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Darksalmon Self Balancing Scooter ion Luo Shaohua nodded. Ma brass self balancing scooter Jian leaned back to the back seat, took out his gloves and feet into the pocket pocket, Dian Dian baseball bat, picked up a retractable batons. If he did not open the door, you open the lock If burlywood self balancing scooter you do not open the door, you open the door, Suddenly, Ma Jian Luo Shaohua was darksalmon self balancing scooter also aware of sitting on the co pilot, a move did not move. Hurry up. Luo Shaohua visual front, is a daze, to hear the call of Ma Jian, as if awakened like to turn around. Old horse, we in the end doing Luo Shaohua spoke, the voice low dumb, so waiting for the girl was killed Ma Jian leaning on the door, staring at Luo Shaohua looked for a few seconds, slowly turned away. Shaohua, some things, you and I can not stop. Ma Jian s voice revealed a deep tired, Moreover, you go back now, it may be too late. Luo Shaohua trembling a bit, the head on his knees, reaching out to seize his hair. This is our only chance, and after tonight everyone will be safe. Having said that, Ma Jian stood quietly on the side of the door, so Luo Shaohua get off. A long time, Luo Shaohua sighed, lift the foot step down the car. darksalmon self balancing scooter Let mediumslateblue self balancing scooter s go. Two people one after the other, through the silence of the park Yong Ro.s that this small room are bright lot. Lao Ji, contentedly stretching his arms Really comfortable ah look, I do not like a red envelope Two people laughed, smiled and smiled, the old discipline suddenly hit a sneeze, the whole person shaking a bit. Wei Jiong realized that the window is still open, shares of the cold wind is sweeping in. He patted his forehead and hurriedly ran over to close the window. Not frozen, old Laoji sucking nose, it seems that the air is more desirable outdoor. Hey, boy. Old Ji rushed him squeeze his eyes, push me out to walk. The corridor is still brightly lit, but quiet a lot. Wei Jiong pushed the old discipline through the cafeteria and found the TV has been closed, the burlywood self balancing scooter bench empty. Came to the yard, looked silence, the nursing home are falling asleep. Two people seem to have no intention to talk, in the red brick Yong road on a circle to go. In the middle of the night from the wind, the smell of smoke in the air has been blown away. Although cold, but people feel very comfortable. Old Jida mouth breathing, his eyes Weibi, a look to enjoy the look. Where they are, in addition to the projection of the door out of the light, are all dark. Wei Jiong had eyes.

many people. Well, Xu Mingliang relatively simple interpersonal relationships during his lifetime. Du Cheng also turned to a small wooden table, I screened the list a bit, two have died, are due to age, natural death. They are close to the incident Sixty years old, and basically can be ruled out. Other darksalmon self balancing scooter people Yue Xiaohui staring at Du into, look focused. We are lucky. Du Cheng picked up the list and looked at the handwriting outlined above, one of which has been moved to other cities, you can find a friend to help look up the other several, still living in the city. Well, when do we start the investigation Immediately from the beginning of a small age to check. Du suddenly thought of what, looked at Yue Xiaohui, You are also active than the old Ji ah. Oh Yue Xiaohui immediately sat up straight body, we have to open it. You two do not delay classes. Ji Qiankun interrupted, Then I was too sorry. Anyway, seven or eight individuals need to investigate, will not take too long. Yue Xiaohui rejection of hair, Yes, Du police officers Du New self balancing scooter into just look at her, did not palegreen self balancing scooter speak. You clean up very clean house Well. Chen took off his coat, readily placed on the sofa, is the house a bit old. Lin still no movement, no entrance and out of the entrance. Luo Shaohua sighed, slowly turning has begun to stiff neck, raised his hand to launch the car. Out of the green bamboo garden area, Luo Shaohua look at the watch, has been at 10 30. He hesitated, or took out his cell phone, set aside a number. A full forty seconds later, the phone finally connected. Shaohua Well, where are you At home. Why Watch the Champions League. Oh. After a moment of silence, the other tentative opening you ve been drinking No, drive it. So late Something Oh it s all right. Something to say. It s all right so be it, find time to get together, and have not seen it for so long. Line, telephone contact. it is darksalmon self balancing scooter good. Luo Shaohua hang up, visual front, the gas pedal in the end. He must go home to rest as soon as possible to restore strength, because, Lin Guodong tracking is bound to day after day. In the mall, when Lin Guodong turned away moments, Luo Shaohua saw the window of things. It is a plastic human body model, wearing a darksalmon self balancing scooter gray cashmere coat, head and black shoulder wig. She put forward a warm hand forward position, lips and white teeth, to the show outside the hole, there is no life of a smile. The.ead. Ji Qiankun looked closer in front of the small building That man, I found him twenty three years, if I can not revenge for his wife in this life, death is also closed on the eyes. With such a means to kill a woman, no matter what darksalmon self balancing scooter purpose he has to pay. Wei Jiong wheelchair parked in the small building entrance, old discipline, do darksalmon self balancing scooter not worry, you will wait until that day. Will be too far. Oh Ji Kun Kun surprised to look back, Do you mean Wei Jiong depressed the grip of the wheelchair, the front wheel ride on the steps We go back. He said, There is something to tell you. Du Cheng and Yue Xiaohui stood in the corridor. Ji Qiankun side and they say hello, chocolate self balancing scooter while opening the door. Into the room, Ji Qiankun greeted them to sit down, while Wei Jiong himself pushed to the edge of the window. And then go back and found three people are standing in situ, quietly watching him. Why ah, so serious Ji Qiankun looked at their solemn expression, could not help but laugh. However, he seems to suddenly realize what, his face disappeared without a trace of a smile, Du police officer Old discipline, Du Wei looked at Wei Jiong and Yue Xiaohui, We And so on Ji Qiankun suddenly out of a.

