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Cheap Smart Self Balancing Scooter public with almost. Lin feldspar self balancing scooter Guodong do not want to go on, time is not allowed. He took the plastic bags to the kitchen, took lightgreen self balancing scooter out the ribs, soaked in the basin, the black plastic bag, kneaded as a ball, readily thrown in the trash next to the reserved as a garbage bag. Now close to 7 30 pm, to deal with the woman before midnight. He Lala plastic gloves, walked quickly to the bathroom. Although their approach has become more and more skilled, however, it is necessary to break down a person into a few easy to carry and scattered, or take some time. Fortunately, this process is pleasant. Only the taste can make his desire to ascend only forced to let him feel conquered and possession only those women s neck in his tightening under the softened to make him feel the pleasure of revenge. And all this, in their dismantling to reach the emotional peak. you are mine. I can control your body, your fear, and even your life and death. You can no longer hurt me, and I can turn you into the shape I want. Xiao Jin, you do not know how much I love you. Xiao Jin, you do cheap smart self balancing scooter not know how much I hate you. 10 o clock in the evening, Lin Guodong s work is basically completed. Most of this woman has been packed i.nt to the office door. He hesitated a little, pushing the door in. Indoor light dim, smoke filled. In addition to Du Cheng, the office empty. Zhang Liang Liang gently walked around, pulled over a chair and sat down. Du into his footsteps, but did not look back, still facing the computer monitor, staring at a video. That is from Yue Xiaohui s phone to take out the video, a complete record of what happened that night. His left hand on the chin, his right hand sandwiched a burning half of the cigarettes, scheduled to be looked at the picture was turned ninety degrees Lin Guodong semi volts in the back of Ma Jian, his hands hold down the handle, Under the press. Ma Jian s legs twitch. Computer speakers, the girl kept shouting let go ah, quick to let go ah Zhang Zhenliang lift up the mouse, turn off the video screen. venetian worldwide electric self-balancing scooter Du Cheng is still staring at the monitor. A long time, he bowed his head to the amount of hand, cheek hidden in the arms, the body trembling slightly. Zhang Zhen Liang got up a cup of hot cheap smart self balancing scooter water, but also from Du into the bag pulled out of the bottle, placed in front of him. The arrest warrant has been dispatched, and the place where it is dispatched has been arranged.

eir own. How did you cheap smart self balancing scooter come I saw the news this morning, saw the arrest warrant. Ji Qiankun sitting in a wheelchair, looked at his back, Lin Guodong do He hijacked the junior girl who is not Yue Xiaohui Du Cheng look at Zhang Haisheng. The latter TIPS to a few meters away, relying on the wall smoking. Lin Guodong Du into cheap smart self balancing scooter cheap smart self balancing scooter account words, He killed a policeman.He last night, he hijacked people is Yue Xiaohui.This child on the body paint the Madame Butterfly , want to lead Lin Guodong start, and then grab him a current. What happened to her now Ji Gai kun s face suddenly turned gray, his hands clutching the cheap smart self balancing scooter wheelchair armrest tightly, seemed to want to stand up, I called her, the child has not answered. She s fine, skin trauma, in the public security hospital. Ji Qiankun s expression slightly relaxed. He turned the wheelchair, while cheap smart self balancing scooter greeting Zhang Haisheng fast, take me to the Public Security Hospital. You do not do anything. Lin Guodong still at large, but caught him just a matter of time. Du quickly asked Road, look was dim down, he killed my colleagues, live video evidence, this time he could not escape of. Ji Qiankun turned the action suddenly stopped. He lowered his head, t.n where Can not let him sit on the cold ground, right Put me on the staircase handrail. Wei darkturquoise self balancing scooter Jiong act according to words. Ji Qiankun sideways lying on the staircase handrail, his hands clutched iron railings, legs soft ride on the ground. Okay, I ll carry my wheelchair, Ji asked, Be careful, that stuff is heavy. Wei Jiong did not dare to stay, wipe darkmagenta self balancing scooter the sweat on his forehead, ran on the third floor of the trot, and self-balancing scooter useful hint even dragged to pull the wheelchair to get down. Ji Qiankun also maintained that uncomfortable posture lying on the staircase handrails, looks like a pile of discarded old clothes. Hear the voice of Wei Jiong downstairs, Ji Qiankun raised his head, looking forward to looking at him, there is a trace of regret in the eyes. It s hard work for you. Wei Jiong know he also insisted. His arms to support the body orengered self balancing scooter weight alone, he may slip at any time on the ground. So he had no time to rest, they hurried to sit in a wheelchair. For him to cover blankets, Wei Jiong straight from the waist, two people at the same time grow a breath. JiKunKun patted his back send me back to the room bar, bubble tea, we have a good rest. Zhang Haisheng is still in the room, Zheng Gongzhuo in Ji Qiank.kun look at the watch, a little planning a lot, his face becomes bleak. Wei Jiong, Xiao Hui you go. Ji Qiankun looked up, washed two people smiled, There are five minutes. Wei Jiong suddenly stunned, a long while, only stammered and said old discipline, and so on okay, Du Cheng may It is impossible. Ji Qiankun shook his head, Luo Shaohua if willing to hand over the evidence, there is no need to kill Lin Guodong. Ji Qiankun from his pocket and pulled out a police dagger He is ready. Wei Jiong think of that burning portfolio, heart disorder. Thank you to accompany me to finish this last section of cheap smart self balancing scooter the road. Jiqian Kun pat on the shoulder Wei Jiong, eyes kindly, Thank you, I have no regrets. Immediately, he faced Lin Guodong The rest of this a few minutes, they left me and him. Suddenly, Lin Guodong rattle to laugh. Yes ah. Lin Guodong staring at the hands that half of cigarettes, but also a bite, I have something to say to you. The remaining three people immediately quiet down, stared at him. Do you want to know what your wife was like before she died An chill passing from the heart of Wei Jiong. He turned around and looked to Ji Qian Kun the latter shaking a bit, his face bec.

