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Connecticut Self Balancing Scooter uodong also took off his clothes, Connecticut self balancing scooter thrown in Chen s clothes, you casually visit want to drink something Tea bar. Chen Xiao covered his crimson cheek, smiled at him, just scattered alcohol. Lin Guodong should be a cry, got up and went to the kitchen boiling water, and remove the two clean cups, put away the tea. This is their third date. In the earlier lunch, he and Chen have drunk some beer. At the moment, the bladder swelling badly. And so the water to open the work, he went to the Connecticut self balancing scooter bathroom. Convenient, he stood in front of the sink, unscrew the faucet, rushing to rinse his hands. Suddenly, he turned and looked under the window of the stainless steel bathtub, suddenly felt the body heat up. A few minutes later, Lin Guodong holding two cups of hot tea to come out from the kitchen, Chen is not in the living room. He sniffed his nose and Connecticut self balancing scooter went straight to his bedroom. Really, Connecticut self balancing scooter Chen Xiao sat at the desk, is looking at a book. See him come in, Chen put down the book, said This is the forest where the teacher every day work Yes ah, the conditions are very simple. Lin Guodong handed cup to Chen. The girl said thanks, a small mouth to drink. Lin Guodong carrying cups, and slowly walked to the.smell, appearance is not as clean as Xu Mingliang this pair, how to win those women late at night Of trust, lie to them on the train and we do not match the characterization of the suspects. So, Wang Xu can also be ruled out Well, he said, his face was very bad, and though he wiped it again and again, the sallow face Connecticut self balancing scooter kept rolling, but he just mentioned a man, and I was very interested. Who Yue Xiaohui looked up. That tutor Du suddenly did not speak, and reach in the abdomen, trembling whole body up. Wei Jiong hurriedly stood up and reached out Connecticut self balancing scooter to help Du into. Du nothing upper body almost all on the table, pointing to his bag, medicine, blue bottle that. Yue Xiaohui to open his bag, remove the bottle, and poured a piece and handed him. Du into the mouth, hand received Wei Jiong handed to the mineral water bottles, shallow to drink. Yue Xiaohui looked at the hands of the bottle, whispered You eat is painkillers Ah, said Du, lifting up his sweaty face, grinning, You two who will drive Wei Jiong and Yue Xiaohui on the look a bit, shook his head. I have to wait for a while. Du lightyellow self balancing scooter Cheng is still straight to the waist, Do not worry, the effect should soon be able to come up

