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Copper Self Balancing Scooter a large open space on the south bank of the canal appears in the vision of Du Cheng, where in the past called River Bay Park, in 2012, the park was demolished, a temple built in the original site, so now called Jinding Temple tourist area. Du into the car parked on the roadside, along the stone steps all the way down, carefully through copper self balancing scooter the frost covered the grass, down the slope came to the river. Stone bridge, pavilion, covered with green vines gallery is gone, that tree is still there. Du into some slight asthma, his hand holding the rough trunk, looked down at the foot of the river bed. Now the dry season, abundant compared with brown self balancing scooter the summer flood, the South Canal river water barren many, can see the bottom of the river silt and water swaying with the water plants. Some parts of the end of the thin ice, the part has not yet frozen in Guadan the sun braved a slight steam. Du into the line of sight in the river back and forth glance, and finally freeze in a mud. That is the 11.9 dead body found dead body 3 dead body place. Today, Du Cheng still clearly remember, when that stained with mud, to the set of black plastic bags were opened, Ma Jian blurted out steelblue self balancing scooter the phrase I speak. At that., pull out the chair and sit down. Du sitting in her opposite, took out his notebook and pen on the table, fingers touch the desktop, immediately felt the accumulated dust and grease. Xu Mingliang talk about it, he is what kind of person Elderly woman in one hand Tuosai, single handedly clamped cigarettes, puff, eyes always stare in a corner. copper self balancing scooter Moment, she whispered My son did not kill. Du Cheng hanging eyelids, hand ask the amount of angle, in the notebook to write Xu Mingliang three words. Old woman micro side too far, looking at the copper self balancing scooter black signature pen on paper slowly sketched out his son s name, suddenly asked even a pig did not electric self balancing scooter hover board kill the child, will go to kill it This is what I want to know. Du Cheng raised his head, looking directly at the old woman s eyes, I can not guarantee copper self balancing scooter that Xu Mingliang to reverse the case, but I need the copper self balancing scooter truth. I do not expect this. Elderly woman chuckle, bounced off the long soot, people are dead, what is the use of reversing My son can not come back, I do not compensation, I can eat anything live. Moment without words. Elderly woman smoked, one hand rubbed the disheveled white hair. Gradually, her head getting lower and lower, and finally, completely copper self balancing scooter i.

