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Darkslategray Self Balancing Scooter iong also go. To the agreed set of locations, Yue Xiaohui did not come. Wei Jiong played twice urged her, and waited ten minutes, Yue Xiaohui was leisurely to arrive. On the train, the Yue Xiaohui said, sorry to keep you waiting, no longer speak, demeanor is very depressed, and a few days ago that the excitement of the way compared to simply two different people. Du into the rearview mirror, suction nose, opening asked perfume with no Yue Xiaohui s line of sight has always been out of the window, muffled answer With the. Do not say that after the transfer of the most likely to stimulate the murderer We probably need twenty minutes to get to. In fact, it may not be perfume cornsilk self balancing scooter it. Yue Xiaohui suddenly coy up, Maybe I guess wrong Wei Jiong turned his head, surprised to see Yue Xiaohui This is how you Yue Xiaohui do not see him Nothing. Du did Arizona self balancing scooter not make a sound, silence to drive. A long while, he whispered darkslategray self balancing scooter put on it, when it is to improve the atmosphere of the visit. Yue Xiaohui neither agreed nor expressed objection. However, out of a few hundred meters, she was out from the backpack perfume bottles, sprayed a few times on the body. Rich aroma suddenly in the compartment to diffuse. The fi.s, quite angry waving. Luo Ying Bai a father, with Chunhui to go out. Home only Luo Shaohua and Jinfeng. Wash a good chopsticks, clean up the kitchen, the Luo Shaohua served Jinfeng to eat the medicine, gave her hot Washington self balancing scooter water bottle, put the bed in the mug and radio. Quietly accompany her to sit for a while, Luo Shaohua to see Jinfeng has closed his eyes, breathing steady and long, he lowered the radio volume, got up out of the bedroom. The house is very quiet, Luo Shaohua in the living room in the two laps, did not know what to do. Thought, he took out a tool from the bathroom, began to engage in health. Sweep again, and carefully dragged twice. Rub the furniture, wipe the stove. Water darkslategray self balancing scooter the large and small pots. After all this, he smoked two cigarettes, began to pondering the next how to pass the time. Get ready for lunch. Luo Shaohua helpless clap your hands, glanced at the wall clock mother, only nine. What is he doing The idea suddenly jumped into the mind of Luo Shaohua. In the days after discharge, Lin Guodong s life is fairly regular the morning stay at home basically, around 1 pm to go out, wandering in the urban areas, buy some newspapers and magazines, evening to buy food to go.

