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California Self Balancing Scooter kun look at the watch, a little planning a lot, his face becomes bleak. Wei Jiong, Xiao Hui you go. Ji Qiankun looked up, washed Nebraska self balancing scooter two people smiled, There are five minutes. Wei Jiong suddenly stunned, California self balancing scooter a long while, only stammered and said old discipline, and so on okay, Du Cheng may It is impossible. Ji Qiankun shook his head, Luo Shaohua if willing to hand over the evidence, there is no need to kill Lin Guodong. Ji Qiankun from his pocket and pulled out a police dagger He is ready. Wei Jiong royalblue self balancing scooter think of that burning portfolio, heart disorder. Thank you to accompany me to finish this last section of the road. Jiqian Kun pat on the shoulder Wei Jiong, eyes kindly, Thank you, I have no regrets. Immediately, he faced Lin Guodong The rest of this a few minutes, they left me and him. Suddenly, Lin Guodong rattle to laugh. Yes ah. Lin Guodong staring at California self balancing scooter the hands that half of cigarettes, but also a bite, I have something to say to you. The remaining three people immediately quiet down, stared at him. Do you want to know what your wife was like before she died An chill passing from the heart of Wei Jiong. He turned around and looked to Ji Qian Kun the latter shaking a bit, his face a man escorted out of the general. She set the lemonchiffon self balancing scooter gods, did not bother to have winked to her Wei Jiong, the drink half of the coffee thrown into the side of the trash, full of clothes, stand up. Wei Jiong and the man walked in front of her, ranging from them to speak, Yue Xiaohui said No matter his thing, I let him go. Men surprised a moment, Wei Jiong face is a dumbfounded expression. Immediately, the man laughed. Patting criminal files, your courage is not small. Men pat on the shoulder Wei Jiong, But your associates good, quite interesting. Having said that, he walked on his own, leaving a confused Yue Xiaohui standing in situ. Wei Jiong followed behind him, and waved hands Yue Xiaohui also keep up. Men have come to the parking lot of the High Court, to find an best self balancing scooter 10 inch old fashioned Paladin SUV, open the door, indicating Wei Jiong and Yue Xiaohui sat in the back, then, on the train, launch, leave the High Court. Soon, off road vehicles into the city s busy. Men have been driving, California self balancing scooter always silent. Car drifting away, Yue Xiaohui also slowly recovered, turned around and looked with the eyes of inquiry Wei Jiong, his mouth silently asked Who is he Wei Jiong look at the driver s seat silent ma.

