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Darkblue Self Balancing Scooter fter an emergency inspection, darkblue self balancing scooter black plastic bags of hair was identified as pig hair. Moreover, the fingerprint inspection personnel in the middle of the plastic bag side found four clear left handed fingerprints, including a forefinger finger on the cross sectional marks, preliminary inferred that the index finger had suffered sharp injuries. This discovery makes everyone excited, especially the cluster of pig hair. There may be pig slaughtering or sales staff. Ma Jian immediately made a judgment, Simply put, butcher. On the right. Luo Shaohua support Ma Jian s views, Such people tend to have a small truck or something. Not very old, or not very long in this line, said Du, at least a few months ago, his tactics were not so good. Yes, Ma Jian s eyes shining, the index finger may be formed when the practice of hand injury. Is the occasion of the panel to discuss the case, another clue from the village to stay in the lower reaches of the police visited the feedback. According to the memories of a villager, at 7 00 on August 7, he got up and went to the toilet, had seen a car from the door and gallop, darkblue self balancing scooter the direction of the road is the village water tower. For the model, in addition to hi.eceiver, OK, I ll go home now. Well, said his wife, with a clear voice, What would you like to eat, and I ll give you a soft shelled turtle No, no trouble. Well, I ll wait for you. Hang up the phone, Du Cheng stood up, Samsam to Ma Jian said Colts, I Ma Jian smiled, a week did not go home, right back to rest, take a bath, take care of the children. That darkblue self balancing scooter is not good. Quickly get out of it. Ma Jian waved, and other bright and stable situation again, there are brothers who braved it. OK Du into a rush to get clothes, pack hand bag, heels to the door. Just opened the door, and a rushed to the police rushed to hit a full. Oh, I m sorry Dugu. The policeman simply greeted Ducheng, facing Ma Jian, shortness of breath, Colts, right leg, found. Forty minutes later, the police car left the main road, open a bumpy dirt road. Ma Jian face livid, without a word, always staring at darkblue self balancing scooter the front. Then, he looked at 177 Highway Provincial Architectural Design Institute family area , Red River Street, No. 163, a few locations Figure , With black signature pen back and forth outlined. Driving bumps, Du Cheng quickly felt dizzy, the stomach began to churn. He put down his pen and looked out the win.

ground, to death can not wash the murderer charges. Kill him. He and his colleagues will suffer a lifetime of shame and imprisonment. However, no. Lin Guodong tightly staring at the muzzle pointing to their own, can clearly feel that the police in front of the body is emitting a burst of bisque darkgray self balancing scooter strong like a while intended to kill. The air seems to have a mass of black gas, winding, rolling, and quickly hit themselves. He will kill me, with the most simple and direct cold and incomparable way. This is good. Without having to undergo arrest and prolonged detention. Do not have to endure as a lamb like trial to be slaughtered. Do not reveal the secret of the heart. Not in a wee hours, kneeling on the icy land, hear the voice behind the clear pull bolt. Just kill me. Lin Guodong bent bent back to maintain the position, close your eyes. However, Lin Guodong waiting for that sound of gunshots did not appear. On the contrary, his ears came the rapid footsteps, while feeling the air self balancing scooter china passing over his face. Not enough time to respond, his head was a heavy blow. Luo Shaohua punch will be Lin Guodong down, then, mercilessly kick up in him. Lin Guodong curled up his body, instinctively with his arm t.ubles. Only myself. Only for myself. How good this is. A burst of darkblue self balancing scooter cold air poured into the room, but darkblue self balancing scooter not annoying, on the contrary quite pleasant which mixed with meaty. Lin Guodong look down, downstairs is also open a small gas window, a large steam from the steam out of the faint, there are faint noise came. But also an unfinished banquet. Lin Guodong shut the window, standing hand in the bedroom. However, that kind of meat incense was not drift, still floating in the room. He sniffed the nose, which touched darkblue self balancing scooter one of the switches in his memory. The child, what is it Lin Guodong back and forth in the narrow room pacing up and down. Gradually, the face in my mind slowly clear. Round face, some superficial. Always shy expression, tension will sweat. Habitually rubbing the nose. Like the side of the body, sitting on the bed, bow back to recite the segway self balancing scooter book. He returned to the computer, skillfully open the search engine, type three words. Instantly, tens of thousands of search results appear on the page. He skimmed through the first few lines not the child. Thought, Lin Guodong and type a keyword C City. Search results greatly reduced, however, still do not see the information he most lookin.n Hongqing pondered a long while, whispered Lao self balancing scooter spain Du, what plan Du Cheng and smoked a cigarette, Zaza Zizui contented, his hands gently on the knees afraid of the name discharged home. Do not, Master. Zhang Zhenliang first objection, We have a good cure, where not to self balancing scooter go to Beijing, to Shanghai Do not worry about medical expenses, 2 wheel self balancing scooter with bluetooth I Washington self balancing scooter do. The doctor said very clearly I have diabetes, this problem lies in the liver. Governance liver, kidney is finished governance kidney, the liver is finished Both sides do not please. No Duan Hongqing shook his head, you give me honestly in the hospital, preparing surgery, the cost of the Council out. Draw it, no meaning. Du into his body than the painted, all this age but also suffer a knife, and radiotherapy and chemotherapy, the good people tossing waste, say, is also white. Then stiffen Duan Hongqing stared, Do not fight his mother, listen to me. The problem is I m fine darkblue self balancing scooter ah. self balancing scooter news Du into the hands of a pool, I can not run a few days before I can jump I did a lifetime of Interpol, you let me stay in the hospital, could not wait ah You less nonsense Duan Hongqing a wave, give me a few days to darkblue self balancing scooter say rest. Du into distinction, highlight on the break came

