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Brown Self Balancing Scooter $txtNum = count($txtArray);car before the incident, he will drive the bike white pickup truck pickup truck Of the co pilot shade board found dripping blood Moreover, the 3.14 rape murderer murderers Li Lihua is the type B blood. If all this is a coincidence, it is too coincidental too outrageous, right He can not forget the last glimpse of Lin Guodong in brown self balancing scooter front of the building, the kind of Zhang Huang lost, and hate and fear of the eyes. Luo Shaohua look at the watch, press out the cigarette butts, picked up the backpack. Just do one more thing, you can know this in the end is not a coincidence. Luo Shaohua standing in the Green Bamboo Court Area 22, Unit 4, Room 501, received a good lock tool, look around this two bedroom house. Lin Guodong is school work, his mother is also monosodium glutamate plant, is now four thirty in the afternoon, leaving him not much time. Luo Shaohua quickly explored the two bedrooms and living room, especially the south side of the bedroom, placed brown self balancing scooter from the items, it should be used for Lin Guodong. Simply furnished, in addition to the bed and wardrobe, is a desk. Bookshelves are mostly English books, there are several novels. One of Maine self balancing scooter the books, brown self balancing scooter which had been wrapped in books.

will not voluntarily surrender. He will certainly try every means to seek to flee. He has no relatives in the city, even after discharge to re establish some social relations, and now the streets are covered with his arrest warrant, the same will not help him. The only thing to give him the brown self balancing scooter property, only where to buy 2 wheel self balancing scooter Luo Shaohua. Although the two each other sworn enemies, brown self balancing scooter but Luo Shaohua has always been holding in the hands of Lin Guodong. Who is the cat, brown self balancing scooter who is a rat, in fact, very difficult to determine. Lin Guodong once caught, there is no guarantee that he will not fight sandybrown self balancing scooter a dead fish net, the Luo Shaohua then favoritism things shook out. Therefore, Luo Shaohua to help Lin Guodong fled, you can protect brown self balancing scooter the peace. From the current situation, Lin Guodong has not last long. Perhaps he will soon contact Luo Shaohua, to blackmail, in order to seek property continue to abscond. Ah, make sense. Zhang Zhenliang turned to highlight, do it. Highlight and move, got up and went to the door, just opened the door, and rushed in to hit a full hit self balancing scooter for sale Duan Hongqing. Your kid did not long eyes ah Duan Hongqing hands holding a piece of paper, his face anxious, busy three fire four to go No I highlight a t.However, her departure, still left in the life of an unhealed wound. Placed in the bag of vegetables and soy sauce bottles, stir fried when the blisters are brown self balancing scooter hot, and the menstrual brown self balancing scooter alone when dealing with the fear and panic when menarche. She and her father s life were destroyed in the late night of 27 October 1992. Therefore, to find him, know him, understand him, let him say the reason and process. So that day and night drifting in the city over the soul to rest. So that was brutally torn wounds to heal. Let her and his father no longer brood, each calmly face the rest of brown self balancing scooter life. Yue Xiaohui the cigarette butts thrown into the tin box, long exhaled breath. I was twenty three years old, you wait, I will find you. She Shuaishuaitou, Niuguo Tou, just a mild Wen Jiakun eyes. Suddenly, Yue Xiaohui inexplicably think of him just in his hair on the feeling of caress. Warm, and dangerous. Chapter 26 Chance He even learned this Du into the mouth just put down the cup, staring at Zhang Zhenliang surprised. ATM machines, computers, mobile phones, the Internet have learned. Zhang Zhenliang close notebook, sitting in a chair, This son of a bitch learning ability too damn strong. Du thought interp.the pot, and open the cupboard, pulls out a small noodle, on the pot boil. Eat a simple lunch, Du into a cigarette smoking, his face rosy. He went into the bedroom, pulled an old canvas suitcase from the wardrobe, effortlessly to the restaurant. The bowl aside, he put the suitcase flat on the table, hastily wipe a little dust, open the box lock. Box is a few yellow kraft paper portfolio, corners have been worn, there are piles of photos and copies of documents, also covered with dust. Du Cheng picked up a portfolio, jitter wrist, large group of dust Pusu Su to fall. The afternoon sun through the iron window bar into the room, forming a mottled light beam. Small dust in the sun stretch, drift, gently scattered on the table. Du calmly looked at the portfolio has been faded in a few black ink handwriting. 11.9 series of rape murder case, 1990. Chapter Five Luo Shaohua raised his head and looked at the corridor wall, 3 , feel the sweat is slowly from the forehead Qinqin. He held onto the staircase railings, breathed a little, lifted his foot to climb the stairs. Arrived at the 5th floor of the door, Luo Shaohua took out the key, gently twist the iron gate, quietly into the living room.

Brown Self Balancing Scooter nned. He raised his hand and wiped the corners of his mouth and found that he was full of blood red. Ah, this is his mother how Du Cheng shook, muttered to himself. He looked up and looked at the blood of the Duan Hongqing, mouth out of a helpless smile. Sorry, Duan Bureau. Du Zhang Zhang Liang break out of arm support, want to wipe the face of blood coral self balancing scooter off the segment. Just one step, he fell down a head down. Chapter twenty five shadow murderer Later Chen looked up at Lin Guodong, brow Weicu, eyes full of concern. Lin Guodong s hand around the shoulder of Chen, gently stroking her hair, I do not know why a minute ago, I also do not know why, She was obviously like me, or will not go to the movies with me, rowing, but why can not she let us go further Has she come back Come back, but also with three to defend the cadres. Ah Chen Xiao to hand cover mouth, uttered a tomato self balancing scooter little exclaimed, do brown self balancing scooter not need so absolutely it At that time she is so absolutely. Lin Guodong wry smile, accused me of attempted rape. Chen Xiao Lin Guodong arms from the break out, his face surprised You were royalblue self balancing scooter arrested No, Lin Guodong re hugged her, I was inexplicably shut a night, and was inexplicably put out, after being su.e, the dark end of the Yong Lu came a rustle of footsteps, then, a looming shadow emerged in the night. Almost brown self balancing scooter the same time, Du as the instinct of the handle as the handle on the car keys, turning, turn off. The rear seat of the two police invariably Hey a cry, then quiet down. Du into the unplug the key, shut the door, lit a cigarette, staring at more and more clear shadows. Is a man, about 170 cm tall, his right hand carrying a big plastic shopping bags. He saw the dark suddenly light up the fireworks, slightly hesitated a moment, then speed up the pace to the Building 4, Unit 2 went. Du did not want to just papayawhip self balancing scooter like the past, trailing man into the corridor. Man apparently aware of someone behind, but did not turn back, went straight to the elevator, see the LCD screen 8 , he froze for a moment, then raised his hand and pressed the up button. Elevator slowly, a few seconds later, bite is heard, the car door creak to open. Men first into the elevator, Du into the cigarette butts, best self balancing scooter reviews also carried his self balancing scooter 2 wheels feet into it. The man half bowed his head, only to see a thick short hair, wearing a dark green military version of cotton windbreaker. The elevator door brown self balancing scooter closed, his hand in the floor key top.

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