean The situation is like this, Wei said, thinking that Xu Mingliang was not the murderer, but there were his fingerprints on his plastic bag, indicating that he had come into contact with the bag, right That s it. Du looked at.Qiankun answer crisp, eyes full of expectations. What is this Wei Jiong secretly smile, volunteer service into a criminal examination or oral On the issue of retroactivity of criminal law, China adopted the from the old and from the electric self balancing scooters for adults light principle. Wei Jiong desperately recalled, from the old words, should be applied 79 years of criminal law. If you consider lighter This Wei Jiong thought, under the 79 years of criminal law, the perpetrators were taken after the coercive measures are not subject to limitation of prosecution, according to the 1997 Criminal Law, as long as the judiciary after the case is not subject to prosecution Compare how the 79 year criminal law favors the offender Ji Qiankun thought for a moment, slowly nodded should be. 79 years of criminal law should be applied. Coercive measures are taken Ji Qiankun face once again gloomy, eyes uncertain and confused, mouth muttered to himself, If not caught him It has limited the chant. Wei Jiong remembered that he mentioned the For example , homicide cases, not prosecuted after 20 years. Is not there the Supreme People s Procuratorate Ji Qiankun immediately asked Road. Well, right Wei Jiong blush, and quic.

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