pour a small glass of water, placed in front of him, when the right ashtray. Du into a mouthful of two to suck out most of the cigarette. He pinching the cigarette butts, take a look at Wei Jiong Well, boy, what are you looking for me Ok You do not just look at me so simple, otherwise Yue Xiaohui will come. Du into the door to the mouth of Nu Nu, So I Xiangliang expenditure. Wei Jiong blush, and my heart whispered the sentence the old fox. Du officers, leray self balancing scooter balance motion 6.5 two wheel you bring us the files not all Oh Du Cheng raised his eyebrows, reaching for the action of smoking also stopped, Why do you ask At the end of October 1992, there have been a rape murder case. Wei Jiong courage, look into the eyes of Du into, and before the series murder is very similar. Du stared at him for a few seconds, frowning How do you know the case Internet search information to see when. Wei Jiong decided to spread a lie. I think the murderer in two cases is not a person, no information to the old discipline do you think Du Cheng hanging eyelids, and from the cigarette out of a cigarette. I also think is not a person. Wei Jiong California self balancing scooter blurted out, immediately regret it. Because Du immediately turned California self balancing scooter his attention, his face al.t also means another possibility. Indeed, Madame Butterfly perfume in the case of frequent, it should not be accidental. If the murderer is really in the perfume to stimulate rape California self balancing scooter and murder, then Lin California self balancing scooter Guodong is likely to be the murderer. However, under this premise, even if Lin Guodong in November 1992 after the crazy, and into the mental hospital treatment, still means another thing the same way to kill Yue Xiaohui Nevada self balancing scooter mother, and another person. So, today I once felt that his judgment is wrong, and even that we simply go in the wrong direction, want to back down. Yue Xiaohui gently exhaled breath, until Lin Guodong that clue, there has been Madame Butterfly , I was rekindled hope, although Although Lin Guodong may not kill your mother s murderer, Wei Jiong for her to California self balancing scooter go on, right Yes. Yue Xiaohui bowed his head, smiled, Lin Guodong is not my killing mother enemies, look at the mental hospital investigation, after all, he was killed after my mother was crazy, but I think the possibility of Not much. She turned and patted Wei Jiong s hand However, in any case, I will continue to check. why Because Du into. Yue Xiaohui face smile gradually converge, You know, he has to give up t.lm lake Zhang Zhenliang has suggested California self balancing scooter that 10.28 murder and murder case motive is to imitate. It seems that in addition to this possibility, the high degree of restitution of crime without a better explanation. Indeed, the police had Liang Qingyun social relations security self balancing scooter were investigated and found that her interpersonal relationship is relatively simple, not with people grudges, and no financial California self balancing scooter disputes, because the relationship between men and women causes the possibility of the victim can also be ruled out. California self balancing scooter Du Cheng does not deny that this is imitation, but the problem is why the murderer to imitate From a psychological point of view, one of the functions of imitation is to make the original performance of the underlying behavior is not expressed. Then, there is such a possibility a person who originally had internal impulse to kill, in the Xu Mingliang homicide case to stimulate or inspire, imitate his way to kill a woman, to be shot by the murderer pay tribute. At that moment, he might have regarded himself as he. However, this possibility in the Du into view, can be excluded. In the early 1990s, people s values were relatively simple, although the initial performance of the idol wo.

California Self Balancing Scooter is still silent, as if a statue never openings. Shaohua, can no longer dead. Du Cheng out of a hand, take the shoulder in the Luo Shaohua, You must help me. Du paused I beg you. A long time, Du into the palm of your hand under the stone move a bit. His heart thrown a glimmer of hope. However, the stone open mouth after the first sentence let his heart thoroughly cool thoroughly. You go. Luo Shaohua s eyes empty nothing, Do not force me. Du Cheng left, Luo California self balancing scooter Shaohua and sat alone for a while, stared at the window outside the window in a daze. Things have been completely out of his control. It will be where to develop, Luo Shaohua is no way to know. gainsboro self balancing scooter As for the final will show a kind of outcome, he would like to want to think about. And sucked a cigarette, Luo Shaohua took out his wallet ready to checkout. Just stood up and felt the shoulder was a cool real self balancing scooter reviews hand hold. He subconsciously turned his head and saw a look of livid Ma Jian to bypass their own, sitting opposite the table. You Luo Shaohua immediately react, how do you know about me to meet here He tracks me, I will not track him Ma Jian waved hands over the waiter to leave, he told you what Luo Shaohua hanging eyelids To my hands.windowsill, looked downstairs. Today s temperature is slightly higher than the past, the signs of the earth rejuvenation has become increasingly apparent. There are some semi melting on the windowsill state of snow, in the afternoon sun slightly steam. Lin Guodong look outside the corner of the district, the road empty. He turned his attention to the opposite 14 buildings. Although the window from the 6th floor slowly into the window is a dark, but it is certain that there is empty. Since that day to Luo Shaohua issued a warning, the damn tracker no longer appeared. Posted on their own lintel on the transparent tape has long been lost in the sticky, quietly falling off in a morning. The palm of his hand began to slowly heal, and Lin Guodong heart, is picking up the weather, slowly wake up. Behind suddenly came the bite sound. He turned around and saw Chen Xiao has been sitting in his bed, is pulled from the pocket of his cell phone, look after the expression California self balancing scooter indifferent to the phone in the self balancing scooter buyer bed. boyfriend Well, a regular greeting. How long will he still be in Beijing Do not know. Chen does not look at him, straight legs, two ankles cross, and made like with online dating. Lin Guodon.

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