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Dimgray Self Balancing Scooter he deceased skin gloss, skin elasticity and pubic bone inferred in the 30 year old dead. The deceased hands nails trimmed, palm and fingers smooth, do not support heavy manual workers. Injury According to the forensic examination, the corpse pieces at the end of the wound edge of a neat, a smooth wall, no intracavitary interstitial bridge, part of the trail visible trailer marks, no life response, consistent with sharp cutting and postmortem. Number of committing the crime The body parts showed the same type of damage distribution characteristics, the sharp injury can be formed by a sharp device, part of dimgray self balancing scooter the individual part of the technique is not skilled, can explain the completion of a person from the killing to the process of mutilation, but should be the first crime. From the analysis of the scene, the suspect should be in the case of vehicles, sub body dead bodies, each part of the corpse has a certain weight, can be completed by one person, but does not rule out more than two. On the spot Evidence Analysis Body pieces of packaging are black plastic bags, and tied with a transparent tape. Black plastic bags without printed words, no way to find its source. From its size, blac.will not voluntarily surrender. He will certainly try every means to seek to flee. He has no relatives in the city, even after discharge to re establish some social relations, and now the streets are covered with his arrest warrant, the same will not help him. The only thing to give him the dimgray self balancing scooter property, only Luo dimgray self balancing scooter Shaohua. dimgray self balancing scooter Although the two each other sworn enemies, but Luo Shaohua has always been holding in the hands of Lin Guodong. Who is the cat, who is a rat, in fact, very difficult to determine. Lin Guodong once caught, there is no guarantee that he will dimgray self balancing scooter not fight a dead fish net, the Luo Shaohua then favoritism things shook out. Therefore, Luo Shaohua to help Lin Guodong fled, you can protect the peace. From the current situation, Lin Guodong has not last long. Perhaps he will soon contact Luo Shaohua, to blackmail, in order to seek property continue to abscond. Ah, make sense. Zhang Zhenliang turned to highlight, do it. Highlight and move, got up and went dimgray self balancing scooter to the door, just opened the door, and rushed in to hit a full hit Duan Hongqing. dimgray self balancing scooter Your kid did not long eyes ah Duan Hongqing hands holding a piece of paper, his face anxious, busy three fire four to go No I highlight a t.

d tentacle. Just pull half of the latch, he heard the ear came a cry hey What are you doing Wei Jiong looked through the sound, the door next to the duty dimgray self balancing scooter lavenderblush self balancing scooter room, a middle aged man wearing a security uniform stuck out half of the body, his face staring at him with a vigilant. Well, I m taking him out No Middle aged man carrying a big cup, cup steaming, they can not just go out. Not at the door No Middle aged man seems to have some chills, shrinking shoulders, Who is responsible for the accident ah Ji Qiankun has been silent silence of the opening Well, right here. Middle aged man where to buy leray self balancing scooter returned to duty room. Wei Jiong leaning on the wheelchair push, standing Ji Qiankun behind, quietly watching a door across the street. Old Ji is almost fixed, sight does not move with people or things, he just visual front, and occasionally suction nose. Wei Jiong forward along his line of sight to see, do not think that the bubble in the sewage, stuffed with plastic bags of colored trash what is special. However, a kind of aging, depression, or even near the atmosphere of corruption from the body of Ji kun slowly distributed out. That sitting in the sun, sharp eyes, talkative, smoking ferocious, well boi.i s voice sounded Who Wei Jiong heart wonder, should be I, Wei Jiong. The other side of the door temporarily quiet, vaguely able to hear someone whispering. Moment, the door open, Zhang Haisheng stuck half the head. The old discipline is not very comfortable, just eat the medicine, ready to sleep, you come back another day. Oh Wei Jiong frowned, how he Cold. Zhang Haisheng tone and expression are quite impatient, You