the dead blood. I have found some hair under the bed of Lin Guodong, which may have your wife. He faced Lin Guodong, yellow, swollen cheeks showing a smile, Luo Shaohua agreed to testify, You re done. Ji Qiankun stared at the piece of paper and non woven, tears gradually filled eyes, and ultimately, one fell on the desktop. He sat back in the chair, his hand and his face, silent cry. Du officers, Wei Jiong, Xiao Hui vague voice came from the fingers, Thank you Thank you. Du into the heart of a song, waving hands at the door of Zhang Zhenliang. Zhang Zhenliang with a few policemen trotted toward the table, a pull from the surface, such as Lin Guodong, put on handcuffs. Lin Guodong, you are suspected of rape, intentional homicide and robbery. Du looked at him, loudly announced, You are arrested. Zhang Zhenliang and another policeman dragged Lin Guodong to copper self balancing scooter go outside the cafe. Lin Guodong bowed his head, feet dragged on the ground, like a dead copper self balancing scooter dog in general. Approaching the door, he suddenly struggled up, turned away to the Ji qian kun shouted By ah, you waste this wimp you murderers Du into coldly watched Lin Guodong was dragged out of the cafe, disappeared in the wa.ook his head, I only know her surnamed Qin. then you copper self balancing scooter Then tell you slowly. Ji Qiankun smiled, What time is it today Quick. Wei Jiong copper self balancing scooter look at the watch, a moment to go there to write reviews of what the president. Reviews Yes ah. Wei Jiong put down the cup, straighten the body, facing the eyes of Ji Qiankun, This is my last social practice lesson. In other copper self balancing scooter words, Ji Qiankun paused, remove the eyes, You will not come again That is not necessarily. Wei Jiong from his face to see a deep disappointment, a soft heart, no class, I will see you. Hey, that does not have to. Ji Qiankun bowed his head, Shan Shan blankets on the dust, You a young man, not worthwhile for my old man wasting time. No, ah, old Ji. Wei Jiong some embarrassed to grasp the hair, You are very interesting I also like to chat with you. Interesting Ha ha ha. Ji Qiankun stared in surprise, then laughed, I live most of my life, this is the highest of my evaluation. Really, I do not think you re like any other old man. copper self balancing scooter Oh. I do not know why, Ji Qiankun look a little bleak, of course not the same. He turned to look out the window, half face was gradually sunset the sun dyed gold, the other half of the face is hidden i.the pot, and open the cupboard, pulls out a small top self balancing scooter noodle, on the pot boil. Eat a simple lunch, Du into a cigarette smoking, his face rosy. He went into the bedroom, pulled an old canvas suitcase from the wardrobe, effortlessly to the restaurant. The bowl aside, he put the suitcase flat on the table, hastily wipe a little dust, open the box lock. Box is a few yellow kraft paper portfolio, corners have been worn, there are piles of photos and copies of documents, also covered with dust. Du Cheng picked up a portfolio, jitter wrist, large group of dust Pusu Su darkmagenta self balancing scooter to fall. The afternoon sun through the iron window bar into the room, forming a mottled light beam. Small dust in the sun stretch, drift, gently scattered on the table. Du calmly looked at the portfolio has been faded in a few black ink handwriting. 11.9 series of rape self balancing scooter quality specification murder case, 1990. Chapter Five Luo Shaohua raised his head and looked at the corridor wall, 3 , feel the sweat is slowly from the forehead Qinqin. He held onto the staircase railings, breathed a little, lifted his foot to climb the stairs. Arrived at the 5th floor of the door, Luo Shaohua took out the key, gently twist the iron gate, quietly into the living room.

Copper Self Balancing Scooter uth white foam, and my heart only one idea do not catch him caught down in the second, in any case can not be robbed gun. However, the man s action more violent. Soon, he had to hold Du into the right hand, doom to break into the Du into the fingers. Du Cheng watched five fingers were one by one apart, so he pressed the cartridge release button without hesitation, Pata sound, clip landing. Man surprised a moment. Almost the same time, Du into the darkblue self balancing scooter back of an empty feeling, the whole person fell back to the ground. The elevator doors open, the ninth floor. Immediately, Du Cheng saw a few feet in front of copper self balancing scooter their own flashed, the pressure on his body was pulled from the man, and face down and down. All this happened too quickly, a few feet wearing shoes in their own face, who continued to bump. Du intoadvertently take into account these, the whole person to relax down, has been simmering in the throat of that tone suddenly spit. Immediately, Wyoming self balancing scooter he was lying on his back, piercing to cough up. For a long while, he barely with the elbow support half up, pointing upstairs. The 15th floor. Ah, ah, know seize the time trial, I ll go back. Zhang Zhenliang hang up, his face gloomy. Moment.s, want to open the car heater, as soon as possible to melt this bottle of frozen salmon self balancing scooter water. skque self balancing scooter 8 wheels However, he looked up to see the room is still lit 501, and put his hand down. cold. hungry. thirsty. anxiety All kinds of negative emotions in my heart, and finally converged into an anger. Luo Shaohua rolled down the window, the bottle thrown out fiercely. Hard as a stone water bottle hit the wall, issued a huge sound, 4 units in front of the voice activated lights lit. This sudden light down Luo Shaohua calm down, he sat in the cab breathing heavily, his mouth also mechanically chew moving. Finally, the mouthful of saliva slag wet bread, the last difficult to swallow it. Bastard, you d better be honest, otherwise Luo Shaohua raised his head, just to see the 501 room lights go out. The window is like a closed one eyed. Monster finally to sleep, in this silence of the night. Suddenly, a strong sense of fatigue suddenly Luo Shaohua heart somewhere out of the rapid occupation of the body of every bone and every muscle of the muscle. He began to extremely desire home bed and warm bed. However, he still can not relax, always staring at the dark hole of the window. Half an hour later, the 501 ro.

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