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Cool Real Self Balancing Scooter Reviews e cold buns from the refrigerator, into the drawer, the steamer will pour water, end to the gas stove. Cut two salted eggs, Luo Shaohua cool real self balancing scooter reviews and choose a good spinach, ready to boil about water. Wait for the water to open the work, he returned to the living room, want to pick up a cigarette to mention God, but to see Luo Ying wearing pajamas sitting at the table. From so early Luo Shaohua picked up the cigarette maroon self balancing scooter case, turned around and looked at the wall clock, This time ah Luo Ying s hand turning a cup, eyes blue, self balancing scooter suppliers it seems that night did not sleep well. Dad, you sit down. Luo Ying pointed to the chair opposite, I have something to discuss with you. Luo Shaohua s heart sank, that her daughter had to go out for their own morning and evening nonsense. In fact, after the Spring Festival, Jin Feng Luo Ying had talked about once, be interpreted as cool real self balancing scooter reviews Luo Shaohua, and told her not to interfere with his father s activities. Luo Ying despite dubious heart, but after really no longer talk about the whereabouts of Luo Shaohua. So, early in the morning, Luo Ying looking for themselves to talk darkorchid self balancing scooter about Luo Shaohua heart question mark, obediently opened the chair to sit down. Luo Ying poured a glass of wat. $txt2 = preg_replace(\'/^\\s+/m\', \'\', $txt2);

air to the bedside, sideways smell the smell. Immediately, his face became ugly. Yes, he pointed to the sleeping woman, the cool real self balancing scooter reviews taste of her. Wei Jiong some strange, some kind of therapy need sesame oil it Go and help me get that cup. Wei Jiong along the direction of Ji Qiankun fingers looked at the wooden table opposite the bed, stood a glass cup, which is still half a cup slightly turbid water. Wei Jiong handed him the cup. Ji Qiankun the cup in his hand, first looked at the sun carefully looked at the suspension of the cup, then the nose and then scrape together in the cup Department smell the smell. Finally, he dipped a little finger with a little water, into his mouth, goods smack a few times, turned around and spit it out. Well, he took a handkerchief from his pocket, wiped the cup several times, wrapped his glass with a handkerchief, and handed Wei Jiong. Put it back in place. Wei Jiong cool real self balancing scooter reviews in accordance with his instructions to do, but the hearts of the mystery cool real self balancing scooter reviews is growing. Old Ji, you this is All right. Ji kun kun suddenly looked up and smiled, but the eyes faint trace of anger emerge, send me back. Wei Jiong lightblue self balancing scooter pushing Ji Qiankun, in a quiet corridor slowly forward. Wei Jiong looked a.undred pieces of oil money to my own pocket Luo Shaohua recognized him, it is the white truck downstairs truck driver. I told you how many times. The old woman has been unable to attend behind the Yang Guiqin, Who can prove that it is Guodong with the oil ah I can lie to you not What is your son to open the cool real self balancing scooter reviews car I do not know Car in the downstairs, do not believe let Guodong to see. Middle aged man anxious, whatever the outcome Guodong is also a college student, How can you lie You do not yell The old woman apparently did not want neighbors to hear their dispute, To cool real self balancing scooter reviews say come in and say. When she finished, she raised her hand to the iron gate. Luo Shaohua standing in the corridor, shook his head with a wry smile, the heart that this is what a mess. dimgray self balancing scooter Across the iron gate, he can still hear the old woman and middle aged men in the loud noisy, and more intense. Looks, Yang Guiqin should soon leave. Luo Shaohua decided to go downstairs or wait for her. He lit a cigarette, title in his mouth, turned downstairs. However, his pace is getting slower and slower, and cool real self balancing scooter reviews finally, inen self balancing scooter stopped at the second floor of the slow platform. He found himself in the mind recalling the old woman and Yang Guiqin an.moment, then suddenly realized Fuck, our police are deployed in the train station, State Road side of the clamp has been withdrawn almost However, he did not have money car. Even if the taxi, Destination, can not get the money, the same can not get off the body ah. Yes ah, Lin Guodong need money or vehicles, or else he is in the city wings are difficult to fly. Du into the thought, re thinking back to the starting point. Zhen Liang, you let small high positioning Luo Shaohua phone, immediately. Hing Wah North Street and Dawang Road intersection. A few minutes later, cool real self balancing scooter reviews a red taxi slowly docked at the TheOne cafe in front. Has been waiting at the roadside Zhang Haisheng immediately went up, but did not pull the door, but opened the trunk of the taxi. See him from the trunk out of a folding wheelchair, Wei Jiong has been aware cool real self balancing scooter reviews of their guess has been confirmed. Wearing a black cotton dress, wearing a light gray wool cap, Messenger with a black bag of Ji Qiankun by Zhang Haisheng hold out the car, placed in an open wheelchair. Immediately, Zhang Haisheng to Ji Qiankun cover blankets, the wheelchair pushed to the door, his advanced coffee shop. Ji Qiankun Oklahoma self balancing scooter waited at the door about f.

Cool Real Self Balancing Scooter Reviews at the ground, both like to say to Luo Shaohua, but also like to himself. Suddenly, he rushed over, grabbed Luo Shaohua hand just healed the collar. Do you hear We want to catch him As soon as possible Ma Jian s eyes look like a violent beast, teeth bite self balancing scooter for sale creak, catch him, we know we are wrong The same black plastic bag. fingerprint. White van. Blood in the cool real self balancing scooter reviews carriage. Xu Mingliang s statement. These are the main evidence that the police transferred to the procuratorate. If carefully scrutinized, the black plastic bags are common household things car in the blood after washing, and mixed with pig blood, although that its existence, but due to contamination, has no value for the investigation As Xu Mingliang s confession , Luo Shaohua it cool real self balancing scooter reviews is clear what kind of means to obtain. After much deliberation, in addition to the fingerprints, the other evidence can not directly point the murderer Xu Mingliang. So, Xu Mingliang s fingerprints will appear in the parcel of plastic bags Two possibilities first, the murderer is Xu Mingliang second, the murderer is and Xu Mingliang have contact with people, of whom had purchased Xu Mingliang pork suspects the largest. Xu Mingliang where the farmers home will organize the old people stay in cool real self balancing scooter reviews the dinner party, the Chinese New Year bell ringing when there will be dumplings to eat. However, according to the old personality, is not Minato this lively. At this moment, he will probably be a person sitting in the room alone, and slowly eat their own hand made dinner. Thought of this, Wei Jiong copper self balancing scooter feel a little sad. Filled with coffee table in front 2 wheel self balancing scooter amazon of the snacks, fruits and drinks, so he gave birth to a trace of faint uneasiness. At eleven o clock in the evening, parents began to prepare dumplings. And noodles, mix stuffing, while busy, did not forget to throw a new underwear Wei Jiong, so he quickly put on. Wei Jiong look at his mother a red shirt pants, secretly funny Mom you pretty lust. Benming years. Mother hands covered with flour, said with a smile, Figure auspicious. Benming forty eight years You a brats, even your mother do not know how old age Mom picked up the rolling pin, as if to beat him, Hem, not old, right Wei Jiong grinned to hide in the bedroom, put on a new shirt, his mind was gone God. Remember correctly, the old discipline this year, 60 years old, is Benming years. Twinkling of an eye to the midnight, steaming du.

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