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Coral Self Balancing Scooter nd he half twisted body, stared at Luo Shaohua, brow gradually wrinkled, how do you suddenly remembered that this At that time, we all thought this was an iron case, only Du into that we caught the wrong person. Luo Shaohua lit a cigarette, hanging head, his forehead almost to the knee, In fact, he is right. Ma Jian is still coral self balancing scooter maintaining the position just staring at his eyes Luo Shaohua, a long while, he was out from the teeth of the words What do you say Luoshuo raised his head, his face mixed with fear and despair look, and he came back. Who is the murderer How do you know Ma Jian no longer tempted, raising his hand grabbed Luo Shaohua collar, he came back what do you mean Luo Shaohua s body with the action of Ma Jian weakly shaking, his face out of a smile is also ugly than crying. This is a long story. 28 October 1992. When the late autumn, early in the morning when the temperature is close to zero. The sky is already bright, frost on the grass leaves did not fade. Luo Shaohua staring at the white green coral self balancing scooter belt in the black plastic bags, the hearts of the stone is growing, more and more heavy. This is the intersection of Dongjiang Street and Yanbian Road intersection, has been cordo.access. Oh, I know. Wei Jiong walked quickly back to his seat, before the seat to the administrator bowed slightly, I m sorry. The administrator nodded, continue South self balancing scooter to bow to fiddle with the phone. Wei Jiong open the table the only remaining a file, pretending to check, coral self balancing scooter feel the heart is still beating to jump non stop. The administrator in front, but not as casual as the surface, his every move in his surveillance, how could get the file it Wei Jiong heart health back Italy, anxious to immediately escape this archives room. However, the thought of waiting in the downstairs Yue Xiaohui and looking forward to the old documents with their return, and hesitated. Is dilemma, the quiet file room suddenly sounded a pleasant music. Wei Jiong subconsciously raised his head and saw the administrator is staring at the phone screen, immediately slide on the screen a bit, the phone attached to the ear. Hey Although he tried to keep his voice down, the conversation was still clearly visible in the quiet archives. From the administrator s tone and expression point of view, the other should be a close relationship with goldenrod self balancing scooter his female. I do not know the order to keep the file room, or two people talk to th.

mended to him several radio and portable MP3 player. These goods is clearly not his goal, Lin Guodong just looked briefly turned away. After a little hesitation, he went straight into a recent computer franchise stores. Luo Shaohua look at the store s trademark, and my heart secretly funny. Sure enough, Lin Guodong after a tour, they ran out of fear, but also coral self balancing scooter go back and look at the neon signs that the bite of the apple, shook his head. But he did not give up, look around, and into a domestic computer franchise stores. Into the store after the first price tag, I feel acceptable, patience to stroll up. Soon, Purchasing Guide came to coral self balancing scooter provide advisory services. Luo Shaohua hiding mintcream self balancing scooter in a moccasin self balancing scooter dozen meters away from the side of the counter, pretending to pick the keyboard, secretly watching his every move. Lin Guodong and the Purchasing Guide in the conversation, mainly in the other asked, and Lin Guodong very little answer. From coral self balancing scooter Lin Guodong clumsy words and constantly support the gesture point of view, he told the Purchasing Guide to describe their product requirements. And his request is clearly relatively low, Purchasing Guide quickly designated a few computers for his choice, and to introdu.eth, turned and walked to the Office of the Deputy Secretary. Duan Hongqing in the office, is accompanied by a crying red self balancing scooter old woman sitting on the sofa, unable to comfort her. Sitting on the other side of the sofa Luo Shaohua. He half head, his head on the wall, his eyes closed, his face cross coral self balancing scooter flow tears. See Du into the door, the old woman struggling to best self balancing scooter for kids stand up, grabbed Du into a sleeves. Into the child, into a child The voice of the old woman is like a mourning, and like a plea, This is how the matter in the end ah, a good old horse, how to say no gone Sister, you must be sad. Du into the old woman sat down, old horse is to save people, he died did not forget that he is a police officer. I thought that after he retired, he would not aquamarine self balancing scooter have to worry about the whole day The old woman burst coral self balancing scooter into tears, This old thing, succeed what can ah. Old woman s cry echoed in the silence of the office. Du sat at her side, tightly holding the wrinkled hands of those pairs, the hearts of the misery to be added. Duan Hongqing head down, by sitting on the desk, without a word. Luo Shaohua also maintained the position just, coral self balancing scooter motionless, tears kept flowing in his coral self balancing scooter face. For a.suspect s physical characteristics and Lin Guodong s arrest warrant comparison takes time, case transfer time, we It takes time to analyze and judge his intentions, and it takes time to deploy arrests. But how can he leave town if he does not run by train Du into silence. Zhang Zhenliang thought Let small high to continue to monitor the identity card, if used again, immediately notify us. Du Cheng looked up at him. Zhang Zhenliang hastily explained We are in the train station north station Dunshou, if Lin Guodong buy a train from the South Railway Station, it is by surprise Impossible. Du Cheng directly denied his inference, Lin Guodong will not let us know he sat train train, or the marshals will immediately press him he would not take the train to escape. Airplane or long distance bus Zhang Zhen Liang shook his head again and again, he can not coral self balancing scooter afford air tickets, take the long distance bus also need to purchase ID cards, the same will be exposed whereabouts. He has put himself close to the dead end of thinking take the highway Toll stations have his arrest warrant, flew will be won ah Du into a simple spit out two words National Road. Zhang Zhen Liang froze for a.

