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Chartreuse Self Balancing Scooter heng hold your breath, one by one to view the past, for fear that their breath will blow dust run. Gradually, his forehead Qin out of the fine sweat, his face also Biede red. Suddenly, his eyes widened, his face closer to the floor. smart-balance wheel news Immediately, Du into the hand behind his back tweezers. Zhang Zhenliang hurriedly from the survey box out of a tweezers handed in the past. Du into the backhand, the eyes are always tightly staring at the corner of the floor cracks. He pulled the forceps toward the floor, carefully selected the angle, and finally, from the floor cracks in the folder out of something. Du into the bed slowly got up in the hands of the tweezers always held in the air. Everyone s attention on the tip of the tweezers, for a time, indoors silence. Look, it was just a mass of dust. However, if you carefully distinguish, you can see which mixed with a few different lengths of hair. Wei Jiong around a few in the corridor of the old man stumble alone, went straight to the room Ji kun. And usually different, the door is not empty, but closed. Wei Jiong tried to push a bit, the door locked from the inside. Almost at the same time, a panic of the sound came from the room, then, old J.w Ducheng suddenly raised the tone, I paid the price for this case, not a little less than you Ji Qiankun some surprised to raise his head, stared at Du Cheng. In short, even if we now know the identity of the murderer, this is still chartreuse self balancing scooter not the end, I want him to court, let him accept the legal sanctions, rather than lynch execution. He re faced Ji Qiankun, serious expression So, you must not mess things up to finish the case, is my last wish.Even if you want to take their own, I will not spare you. Ji Qiankun tightly close your eyes, immediately opened Well, I promise you. He pointed to the door You go. Outside the nursing home, Du Cheng Wei Yue and Yue Xiaohui on the side of the call, on the side of the room to see Jiqian Kun window. The sun is still strong, the glass on the reflective so that he is difficult to see the indoor situation. Du Cheng shook his head, opened the door, sitting in the cab. Wei Jiong and Yue Xiaohui side by side sitting in the back. The girl has been watching Du into. Wei Jiong is a thoughtful look, always staring out the window. Du turned, rushed them smiled. Although the old discipline has just been thanked you, but from my point of view, Du into the face f.

hang Haisheng immediately retorted, She eats every day. She s chartreuse self balancing scooter taking an overdose, Laugi smiled, and I know who did it. Cigarettes from the mouth of Zhang Haisheng snapped out on the floor. He stared at the old discipline, his face turned from white to green, his lips are shaking up. Old discipline you do not joke, this you also photographed Wei Jiong, red self balancing scooter old discipline has always stared at Zhang Haisheng, his face seems to have Ruoyouruowu laugh, give him a look. Well Wei Jiong froze for a moment, then realized that the old discipline that he sent to his two videos. He hastened to phone out, find and old Ji s micro message dialog box, open the video. See the picture of the moment, Zhang Haisheng made an action, it seems to rush to snatch away the phone. Old Ji chartreuse self balancing scooter aware of his intention, immediately made out of words You stand in place to see Zhang Haisheng did not dare to move, bow bent, standing watching two videos, his face has been sweating. Such as Wei Jiong put away the phone, he just suffered a sap like a bear, no longer stand up. Zhang Haisheng slumped down in bed, his hands Wulian face, the body are violently shaking up. Wei Jiong embarrassed to see the old discipline.isappeared. Ji Qiankun realized that the razor has been arrived in their own pipe. He opened his eyes, just to see the ceiling, in front of another Mongolian Yue Xiaohui towels to re cover in his face. Wait a few days. Yue Xiaohui s voice becomes distant, you want, we want, will come. Ji Qiankun lying in a wheelchair, waiting for her to go on, or have action. However, the surrounding is always a silence. A moment later, he took down his face towel, stood up. The room was empty. Chapter 30 Awakening Lin Guodong out of the gate, the plastic bag thrown into the trash. Tonight the wind is a little big, chartreuse self balancing scooter the air has a moist flavor. He looked at the clouds rolling over the night sky, it is estimated that the first spring of this year will come. Lin Guodong put his hand in the jacket down jacket, tight collar, walked outside the area. Since the night away Chen Xiao, Lin Guodong for several days did not go out. He is very clear that the original translation company can no longer go to the. However, before getting the meager salary does not allow him to support for a long self balancing hoverboard 2016 time, he must find a job as soon as possible. After a dozen online resumes, no one responded. Which makes him in a chartreuse self balancing scooter depress.e, and may not be enemies, talk to the child is also OK. As to whether to remarry, have to look at the sincerity and performance of Sunningdale, said Luo Shaohua thought, opening said. Luo Ying s face buried in the arms, the voice low, Hui hui grew up, the family is not complete, the child is not a good thing. Suddenly she looked up, eyes flashed a trace of mixed with grievances and look forward to look Well, I have to test the test of him, said remarry to remarry, the United States was his Luo Shaohua sigh in the heart soon. Daughter, after all, can not completely put down the man. Let s go. Luo Shaohua chartreuse self balancing scooter patted her smart-self balancing scooter hand, wearing a beautiful point, so that kid to see, you leave him as well live. Select has been set, chartreuse self balancing scooter Luo Ying briskly agreed to a cry, and asked Dad, then you say chartreuse self balancing scooter what I wear Ask your mother. See her daughter no longer worry, Luo Shaohua mood is also good, I can not give you a reference. Luo Ying went to the master bedroom to find Jin Feng, Luo Shaohua back to the kitchen Cheuk spinach. The breakfast ready, he looked at the watch, for a chartreuse self balancing scooter good out of clothes, picked up the backpack, opened the master bedroom door. chartreuse self balancing scooter Niangliang is twittering to discuss Luo Ying tonight chartreuse self balancing scooter s wear.

