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Darkgray Self Balancing Scooter rape, murder and mutilated the scene. Ma Jian frowned, throwing the paper on the tea table What the hell is that Some of the foreign sites, specifically for those psychopathic guy to provide Wisconsin self balancing scooter stimulation. Luo Shaohua snorted, Do not underestimate the 2 wheel self balancing scooter son of a bitch, out of a darkgray self balancing scooter few months, even over the wall have learned. Ma Jian silent, staring at the cup in front of trance. For a long time, he sighed Fuck, I thought retired, you can corpuscles for several years. Ma, I do not mean to embarrass you. Luo Shaohua bowed his head, low voice, I really do not know how to Hawaii self balancing scooter do. Is silent. When, Ma Jian Duanqi cup drained, got up to get a jacket. Do not worry, I ll figure it out. Ma Bureau Luo Shaohua quickly got up to stop him, Ma Jian is a determination has been the next look. So be it. When he finished, he put on his coat, opened the door segway self balancing scooter fails between the rooms went out. Across the road opposite the restaurant, an self balancing scooter spain old Paladin SUV closed the window. In its oblique front, Ma Jian is quickly through darkgray self balancing scooter the road, jumped on a Honda CRV, driving away. A few minutes later, a look of distraught Luo Shaohua out from the restaurant, standing in the street for a while, stopped a taxi, in the opposite dir.voice vague, you are in the bureau, and he has his own line. Luo Shaohua raised his head Your every move, are under his control. Why did not you go Luo Shaohua turned his head, closed his eyes. Why did not you go Du Cheng stood up, his teeth bite. Duan Hongqing hastened to pull him, but he was a push away. Du Cheng standing in front of Luo Shaohua, looked down at him. speak Voice hardly ever, Du waved his hand, mercilessly beat Luo Shaohua s head. Duan Hongqing upper body forward, it seems darkgray self balancing scooter to want to stop. However, he immediately convergence of the action, silently watching Du darkgray self balancing scooter into. Luo Shaohua s head was beaten to the darkgray self balancing scooter side. He turned his head, just to face Du, his face and suffered a heavy slap in the face. Damn you Du into the canthus to crack, pointing to the hand of Luo Shaohua constantly trembling, The stabbed person is you Luo Shaohua stared back to him, his mouth flowing out of blood, his face sadly smile Yes ah, all my fault When you give the evidence out, all this will not happen. Du into the open palm, old horse is dead, if you continue to hide it, he wasted step Luo Shaohua remove the line of sight, gently spit out a word No. I fucking your mother Du into furious.

used. The boss sat behind the glass counter, behind him, high and the ceiling shelves filled with cigarettes. The boss is playing with the landlord on the computer, see someone coming in, without looking up and asked What smoke Is there a health card Health card The boss looked up a bit Wei Jiong, seems to think that he did not like the Tobacco Monopoly Bureau s unannounced visits, to a hotpink self balancing scooter few milligrams Well Wei Jiong some puzzled, What a few milligrams Tar content. The boss stood up, help others with Yes. There is a milligram, four milligrams and eight milligrams. The boss hands Zhu on the counter, thinking that this is probably a gift for the teacher to pass the kid. What s the difference The lower the tar darkgray self balancing scooter content, the softer the taste, the higher the tar content, the greater the strength. The boss too lazy to explain too much. Wei Jiong think of Ji Qiankun gray hair, I thought or do not come hard , and will be a milligram of cigarettes. Boss darkgray self balancing scooter hands and feet from the counter to take out a carton. One hundred and twenty one, a few Two bar. Wei Jiong forget about, reach for wallet, open invoice. The invoice The boss stopped smoking the hand, This is not a tobacco monopoly of tobacco, c.ime helpless, the last finger whitesmoke self balancing scooter into the Du, Lao Du let me to darkgray self balancing scooter monitor Luo Shaohua. Luo Shaohua Monitoring he has a fart Duan Hongqing to take the piece of paper on the table, first check this. Du Cheng and Zhang Zhen Liang together in the past and found that it is a print of urban residents information. Kuancheng Branch took over the case. Duan Hongqing s voice also with a slight panting, last night, electric self balancing scooters for adults someone in the city under the overpass was robbed of the wallet.The victim is called Zhou Fuxing, according to his description of the characteristics of the suspect And Lin Guodong highly consistent. Highlight blurted out He s in the wide city The key is not this. Duan Hongqing glared a glance, There are hundreds of dollars in cash in the wallet, as the bank cards are useless to Lin Guodong, the only value is He pressed his hand on the print. ID card. Jinfeng carrying a cup of hot tea, in the study on the door gently knocked twice. The room did not respond. She sighed, pushing the door into the room. Study in the curtains closed, light dark, airy. In the table lamp according to the mapping, a large group of flue gas to Luo Shaohua Yingyingchaochao. He sat at the desk, his left hand suppor.d in this stuff a lot, Luo Shaohua came in he did not find. Lao Zheng, that copies of the test report came out Out, on the table. Lao Zheng pointed to his desk, bow to continue to work, Shaohua, or not to see this Luo Shaohua did not mind to accompany him to talk casually perfunctory picked up the test report, directly to the conclusion. In the sunscreen to extract the blood, blood type B type. What case ah Lao Zheng has been installed the instrument, you do a mysterious. Intentional injury. Luo darkgray self balancing scooter Shaohua put the test report into his pocket, barely smiled, relatives thing. Oh, now only blood type, then we can cattle. Lao Zheng does not ask, pointing behind the instrument, can test DNA, who left the blood we can figure out or take You try this case Well Luo Shaohua suddenly came to the mood, really can it Of course. Lao Zheng sitting in front of the DNA analyzer, Let your team out of a letter of entrustment. Luo Shaohua s face changed so much trouble He thanked Lao Zheng and turned away to the forensic room. Back to the office, Ma Jian is called a collection of players, see Luo Shaohua came in, hurriedly greeted him Shaohua, to get the equipment, ready to go. What Luo Shaohua darkgray self balancing scooter look aro.

Darkgray Self Balancing Scooter foreach($txt as $text)Zhang Lan s husband talk scene emerges in front of Wen Jianliang sandwiched cigarettes, eyes always staring out the window, slow pace black woolen coat, rose red high Collar sweater, jeans, short boots, whole body fragrant.I was also teasing her He darkgray self balancing scooter trotted toward the small wooden table, picked up a thick file, quickly rummaging. The first case, the victim Zhang Lan to attend classmates party, on the way home to death. The second case, the victim Li Lihua returned from shopping, because of the purchase of expensive jewelry and her husband dispute, banish the gas after the murder. In the third case, the victim, Topaz, was killed at skque self balancing scooter night. The fourth case, the victim Feng Nan to participate in the wedding banquet colleagues, returned home on the way to death. Then, Feng Nan and Zhang Lan may be drinking when eating Topaz lightgreen self balancing scooter running at night will be a lot of sweat. Body temperature will make perfume taste more obvious. As for Li darkgray self balancing scooter Lihua, shopping in darkgray self balancing scooter the mall may also purchase perfume, or have tried. Will they all use the same perfume Topaz and Li Lihua s situation also needs to be further verified. However, if this inference is true, then almost a conclusion can be drawn. I also nee.

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