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Cheap Skque Self Balancing Scooter g brand pickup cheap skque self balancing scooter truck. I have his car records. Luo Shaohua s voice subtle, it seems to himself, in the back of the co pilot shade board, I found the blood of one of steelblue self balancing scooter the dead. Heard this remark, Du into the mixed emotions in mind. Happiness is finally found evidence of Lin Guodong committing the crime, anger is Luo Shaohua actually these two evidence to conceal the twenty three years. Where s the thing Ducheng patted a young policeman in the driver s seat, motioned him to start the police car, in your home Let s get it right back. It s late, tears poured out of Luo Shaohua s eyes, I ve burned. Du into the seat belt action half done, turned his head, staring straight at Luo Shaohua. A long while, he squeezed out from the teeth of the words Why My original plan is to destroy the evidence, to kill Lin Guodong. Twenty three years ago, the wrong case, no one knows. Luo Shaohua looked at Du Cheng, choking tone, I do not care, even if the death penalty does not matter. Because everything is because of cheap skque self balancing scooter me, but I can not let Ma Jian after death cast any stains. Du into the bottom of my heart a cold. A few seconds later, he wielded a punch, fiercely smashed on the door. The tingling of the knuc. //$a = explode(\".\", $txt1); //按点号分行

g Haisheng did not look back, walked out of the cafe. The waiter shrugged and put the coffee cup on the counter. Ji Qiankun grabbed the self balancing scooter black wool cap on the table sets in the head, put up his collar to cover the face. At this time, he noted that the green bag on the desktop, open to, found that only a few orengered self balancing scooter books. He thought for a moment, seemed aware of cheap skque self balancing scooter the true purpose of these books, his face showing a smile. cadetblue self balancing scooter Immediately, he took out two things from his pocket, were pinching in the left and right hands, bowed his head, quietly waiting for the man. I have nothing to say with you. Lin Guodong grabbed the green satchel directly, open to look in the eyes of the moment vanished. Ji Qiankun uttered a chuckle. Lin Guodong s face becomes gray. He turned the bag upside down and a few books cracked on the table. He still did not give up, carrying a satchel again and again shake, but there has been empty. He put the satchel severely fell to the ground, pointing Ji Qiankun, viciously shouted My money Ji Qiankun seems to Lin Guodong very embarrassed look very happy. He seemed to play a Xing is strong cat, is fiddle with the dying mouse, his face cheap skque self balancing scooter smile even more. The situation has changed, the authenticity of the record by the car. Another evidence is cheap skque self balancing scooter the sun visor of the white pickup truck. In the shade on the back of the non woven, the police extracted a drop of blood. The DNA test, with the 1991 3.14 rape murder case of the victim Li Lihua do the same thing. Luo Shaohua also provided a testimony confirming that Lin Guodong himself admitted that he had committed four cases of rape and murder. At the same time, Luo Shaohua was arrested on suspicion of favoritism by the C City Iron East District Procuratorate taken away the investigation. Because the case has been prosecuted statute of limitations, Tiedong District Prosecutor s Office has been made not to prosecute. April 2, Ji Qiankun surrendered to the police, and take the initiative to skyblue self balancing scooter account for the 1992 10.27 murder case is their own suicide. Through the search of Jiqian Kun residential, the police found the top of the bedroom wardrobe wrapped with a hand saw a newspaper. In the hand saw on the handle to extract the fingerprints of Ji Qiankun. In the grip and saw the connection and serrated to extract the blood, the DNA test, with the victim Liang Qingyun do the same identified. The 10.27 murder and mutilati.a nearby 24 hour convenience store away. Female salesperson for late night shopping customers do not find it surprising, but he purchased the goods people a bit surprised. Looking at the young man picking and picking on the shelves, and finally took a set of red men s shirt pants and socks. Pie Piezui girls, the heart that this kid is not a long Intuit, it is estimated that the father s Benming to forget. Pedestrians on the road scarce, still operating a taxi is not much. Wei Jiong a full one kilometer to hit the car. On the train, his heart s excitement still did not subside. Several times out of the phone, and finally put back. He has not given the old WeChat New Year, is intended to give him a surprise. In this most lonely night. To the nursing cheap skque self balancing scooter home when it is two in the morning. Wei Jiong out of the car, look at the brightly lit yard, said the old discipline you can do not sleep. Push the door, motionless. Wei Jiong see two meters tall iron gate and walls, pondering for a moment, or cheap skque self balancing scooter give up the idea of over the wall into the hospital, bite the bullet and knock on the door. Waiting for ten minutes, only to see the security guards shake three Akira from the cheap skque self balancing scooter duty room out. Who, mo.

Cheap Skque Self Balancing Scooter t. Thought, he decided to take a risk raising his hand, gently knocking on the door a few times. Almost at the same time, Luo Shaohua half turned, do a good job quickly ran downstairs to prepare. However, a few seconds in the past, the room is still no response. Luo Shaohua grow a breath Lin Guodong really not at home. However, this tone soon in his throat choke. In his mind, suddenly filled with Nevada self balancing scooter an irresistible impulse in the door side, what is it Lin Guodong living in what kind of life Luo Shaohua realized that, in addition to the small window of the scene, he Lin Guodong almost ignorant of the day. What did he eat, sleep, see what kind of book, browse the website, in those long night, he is safely sleeping, or sleepless nights The answer lies inside the iron gate. Luo Shaohua breathing rapidly. If you can understand all this, perhaps you can make him a most reliable judge twenty years of confinement, whether to Lin Guodong domesticated into a mini smart self balancing scooter gentle old man, or just let him cheap skque self balancing scooter hide fangs and claws If the proof is the former, then cheap skque self balancing scooter everything can be over. cheap skque self balancing scooter Luo Shaohua no longer contain himself, from the shoulder off the backpack, squatting on the ground to open, from a small metal box.onger tempted, picked up the cup to hit the ground. Luo Shaohua understand Ma Jian s anger. Luo Ying awake, had the night after the incident had some memories. Xiangyang and talk to her when the woman called and asked him to compound. Sunny on her ambiguous attitude Mississippi self balancing scooter irritated Luo Ying. After the walk away, she casually found a bar alone drink boring wine, as drunken things, she completely remember. As for the cause and effect, Luo Shaohua clear than anyone else. Lin Guodong home the same day he burglary, he heard the news outside the door. Now think of it, that is Lin Guodong. Needless to say, Lin Guodong has long been found to track and monitor their own. And Lin Guodong certainly in turn turn themselves and their families do a cheap skque self balancing scooter clear picture of the situation. After more than 20 years later, Luo Shaohua once again locked into swagway self balancing scooter reviews the cheap skque self balancing scooter room, completely angered Lin Guodong. self balancing scooter suppliers He followed and hijacked Luo Ying, but did not hurt her. Cut himself in the subway station, leaving a blood fingerprints, is to issue a warning to the Luo Shaohua. I have regained freedom, no one, nothing can stop me. Gengrang Luo Shaohua fear is that Lin Guodong has the courage to fight back, that is, he did not look f.

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