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Darkviolet Self Balancing Scooter ooked at the yellow tape wrapped around the bag, subconsciously raised his head, just met Ma Jian gloomy eyes. Photograph fixed evidence is completed. Forensic doctor tweezers carefully opened the tape, after extraction, he opened the bag, from the plastic bag in the hands of a length of human limb. A closer look, he turned to Ma Jian said right thigh. Ma Jian did not speak, indicating that inspectors check plastic bags. The latter pinch the handle of the plastic bag, with a survey lamp on the internal back and forth glanced several times, in turn bag up, under repeated observation in natural light, and finally, Ma Jian shook his head. Look, I did not leave a fingerprint, so I went back and looked up. Ma Jian silent for a few seconds, whispered First extract it. At this time, a young uniformed police rushed over, rushed straight ahead of Ma Jian Colts, the electric smart self balancing scooter main entrance of urban gardens, but also found a black plastic bag. He swallowed It seems to be the trunk. Ma Jian tightly closed his eyes, immediately opened, turned and waved Luo Shaohua go. The victim Liang Qingyun, female, 29 years old, during his lifetime as the city s first department store salesman, October 27, 1992 at 9 o.d to the left and right, and self balancing scooter walmart finally decided to go right. After a few steps, he found darkviolet self balancing scooter himself already can not see the toes. Are hesitant to open flashlight, Luo Shaohua heard a strange sound came not far from the front. Tom Tom He immediately stopped, hold your breath, listen carefully. Sound from the front of the right side of a building, it seems that someone in the cut with a heavy object. Tom Tom Distinctively, it was also mixed with splitting, breaking and tearing voice he was trying to something from a larger object separated. Luo Shaohua heart rate began to accelerate, his mouth has suddenly become very dry. He quickly changed the patrol route and followed the strange sound. Do not know who he is, but to be sure, it is sharp cutting the smart self balancing scooter reviews voice of the flesh. Luo Shaohua open flashlight, that building in the dark emerged out of the fuzzy contours. He stared at the front, speeding up the pace. A lot of things brushed his trousers, hit his leg. Perhaps weeds, perhaps the trash, perhaps the cement flower bed he darkviolet self balancing scooter was unintentional to research, there is no time to figure it out. who s that self balancing scooter spain person What is he doing Cut what is cut Only a few meters away darkviolet self balancing scooter from the building when th.

