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Cyan Self Balancing Scooter iously under the soil. There are some patients in the open space in the walk, the thick cotton wool underwear to wear in the following services, all of them seem bloated. Du into a man looking at the wall talking to himself, almost hit a stick holding dead branches in the ground to the point of the middle aged man. Do Middle aged man is very unhappy, Do not break my combat sand table Oh, said Du, turquoise self balancing scooter carefully circumambulating him, Head, you go on. Into the inpatient building, Du Cheng and female nurses take the elevator to the top. Through a corridor, Du Chengchen really feel that they are in a mental hospital. The left side of the ward, he tried not to see the door in the Zhang Zhang suddenly appeared face, want to come to those distorted, abnormal face will not make people feel too happy. At the end of the corridor is the reception room. The furnishings were simple, except for a long table and a few chairs. The female nurse arranged for him to sit at the table, gave him a cup of hot water to close the door to leave. Du into a sitting room in the reception, the first, that surrounded by a silence. Sitting for a while, he realized that the ear is actually vaguely sound came. Some peopl.ang elution murderer s notoriety, so that floating in the city over the injustice to rest. Therefore, he needs in the shortest possible time to collect enough evidence, in time for Ma Jian and Luo Shaohua start before Lin Guodong to justice. Ji Qiankun put down the photos of Lin Guodong, raised his head, eyes in the Du Cheng, Wei Jiong and Yue Xiaohui face back and forth glance, expression driven to distraction. Yue Xiaohui stepped forward, squat body, hand on the knee in the Ji kun kun, gently Mosa Zhao. He Ji Qiankun eyes dull, intonation as if in the balder in general, Why did he want to kill my wife For perfume, said Du, thinking, For the woman who hurt him, Lin Guodong has a strong sense of possessiveness and full of hatred for all the women with that taste. He wheat self balancing scooter pointed to Wei Jiong and Yue Xiaohui have to say, find out the case, the two little guys credit. Ji qian Kun close your cyan self balancing scooter eyes, two lines of muddy tears fall from his face. He bowed his head, his hands clasped, washed the other three worship and worship. Thank you, cyan self balancing scooter thank you. Ah, long ago told you, I am not to help you. Du waved his hand, I am for myself. Wei Jiong patted cyan self balancing scooter Ji Qiankun shoulder. The old man cyan self balancing scooter wiped his.

the evidence. Ma Jian snorted, it seems not surprising You I did not say anything. Luo Shaohua shook his head, I can not give the evidence to him. Ah, Ma Jian immediately got up, self balancing scooter reviews go. Go Luo Shaohua raised his head, his face surprised, Where Ma Jian smiled at him, eyes but no goodwill, take good care of Jinfeng Niangliang, make up what you want to do, you can not electric self balancing scooter hover board do anything, So many years of indebtedness. Luo Shaohua stared at him Old horse, what do you mean I do not mean anything. Ma Jian looked away, watching the flow of people out of the window, I have to solve this matter, from now on, and you have nothing to do. Yang Long Cemetery is located in the outskirts of C City, the city is the majority of the deceased s sleep. Cemetery covers an area of about 400 acres, surrounded by rocks, green grass everywhere, the scenery is quite elegant. Although the cemetery from the urban area enough to have more than 30 kilometers, but come here to worship relatives and friends who continue for many years. Even in the working day, the cemetery entrance is still lined up a long team. A middle aged man from a red taxi down, first around the car, open the trunk, remove a folding wheelchair, open.o cyan self balancing scooter Shaohua looked at a row of slowly moving car, the ear is one after another whistle, more and more irritable. He closed the window, intends to return to the living room, a turn, but see Jinfeng is leaning against the door frame, watching themselves. Luo Shaohua surprised how do you come out Wind so cyan self balancing scooter big, cold how to do He trot forward, embrace Jinfeng s shoulder, took her back to the living room. Help cyan self balancing scooter her to sit on the sofa, Luo Shaohua to take the blanket back to the bedroom, was Jinfeng pulled. Shaohua, Jinfeng looked at the closed door of the North bedroom, to ensure that grandson will not hear, Let s talk about it. Luo Shaohua s body suddenly froze, and a few seconds later, or obediently sat opposite her. Couples to sit opposite, a time actually no words, finally, or Jinfeng broke the silence. We re thirty seven years old Well 77 darkorchid self balancing scooter years of marriage. Yes ah, Luo Ying is thirty six years old. Jin Feng smiled, Hui Hui are eleven years old. Seeing twelve. Luo Shaohua could not help but laugh, turned to see North bedroom, after April. So many years, you self balancing board news work busy, but, has been attentive to our Niangliang. Jin Feng Shen hand to gently on the knee Luo Shaohua Mosa Zhao, I am not good. $txt2 = str_replace(\' .\',\'.\',$txt2);

Cyan Self Balancing Scooter mmersed in the arms, the shoulder began to tremble slightly. Du into silence at her, self balancing scooter reviews listening to the outgoing from the gray hair of the sobbing. A few cyan self balancing scooter minutes later, the old woman raised her head, wiping his eyes, and out of a cigarette lit. Ask, she said quietly, what do you want to know As a child of Xu Mingliang be an ordinary child, primary school and junior high school, did not do class cadres, no bad behavior and bad record. At the age of nine, Xu father died of illness, the burden of life fell entirely Xu mother Yang Guiqin body. The family s income from the work in the Roulian Chang Yang Guiqin. In order to reduce the burden on the family, Xu Mingliang did not take high school after graduating from junior high school, but to enter the city of Vocational and Technical College, learning chef professional. In 1986, Xu Mingliang cyan self balancing scooter graduated from the college, made secondary education, but due to chronic ethmoid sinusitis caused by the sense of smell darkorchid self balancing scooter decreased, Xu Mingliang s job repeatedly hit the wall, only in the hotel to do the work. In 1988, Xu Mingliang simply resigned from the hotel, unemployed at home. In the same year, Yang Guiqin in the Roulian Chang for leave without pay.oom door was sounded, the mother s voice came in. Did you wash it not yet. Then you ll get the shower curtain, and I ll come in and get something. Lin Guodong opened the shower curtain, and re cyan self balancing scooter pull Well. The door opened, kicked the footsteps of tread sounded in the bathroom. My shampoo oh, here. Pulling the sound of the bath cabinet, Hey, what s this smell Ming Liang sent half fan ribs, I cut into small pieces. Lin Guodong huddled in Self Balancing Scooters Useful Hint the corner of cyan self balancing scooter the bathtub, in this side of the thin curtain of the shower, his mother and a cut into pieces self balancing scooter battery of a woman. The mother was not aware of the abnormal cyan self balancing scooter Oh, that I took the line Tang stew to give you some soup to drink. OK. Lin Guodong with his hand to the wall to barely stand up straight, I put in the kitchen. Mother should be a cry, turned out of the bathroom. A few cyan self balancing scooter minutes later, her voice reappeared in the living room. I m leaving, I ll come back and cook for you. it is good. The sound of shoes and jackets. Immediately, the voice came off. Lin Guodong listen to listen to the living room movement. After confirming that the mother had left, his legs were soft, sitting in a warm water stream, and breathing heavily. Tonight, two consecutive.

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