Coral Self Balancing Scooter d for a long time, honestly do not know. Ji Qiankun s face became very difficult to see, he was difficult to shake the wheelchair, moved to the bedside, a hand to the inside coral self balancing scooter of the small shelves, seems to want to remove a book, but the fingers from the spine a few centimeters. Ji Qiankun tried to stretch the arm, lost the balance of the whole person, the wheelchair is also dangerous to tilt up. Wei Jiong hurried past the wheelchair What do you want to 2 wheel self balancing scooter with bluetooth take coral self balancing scooter I come. Red, criminal code. Ji Qiankun tone is very harsh. Wei Jiong hand to remove the booklet that is thin, and handed Ji Qiankun. He almost grabbed the Code of the hand, can not wait to look up. However, Ji Qiankun just look at the directory, put the book thrown in bed, then pointed to the shelves. Yellow, that, thick. Wei Jiong removed the book and found that it is in their own schools in the use of teaching materials. Ji Qiankun the same first look at the directory, and then quickly open to a page, carefully read up. He seems to have completely forgotten the existence of Wei Jiong, bent to find in that criminal law text of a message. Wei Jiong helpless standing in place, I do not know what to do, subconsciously look to the bo.y, people feel lazy cozy, contented. In an open space, an elderly man in a blue and white sickle leaned against a wooden bench and closed his eyes to nap. In his hand, also holds an open newspaper. Ji Qiankun saw him, hands force, wheelchair speed to him. Laodu He walked around the old man, hard pat each other s knees, not afraid of cold. Du Cheng opened his eyes, see Ji is heaven and earth, smiled. It s you, he stretched as he struggled, and the newspaper clattered as his movements sounded, Damn fucking, glancing at the newspaper and falling asleep. Ji orange self balancing scooter Kung kun to see his face and more yellow swollen abdomen, asked how are you All right, the day after surgery. slategray self balancing scooter Du Cheng shook his head, Zhenliang non me to do, in fact, they are useless you Yesterday s session Ah, the crime of intentional homicide and the explosion of the suspension. Ji Qiankun looking calm, seems to say something has nothing to do with their own, half a day to get away. You report to expose Zhang Haisheng, should be considered meritorious. Du into look at him, your defense lawyer to mention this did not As if to mention it, I did not seriously listen. Ji Qiankun refers to their upper abdomen, lung cancer, even if sen.

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