er is good. Wei Jiong put down the curtains, turned to the discipline of heaven and earth smiled, I push you out to walk To help Ji Kung kun wearing a hat and took a lot of work. Pushing him to the corridor, Wei Jiong s face has been emitting a sweat. Just out of ten meters, Wei Jiong suddenly Oops. Old, I have to go back the phone fell in the bag. Good. Ji Qiankun unlock the keychain around the waist and handed him, blinked his eyes, how, afraid of Yue Xiaohui can not contact you Do not nonsense ah. Wei Jiong s blush, took the key and ran around. Cloudless, sunny. Wind in the face, has a little warmth. Jikun Kun turned a few laps in the yard, could not help but remove the hat and scarf, while enjoying Connecticut self balancing scooter the sun in lavenderblush self balancing scooter the head of the sun itching, while breathing a large mouth moist air. The yard has been completely melted snow, corridor outside the ground stepping on the soft, it Connecticut self balancing scooter is tempting to imagine whether there are new buds in the soil below quietly germinating. Passing the peach tree, Ji Jinkun let Wei Jiong stopped. He touched the rough trunk, and forced a pat. It s going to be blooming, and the trees are pink and pretty. Wei Jiong stood behind him, quietly Wyoming self balancing scooter watching Ji Qiankun a g.ld man. Since it is a friend, do not mention what reward. Well, Chih kun seized his hand, but at least you ll have to let me reimburse you for tolls. No, no money. not necessarily Wei Jiong thought, decided to give in, nodded his head. Ji Qiankun mouth smile, he reached out, and Wei Jiong shook. Thank you, boy, he said, with a layer of water vapor in his eyes, Thank you for your patience and kindness to my old man. Old discipline, Wei Jiong suddenly squeezed his eyes squeezed at him, This does Connecticut self balancing scooter not give me a fail, right Ji Qiankun surprised a moment, then laughed. Laughing alarmed the old people are walking in the yard, they somehow looked at the Connecticut self balancing scooter end of the first floor of the window, one old and one little two men, are laughing. CHAPTER VII ACCESS Analysis of 11.9 Case of Murder and Brief case At 9 40 venetian worldwide self balancing scooter reviews on November 9, 1990, Tungdong District Songjiang Street and Democracy Road intersection at the South 200 meters green belt found in black plastic bags of human lower limb right leg for 1, the same below and was divided into Four pairs of upper and lower limbs No. 2. At 10 30 am on November 10, a female torso wrapped in a black plastic bag was galaxy board self balancing scooter reviews found at 400 meters east of the Bund Park Immediately, he hung up, his hands in his pocket, unable to take a deep breath, seems to cheer for their own fuel. A few minutes later, the red taxi stopped at the cafe entrance. Zhang Haisheng first wheelchair from the trunk out, open, and Ji Qiankun hold off, placed in a wheelchair. His eyes are always tightly staring Ji Qiankun body black bag, a look of fear. Okay, Connecticut self balancing scooter Rhode self balancing scooter Jigu Kun seated in the wheelchair, you go in, sit near him. Zhang Haisheng should be a cry, and asked money In my body. Ji Qiankun holding a black bag, calm expression, finished to give you. Zhang Haisheng nodded slightly, turned into the coffee shop. Ji Qiankun sitting in a wheelchair, facing the road, leisurely, as if a sun is disabled elderly. Five minutes later, he looked at his watch, turned and shook his wheelchair, and headed for darkgray self balancing scooter the cafe. Through the glass door, he took out from his pocket a rectangle, wrapped in yellow tape, a small paper bag, thrown into the door of the pot. Sitting in the cafe hall Luo Shaohua raised his head skque self balancing scooter review and looked at Ji Qiankun, then bowed his head. Ji Qiankun head Connecticut self balancing scooter is not strabismus, along the aisle to Luo Shaohua slowly walked straight to the counter. After Luo Shaohua s table, he.

Connecticut Self Balancing Scooter ng direction, will be farther away from the Yue Xiaohui. Wei Jiong suddenly confused, anxiously looked around, Connecticut self balancing scooter it seems to want to Connecticut self balancing scooter see a bus on the side of Yue Xiaohui figure. However, the water through the fuzzy window, the scenery outside is just a hazy, simply can not see clearly. He reached out to shake the window, holding the handle of the moment, but stopped. raindrop. Wei Jiong stared at the window. Tap the rain on the glass with rapid flow, leaving a winding track, as if numerous flowing river. His mind appeared in the video screen just in the bus. The window, the rain from the upper left corner of the glass, flowing to the lower right corner. At that time the bus station in the newspaper, that just started, speed unhappy. The trail of rain on the windows means that the bus is in the wind. Thought of this, Wei Jiong hurriedly told the taxi driver Master, stop. The driver crashed, taxi slowly docked at the roadside. Wei Jiong rolled down the window, quietly watching the rain outside the car and found that fine rain, such as wire is coming from behind drifting. U turn Wei Jiong once again instructed the driver, while the phone handed in the past, pointing to the route on the m.y from this full of personality for the old man s curiosity, and her bones of goodness and compassion. However, since that Jiqian Kun Wei Jiong commissioned to help him investigate the series after the murder case, Yue Xiaohui attitude can be used to describe the frenzy. segway self balancing scooter fails Sometimes, Wei Jiong even think she is also eager to catch the murderer than Ji Kunqun. This point, can not simply be interpreted as feel stimulated or fun the. I told you last time, my mother died early in my time. Yue Xiaohui staring at the increasingly dark square, it was in October 27, 1992, when my mother in the city When the department store was a salesman, she went off at nine every night, and she did not go home that night. Wei Jiong surprised to stare She The next morning, her body was found throughout the city. Yue Xiaohui slowly turned and looked at Wei Jiong, in the dark, her eyes sparkling, everywhere, naked. She stretched out two hands and crossed her forefinger She was cut into ten pieces in a black plastic bag and tied with a yellow tape. Wei Jiong s mind exploded about what the boom. Late at night. rape. Murder after the corpse. Black plastic bags. Yellow tape I was less than one year ol.

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