the jagged end, blue purple fluorescence as if laughing at him in general, shiny. Luo Shaohua s body shaking a bit, he back two steps, leaning against the door, big mouth breathing up. This is the truth. Front of the blue violet fluorescence appeared in a fuzzy figure. Naked man body. He squatted in the bathtub, picked up a woman s legs, hand saw on the knee, back and forth Luo Shaohua suddenly want to laugh. Fuck, too ironic. Serial rape murder zombie case, so broken. In the case of others can not tell the truth, just like in the case of thieves, with a complete non compliance with the legal procedures of the means, so broken. If at that time can be a little more time, a little more patience, and more to collect some clues, more investigation of some suspects Xu Mingliang will not despair in the execution ground. Suddenly, the living room came the sound of twisting the door lock. Luo Shaohua s first reaction is not fear or find a place to avoid, on the contrary, an unprecedented rage rushed to his forehead. He s just outside Devil in the door Luo Shaohua did not magenta self balancing scooter want to pull the door, rushed out. Lin Guodong in the hall for the shoes, bent over, carrying his own sh.d with the idea if the police report to you at the time, too too cruel. Yes ah, darkorchid self balancing scooter obsession, obsession. Ji Qiankun a long sigh, as if the two words interesting, eyes scattered off, At that time, I have no other way to allow the police to restart the investigation, really There s no more. He half bowed his head, the voice more and more low I can only use exactly the same way to kill a person in order to let the police believe Xu Mingliang is innocent, the murderer is still alive, but Xiao Hui, darkviolet self balancing scooter please believe me Ji Qiankun looked up to Yue Xiaohui, eyes urgent and sincere I did not rape your mother, but did not torture her. The girl cried out of the sound, repeatedly shook his head Do not you say I know that I own sinful, if not this obsession has been supporting me, even if I do not surrender, will commit suicide, and retribution soon came. Ji Qiankun bowed his head, watching their unconscious Of the legs, I killed your mother, the foot for a year and a half, the police no movement, so I can only go again June 7, 1994. Wei Jiong looked at him, right I ve chosen that woman, and when I ran across the street, a truck knocked me down behind me. You deserve it L.suddenly remembered, this is the old woman surnamed Qin. The police rudely ordered him to give way. Wei Jiong to do honestly, and the stretcher in the passing, he smelled the kind of mixed with the strange smell of sesame oil. Wei Jiong no time to think about, quick to catch up with the two wheel electric self balancing scooter old discipline has gone. Lao Ji straight back to the room. Wei Jiong also entered with him, a door, only darkviolet self balancing scooter to find the room there is a person Zhang Haisheng. See them in, Zhang Haisheng quite nervous to Hawaii self balancing scooter get up. Old discipline, you Old Ji did not care for him, the wheelchair to the window, picked up the cigarette, lit a. Immediately, he looked up and down some of Haisheng some face expressionless asked something Oh, nothing happened. Zhang Haisheng to sit back to bed, thought, and stood up, Dean asked me to ask you reported the police Yes. Lao Ji turned his head, facing Wei Jiong, Do not stare blankly, looking for places to sit ah. Wei Jiong should be a cry, pulled the chair, sitting in a small wooden table. Zhang Haisheng stood among them to see the old discipline, and look at Wei Jiong, his face is both anxious and embarrassed expression. You say you tube that gossip doing darkviolet self balancing scooter Zhan.

Darkviolet Self Balancing Scooter is eyes. Luo Shaohua alone to stay in the platform, in his peripheral vision, but suddenly there was a person. He subconsciously raised his head and saw the opposite platform, a thin figure is slowly standing from the waiting chair. Luo Shaohua Zhang big mouth, eyes wide open, looking at the forest darkviolet self balancing scooter Guodong slowly toward the darkviolet self balancing scooter edge of the platform, separated by plastic Weidang, his hands in his pocket, washed himself revealing a meaningful smile. Why did he appear there Luo Ying and body darkviolet self balancing scooter where Daughter is dead or alive Lin Guodong really want to why Numerous question mark in the moment of the influx of Luo Shaohua mind, his smart-balance wheel news thinking has been interrupted, almost as instinctively rushed to the opposite. However, between him and Lin Guodong, but also separated by two sets of rails and a person how high the plastic Weidang. My daughter Luo Shaohua flutter in the plastic Weidang, repeatedly tapping, darkviolet self balancing scooter shouted themselves hoarse, Where is she Lin Guodong did not answer, still looking like a crazy like Luo Shaohua, a look of ridicule smile. This is powerless. Master daughter of life and death in a few meters away, but he can not advance even if a centimeter. The dark tunnel, the vague bang sound.dong slowly along the roadside, walking around looking around. Soon, an empty taxi came. Lin Guodong beckoned to the car stopped, sat up. The taxi ran all the way down the deserted streets. The darkviolet self balancing scooter driver looked from time to time in the rearview mirror of the silent man. Street lights in turn flash in the car, the man s face flickering. He always darkviolet self balancing scooter looked out the window, without a word, as if thinking about what the mind. The driver touched the door on the property bar, which has a large long handled screwdriver. The passengers to go places very strange, if not a bad business tonight, he will not take this one. However, the back seat of this guy seems to have more than 50 years old, physique is also general, even if he is moving what darkviolet self balancing scooter Wa Xinxin, is not difficult to deal with. Thought of this, the driver slightly peace of mind, secretly at the foot of force, just want to finish this trip as soon as possible children, go back to bed early. Soon, the taxi out of the city. Street on both sides of the street gradually sparse, and finally completely gone. The passengers in the backseat had been completely hidden darkviolet self balancing scooter in the dark. The car is like a high speed rotation of the comet thrown out of the me.

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