Yang Guiqin sitting on the sofa, busy to help her hanging clothes, pour hot water. Guiqin ah, you really are. Old woman sitting beside Yang Guiqin, holding her hand, Why do a few books, why also deliberately sent over, I let the country to take not have to take. Lin teacher so busy, how nerve to trouble him. Yang Guiqin weak smile, Besides, I put in there for more darkmagenta self balancing scooter than a year, do not know the delay did not delay Lin s work. Nothing, not delay. You do not blame me. Yang Guiqin tears streaming darkslategray self balancing scooter down, the sound began to tremble, So I dragged more than a year before finishing his relics I do not know, Old woman quickly Lanzhu her shoulder, kept comforting. Luo Shaohua standing in the living room, silently listening. From their conversation, and gradually clear out the purpose of this line of Yang Guiqin. Xu Mingliang is not willing to do a butcher, had two years ago to participate in the adult college entrance examination, but because of poor English foundation and off the Sun Mountain. This guy is not discouraged, intends to take a good year, re test. Yang darkslategray self balancing scooter Guiqin quite support his son s idea, but also find the old colleague s son is the so called Lin teacher to give Xu Minglian.ried to overturn the case, you offended a pink self balancing scooter lot of colleagues and finally you were relegated to a remote county town. Hey, that belongs to the normal work transfer. Du waved his hand, not worth mentioning. Not the same. Ji Qiankun laments, I am a loved one killed. You do, check for more than 20 years also refused to stop, just out of duty The old discipline, I was not so great. Du interrupted his words, look calm, I got cancer. Moment, extremely quiet interior. I became a policeman darkslategray self balancing scooter for more than 30 years, this is the only case without a knot. Du Cheng hanging eyelids, tone gently, my time is probably not much, so He shrugged and smiled, I do not want to go with regret. Ji Qiankun stared at him, a long while, whispered I I can help you darkslategray self balancing scooter This should I ask you Du smiled and asked, he looked back at Wei Jiong and Yue Xiaohui, What did you find No progress. Ji Qiankun faint face down, Otherwise, the two children will not risk so much to steal the file. They are powerful enough. Du into Wei Jiong s pocket, he should take a lot. Wei darkslategray self balancing scooter Jiong expression embarrassment, Chong Ji heaven and earth nodded. darkslategray self balancing scooter Ji Qiankun eyes suddenly lit up, see, if not because of the presence of.eceiver, OK, I ll go home now. reliable security self balancing scooter Well, said his wife, with a clear voice, What would you like to eat, and I ll give you a soft shelled turtle No, no trouble. Well, I ll wait for you. Hang up the phone, Du Cheng stood up, Samsam to Ma Jian said Colts, I Ma Jian smiled, a week did not go home, right back to rest, take a bath, take care of the children. That is not good. Quickly get out of it. Ma Jian waved, and other bright and stable situation again, there are brothers who braved it. OK Du into a rush to get clothes, pack hand bag, heels to the door. Just opened the door, and a rushed to the self-balancing scooter specification police rushed to hit a full. Oh, I m sorry Dugu. The policeman simply greeted Ducheng, facing Ma Jian, shortness of breath, Colts, right leg, found. Forty minutes later, the police car left the main road, open a bumpy dirt road. Ma Jian face livid, without a word, always staring at the front. Then, he looked at 177 Highway Provincial Architectural darkslategray self balancing scooter Design Institute family area , Red River Street, No. 163, a few locations self balancing hoverboard 2016 Figure , With black signature pen back and forth outlined. Driving bumps, Du Cheng quickly felt dizzy, the stomach began to churn. He put down his pen and looked out the win.

Darkslategray Self Balancing Scooter i s voice sounded Who Wei Jiong heart wonder, should be I, Wei Jiong. The other side of the door temporarily quiet, vaguely able to darkslategray self balancing scooter hear someone whispering. Moment, the door open, Zhang Haisheng stuck half the head. The old discipline is not very comfortable, just eat the medicine, ready to sleep, you come back another day. Oh Wei Jiong frowned, how he Cold. Zhang Haisheng tone and expression are quite impatient, You go. When he finished, he retracted and closed the door. Zhang Haisheng locked the door, turned around and saw Ji Qiankun tie a plastic bag, readily thrown at the foot, suddenly frightened. Are you fucking lightly Zhang Haisheng leaned against the door and seemed ready to take the lead. I m fucking. Ji Qiankun smiled. In front of him a small wooden table, filled with plastic bags, pipes and wires and the like items. He took a piece of paper and carefully counted the items. Check is completed, he looked up and leray self balancing scooter found Zhang Haisheng also stood by the door. Why do not you go Old discipline, what do you intend to harm me when Zhang Haisheng still looked at the fear of a small wooden table, Even if you do not inform me, darkslategray self balancing scooter I have to get his mother sooner or later. Harm you I give.air to the bedside, sideways smell the smell. Immediately, his face became ugly. Yes, he pointed to the sleeping woman, the taste of her. Wei Jiong some strange, some kind of therapy need sesame oil it Go and help me get that cup. Wei Jiong along the direction of Ji Qiankun fingers looked at the wooden table opposite the bed, stood a glass cup, which is still half a cup slightly turbid water. Wei Jiong handed him the cup. Ji Qiankun the cup in his hand, first looked at the sun carefully looked at the suspension of the cup, then the nose and then scrape together in the cup Department smell the smell. Finally, he dipped a little finger with a little water, into his mouth, goods smack a few times, turned around and spit it out. Well, he took a handkerchief from his pocket, wiped the cup several times, wrapped his glass with a handkerchief, and handed Wei Jiong. Put it back in place. Wei Jiong in accordance with his instructions to do, but the hearts of the mystery is growing. Old Ji, California self balancing scooter you darkslategray self balancing scooter this is All darkslategray self balancing scooter right. Ji kun kun suddenly looked up and smiled, but the eyes faint trace of anger emerge, send me back. Wei Jiong pushing Ji Qiankun, in a quiet corridor slowly forward. Wei Jiong looked a.

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