Darksalmon Self Balancing Scooter The doctor came round. The police acted quickly to open the window and toss the cigarette butts. Less than half a minute, the doctor went into darksalmon self balancing scooter the ward. A door, he sucks nose, brow wrinkled up. How so many people He dissatisfied with the ward of the police, also smoking, Du into you do not kill it darksalmon self balancing scooter Duichou a. Du Cheng Hei hei smiled, Chong Zhang Liang made a wink. Zhang Zhen Liang Xinling get up, got up and put that cigarette butts hidden Michigan self balancing scooter behind the bottle of mineral water. All out, all out. The doctor waved impatiently. Duan Hongqing stood up, the doctor lost a smile Doctors bother you. When he finished, he turned to Du Cheng You have a good rest dare I will shut you off. Du rolled up his sleeves, ready to allow nurses to blood pressure I am in the hospital and closed what is the difference ah Duan Hongqing do not speak, put out a little bit of Du Cheng, a great warning. Done into a helpless, I listen, became, right Duan Hongqing slightly relaxed face, turned around and motioned everyone out. The policemen said goodbye to Du. Zhang Zhen Liang darksalmon self balancing scooter came over and said Master, tomorrow I ll see you again. Do not come. Du into waved his hand, first deal with the case say, get out of it. Zha.accidents, so that his mind had a strong skque self balancing scooter reviews sense of insecurity. Xu Mingliang and his mother s darksalmon self balancing scooter visit, it seems that this two darksalmon self balancing scooter bedroom house he can be arbitrary freedom of the Kingdom has become a crisis. For such an intruder, he can not choose to bite and drive. Because he is not a defend the territory of the wolf, but a harmless sheep. At least in most of his life, he had to play such a role. Therefore, Lin Guodong can do now is to deal with as soon as possible that pile of black plastic bags those who may expose him fangs and claws things. However, an increasingly strong hunch appeared in his mind. Sooner or later one day, he will be exposed to the body of gray fur in the sun, red all the bare white teeth. Especially when he learned that Xu Mingliang was arrested when he realized that he took darksalmon self balancing scooter the wrong black plastic bags carry Ming Liang Xu, he knew that day is not far away. Even after a year. Luo Shaohua pull out the pistol, Kacha soon as a pull down hammer, directed Lin Guodong forehead. Kill him. Just pull the index finger. Kill him. Here he took five women s lives, so that their bodies thrown in every corner of the city. Kill him. He let an innocent young man fell to the leray self balancing scooter reviews execution.

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