Cheap Smart Self Balancing Scooter d, Lin Guodong mother carrying the basket, while away the key, while cross the door. Just entered the hall, to see two people confrontation. Hey, you are not that she pointed to Luo Shaohua, darksalmon self balancing scooter greatly surprised. Immediately, she saw his face is the son of dust and blood. My God, Guodong, how are you this The old woman hurried to put down the basket , Lin Guodong arm to reach out. Which has cheap smart self balancing scooter turned its attention to the ground over the food basket. Pork, celery, fenpi and eggs. Lin Guodong sudden storm, hands and feet to climb over, grabbed the piece of raw pork, stuffed his mouth chew up. God, Guodong, what are you doing The cheap smart self balancing scooter old woman was scared and scared, reaching out to grab his mouth of pork, Lin Guodong was bitten in the back of the hand, suddenly bleeding. Son, how is this you Old woman refused to hand pain, has been like to seize the crazy Lin Guodong, You say a word, ah, my mother ah Lin violet self balancing scooter Guodong a push cheap smart self balancing scooter mother, and threw himself into the basket, picked up a raw egg into his mouth. Along with the crunching of crushed eggshell, yellow and white egg flowing from his cheap smart self balancing scooter mouth down. Alive, as long as alive. Lin Guodong fell to the ground, just like a hungry beast, looked up at th.den Ying Ying in the end what happened Really cheap smart self balancing scooter drink, do not answer the phone, so I am anxious. Luo Shaohua escape his eyes, just the words of a doctor you are not all heard Twenty years ago, Yingying on the junior high school, did not test the final exam, dare not go home, go paleturquoise self balancing scooter home to sleep two days. Du into his look, then you did not like tonight Just listen to your tone, I thought Yingying was kidnapped. Luo Shaohua s body shaking a bit child a little slip, you can to my life. I think you can stand up to toss. Du kicked Luo Shaowu at the foot of the bag, If Luo Ying is not only answer the phone, you as with a baton and telescope Luo Shaohua subconsciously bow, see the pocket of the bag open, baton s handle and telescope exposed corner. In fact, he is difficult to explain why they will find Du Cheng to help. Luo Ying may be aware of the time of the victims, Luo Shaohua first thought is Du Cheng. Perhaps in his subconscious, only this hard to trace the murderer twenty years old friend can really appreciate how dangerous Lin Guodong. However, at this moment, for the ins and outs of things, he can not explain, can not explain. He is very clear that any reason and excuse are deceptive D.

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