Chartreuse Self Balancing Scooter w down the stairs, Luo Shaohua feel tears in the face of arbitrary flow. Before the last moment, he could only allow himself to be vulnerable for a little while. When he walked out the beige self balancing scooter door of the moment, the tears have been dry, red eyes burning smart self balancing scooter amazon only hate. Luo Shaohua took out the lighter, from the bag out of that kraft paper portfolio, ignited one corner, thrown into the Yong Road side of the trash. He wants to Ma Jian revenge, at the same time, to bring all the possible stigma for the Ma Jian to destroy everything, including the kraft paper portfolio of evidence. And the man. Luo Shaohua look at the watch, 13 10, Lin Guodong distance and time to meet there are 40 minutes. He lit a cigarette, walked to the roadside Santana sedan walked. Well Wei Jiong s eyes suddenly stared. He flips the phone, the opposite of the man downstairs and the phone in the picture for comparison. Yes, that is, Luo Shaohua. He quickly leaned over to push Yue Xiaohui. The girl sat in a fruit box, back against his legs, sleep is incense. Luo Shaohua for several days did not lightblue self balancing scooter chartreuse self balancing scooter go out. To be sure, Wei Jiong and Yue Xiaohui every day to monitor the back to school late. A few days down, Wei Jiong gradually feel p.thrown on the ground step off. We have a colleague injured. Zhang Zhenliang took out the police officer card shaking a bit, you give him a look. Male doctors can not neglect, walked over Where hurt The stomach is bumped. Du Cheng tried to get up, nothing serious. Quickly lie down and lie down. The male doctor untied his coat and set off his shirt, pressing on his belly, Does not it hurt I said nothing, they are not to send me. Here It s really fine oh Du Cheng suddenly cried, legs twisted, the whole person almost shrunk into a mission. Zhang Zhen Liang also shocked, could not help but remind The doctor you a little child Male doctors are unmoved, still in the Du into the belly to press to go. Du Pennsylvania self balancing scooter into the face became sallow, has pain could not speak. Male doctor s face more and more dignified. Probe for a long time, he chartreuse self balancing scooter thought, straightened, turned to Zhang Zhenliang said Push slategray self balancing scooter him, come with me CHAPTER THREE The bell rang. If the mouth of the teacher Meng had to temporarily close the door, he hated to talk about a problem on the half had to stop feeling. After all, venetian worldwide self balancing scooter reviews he taught the Criminal Law , not a storytelling, predict how funeral, and listen to the next decomposition of su.

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