Darkblue Self Balancing Scooter ally flying off, many ink spots scattered, fell on the windshield, doors and seats, and soon disappeared. Luo Shaohua eyes to the front windshield near. An ink dot adheres to the right side of the visor. The viscous liquid dripped and fell on the back of the visor. Immediately, an invisible hand to wipe the shade above the ink point Luo Shaohua looked at the piece of sun visor, slowly reach out and turn it down. In the lower right of the sun visor, a dark brown dot is clearly visible. Luo Shaohua breathing rapidly, he removed the sun visor, carefully hides into his arms. Car window, Liu Zhu looked at his every move, his face more doubts. I said police comrades, you take this removed, how do I explain ah You first look for a change, to buy a line, looking for my reimbursement. Luo Shaohua pointing to his chest, I used after you. Lin Guodong he Liu Zhu panic up, I do not care, ah, this kid no matter what happened, oil money had to give me darkblue self balancing scooter alas He suddenly cried, pointing to the direction darkblue self balancing scooter of the district entrance to come Luo Shaohua turned and saw a three year old man wearing a black trench coat, carrying a brown bag came over. Liu Zhu ran in the past, grabbed a man s the surprised, puzzled and become thoughtful. He did not and the other too much conversation, but ah to respond, and finally asked the sentence where Then hung up the phone. Sorry, ladies and gentlemen. Ducheng got up and picked up his backpack, I ll have to leave. Lin Guodong Chen opposite the sitting, watching the girl with a slender fingers a stack of notes. Her hand darkblue self balancing scooter is smooth, white, light blue blood vessels clearly visible. Lin Guodong adjust a bit sitting, gently exhaled breath. Chen noted that the eyes of Lin Guodong, smiled. Rest assured, Lin, not wrong. She handed the money to the hands of Lin Guodong, You point a little. Oh No. Lin Guodong firebrick self balancing scooter some embarrassment, so so pocket money into the pocket. Chen rummaged on the table, took out a kraft paper portfolio, and handed Lin Guodong. Three papers, two leray self balancing scooter balance motion ad copy. Ten days, how Well, I first look. Lin Guodong read the manuscript looked, This is an economic paper ah, there are many professional vocabulary to check. Then two weeks. OK, the problem is not. Chen stood up and began to wear jackets, finishing bags, pack after stopping, found Lin Guodong still sitting in place, looking at the hands of the manuscript. Teacher darkblue self balancing scooter Lin, I wen.

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