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Darkcyan Self Balancing Scooter nd stamped a blanket on his lower body. He warmed and went out the door. Wei Jiong is the first push wheelchair, coupled with red brick self balancing scooter bluetooth Yong Road rugged, the first part of the journey can be described as thrilling. On several occasions, he almost pushed Laoji to the earth. Compared to Wei Jiong s frightened, Ji Qiankun touches seem contented. At the moment darkcyan self balancing scooter has sunset, because there is no high rise buildings around the nursing home s sake, darkcyan self balancing scooter the yard is still full to shed a large sun. Ji Qiankun narrowed his eyes watching the golden sun, big mouth breathing dry and cold air, expression is quite fascinated. Not for a long time. Is it The wheelchair was pushed to the end of darkcyan self balancing scooter a road, Wei Jiong effortlessly to the direction of the wheelchair, began to go back, You here a few years Eighteen years. Also used to Jiugukun looked next to a tree, it is a peach tree, when the tree full of peach in spring, very beautiful acceptable, to endure can not accept, and I according to their darkcyan self balancing scooter own Idea to. Wei cadetblue self balancing scooter Jiong think of his room a small electric pan and cigarettes, smiled. Your family often come to see you I have no family, Ji Qiankun replied, without children, the wife died very early. Oh Wei Jiong.ang elution murderer s notoriety, so that floating in the city darkcyan self balancing scooter over the injustice to rest. Therefore, he needs in the shortest possible time to collect enough evidence, in time for Ma Jian and Luo Shaohua start before Lin Guodong to justice. Ji Qiankun put down the photos of Lin Guodong, raised his head, eyes in the Du Cheng, Wei Jiong and Yue Xiaohui face back and forth glance, expression driven to distraction. Yue Xiaohui stepped forward, squat body, hand on the knee in the Ji kun kun, gently Mosa Zhao. He Ji Qiankun eyes dull, intonation as if in the balder in general, Why did he want to kill my wife For perfume, said Du, thinking, For the woman who hurt him, Lin Guodong has a strong sense of possessiveness and full of hatred for all the women with that taste. He pointed to Wei Jiong and Yue Xiaohui have to say, find out the case, the two little guys credit. Ji qian Kun close your eyes, two lines of muddy tears fall from his face. He bowed his head, his hands clasped, washed the other three worship and worship. Thank you, thank you. Ah, long ago told you, I am not to help you. Du waved his hand, I am for myself. Wei Jiong patted Ji Qiankun shoulder. The old man wiped his.

