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Darkmagenta Self Balancing Scooter me Immediately, he hung up, his hands in his pocket, unable to take a deep breath, seems to cheer for their own fuel. A darkmagenta self balancing scooter few minutes later, the red taxi stopped at the cafe entrance. Zhang Haisheng first wheelchair from the trunk out, open, and Ji Qiankun hold off, placed in a wheelchair. His eyes are always tightly staring Ji Qiankun body black bag, a look of fear. Okay, darkmagenta self balancing scooter Jigu Kun darkred self balancing scooter seated in the wheelchair, you go in, sit near him. Zhang Haisheng should be a cry, and asked segway self balancing scooter money In my body. Ji Qiankun holding a black bag, calm expression, finished to give you. Zhang Haisheng nodded slightly, turned into the coffee shop. Ji Qiankun sitting in a wheelchair, facing the road, leisurely, as if a sun is disabled elderly. Five minutes later, he looked at his watch, turned and shook his wheelchair, and headed for the cafe. Through lawngreen self balancing scooter the glass smart balance wheel door, he took out from his pocket a rectangle, wrapped in yellow tape, a small paper bag, thrown into the door of the pot. Sitting in the cafe hall Luo Shaohua raised his head darkmagenta self balancing scooter and looked at Ji Qiankun, then bowed his head. Ji Qiankun head is darkmagenta self balancing scooter not strabismus, along the aisle to Luo Shaohua slowly walked straight to the counter. After Luo Shaohua s table, he.Wei Jiong with body shaking gently swinging Nevada self balancing scooter the body, on the knees of the black plastic shopping bags issued rushing friction. Old Ji in looking forward to these two cigarettes Do not know why, Wei darkmagenta self balancing scooter Jiong think of these, the mind is the emergence of a group of cats toward the cat. Today s volunteer service is to clean up the nursing home. The ponytail girl divided the work for the volunteers. Girls are mainly responsible for wiping tables and chairs, windows and the like, the boys were assigned to do some physical work, such as mopping the floor, garbage collection. Wei Jiong and several other boys are responsible for cleaning the ground floor. After receiving the mop, he did not rush to work, but went to Ji Qiankun s room. Indoor still bright and clean, sunny. Care workers Zhang Haisheng is rubbing, Ji Qiankun is the same as the last, sitting at the window reading. See Wei Jiong came, darkmagenta self balancing scooter the old Ji smiled at him, took off his glasses. You came Wei. Wei Jiong looked Ji Qiankun, his mouth a little dry, he picked up the plastic bag, Uncle Ji, darkmagenta self balancing scooter this is what you want. The last time is not to say it, call me old on the line. Ji Qiankun reach out, I look. Wei Jiong handed the plastic shopping.

$txt2 = preg_replace(\'/\\r\\n/\', \'.\'.chr(13).chr(10), $txt2);to sit down, how to choose such a place Big four. Du into his tea, there is a child to open on the good. Is also. Zhang Zhen Liang laugh, push the large paper bag in the past. Du into the open paper bag, which is a good binding case files. He generally turned over, all about the 1990 series of rape murder case. Relative darkmagenta self balancing scooter to their own information, Zhang Zhenliang to provide more details. In addition to public security files, the Procuratorate of the prosecution material and the Court s court record, a second trial verdict has. Have you seen it darkmagenta self balancing scooter Ah. Zhang Zhenliang peeling a pistachio into his mouth, intermittent, free to look up. Du lit a cigarette, watching the old disciples What view to be frank nonsense. You then engage in the case Zhang Zhen Liang Pie Piezui, If according to the current standards, that is mess. In fact, Xu gostwhite self balancing scooter Mingliang was highly suspicious of the task force, not without reason. First of all, from the residence of Xu Mingliang point of view, in line with Du Cheng according to the general framework of the dead bodies framed. Moreover, his career and driving white wagons and the panel s speculation is basically the same. As for his anti detection capabilities.onger tempted, picked up the cup to hit the ground. Luo Shaohua understand Ma Jian s anger. Luo Ying awake, had the night after the incident had some memories. Xiangyang and talk to her when the woman called and asked him to compound. Sunny on her darkmagenta self balancing scooter ambiguous attitude irritated Luo Ying. After the walk away, she casually found a bar alone drink boring wine, as drunken things, she completely remember. As for the cause and effect, Luo Shaohua clear than anyone else. Lin Guodong home the same day he burglary, he heard the news outside the door. Now think of it, that is Lin Guodong. Needless to say, Lin Guodong has long been found to track and monitor their own. And Lin Guodong certainly in New self balancing scooter turn turn themselves and their families do a clear picture of the situation. After more than 20 years later, Luo Shaohua once again locked into the room, completely angered Lin Guodong. He followed and hijacked Luo Ying, but did not hurt her. Cut himself in the subway station, leaving a blood fingerprints, is to issue a warning to the Luo Shaohua. I have regained freedom, no one, nothing can stop me. Gengrang Luo Shaohua fear is that Lin Guodong has the courage to fight back, that is, he magenta self balancing scooter did not look f.

Darkmagenta Self Balancing Scooter w, while you get back. He raised his hand called Zhang Zhenliang, asked him to send Chen home. Zhang Zhen Liang Yingcheng down, to indicate the girl with him. Chen stood up, just a few steps, and turned around, hesitated and asked police officer, Lin Guodong him Du Chengzheng staring at the desktop trance, South self balancing scooter hear her questioning, thought, word by word, said The girl, darkmagenta self balancing scooter do not contact him later. He looked at the girl surprised face, and added the sentence Tonight, you have found a life. CHAPTER TWENTY NIGHT Hear the tuk tuk knock on the door, Ji Qiankun files from the pile of data looked up, directed at the door saying come. The door was pushed open, Wei Jiong half of the body probe came. You ah. Ji Qiankun laughed, Come on. Wei Jiong into the room, backhand with a good door, but did not immediately come up, but stood in the doorway darkmagenta self balancing scooter looked up and down Ji kun. Stunned why Ji darkmagenta self balancing scooter kun heart under some surprise, sit ah. Wei Jiong should be a cry, and slowly walked down the bed to sit down. Ji Qiankun took off his glasses, pointing to the electric kettle on the windowsill their own tea to drink, give me a cup. Wei Jiong conscientiously cornsilk self balancing scooter follow suit. A few minutes later, two people holding. ?>

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