water, see Du Cheng came, the whole people become more nervous, almost caught the cup. Du Cheng Chen opposite sitting, first washed her smile Sorry, I was very impolite. The girl looked at him, noncommittal. We re policemen. Ah, I know. Chen Xiao spoke, Zhang told me just now. Well, shock beam just talked to you, I do not go round the circle. Du Cheng Chen Xiao eyes directly, What is the relationship between you and Lin Guodong Chen s face Teng to red ordinary colleagues. Ordinary colleagues, in the middle of the night to his house to eat Coincidentally. Chen Xiao bronze self balancing scooter nervously twisted a bit, after get off work, in the company downstairs accidental encounter. Du stared at her for a few seconds. What did he do to you What did not do ah, that is to eat. Chen raised his cup of water, all of a sudden choked to the. Du lit a cigarette, calmly watching the cough more than Chen, until the other s breathing relieved. If only to eat, Du into her left foot, As to take off your socks Chen Xiao surprised, looked down and found a pair of jeans between the feet and sneakers exposed brown and white stockings. You put the socks on the back. Du quietly looked at her, talk about it, how is it Chen Xiao.that tell their own goals. However, in front of the dark, or dark. He Pie Piezui, turned around for the village behind, until darkcyan self balancing scooter find that big elm, eyes with a little light. Is here. Lin Guodong down the dirt road, walked to the corn. Has been harvested springgreen self balancing scooter over the field still left more than ten centimeters high cutting crop, darkcyan self balancing scooter Lin Guodong stumbled and stumbled, the foot was cut under the snow scratches the raw raw pain. He slowly identified the direction, and darkcyan self balancing scooter finally found the ridge, carefully set foot on, continue to move forward. Gradually, a tall building in the dark slowly showing contours. Lin Guodong looked at it, suddenly breathing up quickly, at the foot also accelerated the pace. Finally, he came to its front. It is a water tower, cement cast, the whole body exudes the taste of fishy cold. He reached out and touched the cold, rough surface of the tower. A sigh of satisfaction from Lin Guodong heart issue. He put his hand on the water tower, slowly around the lap, and finally standing on the west side of the water tower, turned around and leaned up. Has been sweaty back immediately felt the cold immersed in bone marrow. Lin Guodong looked up, watching the dark sky, the nose flap However, this also means that the rest of his life every day to live in mediumpurpul self balancing scooter fear. unless Old horse, Luo Shaohua slowly opening, You have seen Du into it No, just asked Zhang Zhenliang sent a little money in the past. I heard him Ma Jian suddenly turned to look to Luo Shaohua, has been aware of his implication. Shaohua, what the hell do you darkcyan self balancing scooter think Ma Jian look of wroth, whatever the outcome of the past or into our brothers No, I m not looking forward to his death. Luo Shaohua hastily explained, I just Oh, I have pulled you into the water, I can not Do not say Ma Jian distractedly waved his hand, Even if the child is gone, his apprentice Zhang Zhen Liang will not trace it down. Luo Shaohua clutching his face, fell on the bench, a long while did not speak. For a long time, he sighed, trembling and said north facenorth darkcyan self balancing scooter faceWhen I asked, DNA should also be tested and found that he had a lot Connecticut self balancing scooter of trouble, he said Out, in his statement on the next little effort, the evidence should be enough Do you fucking mad Ma Jian eyes wide open, Even if you do not have to jail, do darkcyan self balancing scooter not even have darkcyan self balancing scooter a mediumseagreen self balancing scooter face Let s do a lifetime of Interpol, in addition to honor, but his mother fo.

Darkcyan Self Balancing Scooter dry, lack of luster but not mess. Upper body wearing a gray wool cardigan, which is a black round neck shirt. Can not see the legs, lower body is covered with a brown blanket. Chicken is not self balancing scooters uk good, obviously meat chicken. The old man toward the door Nunu mouth, Zhang Haisheng this old guy, gave him money to buy chicken, gave me such goods. Can you cook it yourself Pay for it. The old man lowered the soup bowl and pointed at his bed, beneath the pillow. Wei Jiong obediently do, open the pillow, but stunned for a moment is a pack of cigarettes. Home for the elderly to allow smoking I darkmagenta self balancing scooter am in my own room, will not interfere with others. The old man skillfully out of a, lit, and raised his cigarette box to Wei Jiong signaled, You come Wei Jiong quickly waved his hand No, I do not smoke. This time the elderly did not insist, dedicated to puff. After a cigarette sucked, he threw the cigarette butt into a can of tin in the window. what s your name Wei Jiong. Which university Normal junior. What professional Law. Oh The old man raised his eyebrows, Did you learn criminal law Learned. Wei Jiong some tension, freshman time. Old man nodded, a little pondered a moment, opening asked Can yo.y seven or eight back, sick of me. Ji Qiankun and carefully to a cigarette butt, and slowly spit out a smoke, staring at the crowd in the yard olivedrab self balancing scooter of trance. Lao Du, we two are dead people. Yes ah. Du into the bench leaning on the bench, just the action seems to let him run out of strength, Fortunately, obsession has been, and no regrets. Lin Guodong was executed yesterday Ah. Du into the eyes half open half closed, the sound has become increasingly low, injection. Ji Qiankun nodded Laodu, there are things, would like to ask you a favor. Oh Du Cheng reluctantly lifted his eyes, You say. Yesterday at the time of the hearing, Yue Xiaohui home without mentioning civil action. Ji Qiankun paused, I think, must give the child and her father a little compensation.I have written a will, and all property left to her. If you have a chance, you persuade her, please her must accept. Good. darkcyan self balancing scooter Du into the head slowly down, the sound subtle, almost not heard. I have always owe her family too much, although the money does not make sense of compensation, but Ji Qiankun eyes suddenly widened, tone all of a sudden high spirited, You see, these two children came to say. On the other side of the yard.

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