go. When he finished, he retracted and closed dimgray self balancing scooter the door. Zhang Haisheng locked the door, turned around and saw Ji Qiankun tie a plastic bag, readily thrown at the foot, suddenly frightened. Are you fucking lightly Zhang Haisheng leaned against the door and seemed ready to take the lead. I m fucking. Ji Qiankun smiled. In front of him a small wooden table, filled with plastic bags, pipes and wires and the like items. He took a piece of paper and carefully counted the items. Check is dimgray self balancing scooter completed, he looked up and steelblue self balancing scooter found Zhang Haisheng also stood by the door. Why do not you go Old discipline, what do you intend to harm me when Zhang Haisheng still looked at the fear of a small wooden table, Even if you do not inform me, I have to get his mother sooner or later. Harm you I give.In the blood paste live in the eye, the coldness is completed. Lin Guodong s laughter and rustling behind the footsteps of men recovered. He knew his whole body was exposed to each other s knives. But he can not do anything, any action may lead to their own and girls are falling downstairs. Time is pressing, but only two options First, as soon as the girl pulled up, once she was safe, Lin Guodong against themselves more than enough Suspended in the air girl crumbling. Survival of the instinct to let her desperately pulled up the man s sleeves. She did not dare to look down, but can not imagine that twenty meters under fuchsia self balancing scooter the ground how hard. Her right wrist was firmly seized by the man. The girl s legs kicked in the air, twisting, while trying to stretch the left hand also tried to make their own more secure. In her top, can see the man stuck out half of the body and rose red face. The man also stretched his left hand down, want to seize the girl s hand. However, the fingers of the two sides met several times, but mediumturquoise self balancing scooter still can not hold. Suddenly, the girl has been wiggling in the air self balancing scooter stopped. Her eyes were wide open, staring at the oblique rear of the man. Quick The girl struggled again

Dimgray Self Balancing Scooter nt lightyellow self balancing scooter a full ten minutes, Ji Qiankun to understand what is papayawhip self balancing scooter WeChat, after some on the phone to tinker with, hi not win. This thing is good, with the phone like ah. Ji Qiankun looked up at them, Thanks to the two of you, I have to master the old high tech. Of course. Yue Xiaohui said with a smile, You are so fashionable old man, how can not play this ah. Ha ha ha. Laughter hardly ever, dimgray self balancing scooter Ji Qiankun the phone rang. Suddenly the pleasant ring tones let him panic Oh, how to pick up Slow slowly, I come Ji Qiankun expression tension, hand on the screen dimgray self balancing scooter slide, the phone connected. Operation is successful, Ji Qiankun dimgray self balancing scooter very satisfied with their own, a smile to answer the phone. However, chatted a few words, his face slowly darkened down. Well, I know I m over now. Hang up the phone, Ji Qiankun holding the phone, silently sat for half a minute, frowning, solemn expression. Wei Jiong and Yue Xiaohui looked at each other, do not know what happened, dare not ask questions. Finally, Ji Qiankun looked up and squeezed out a smile. Go, Wei Jiong, to open the wardrobe, which has a purse. Wei Jiong honestly do, from the closet out of a bulging bag of old fashioned black leather bag, handed Ji kun.same age as me I m a little smaller than you, Yue Xiaohui s voice approached. My mother died, and he did not marry again. Your parents feelings must be good. Well, she said, her voice a honeydew self balancing scooter little closer, My father still has her mother s relics, and she can not bear to lose it. Alas. Ji Qiankun sighed, is also a dedicated person. Perseverance to bring him only pain, endless pain. Oh He was a drunk man, and he could only forget his mother s death. Ji kun kun silent for a moment But at least you Colorado self balancing scooter stay with him. It s no use, Yue Xiaohui chuckled, I look like my father I d rather be like my mother. Clothes rustling sound of friction. Then, is the sound of a towel to wipe the blade. The old discipline. Ok A person, really can be attached to that degree Probably, I and your father are good examples. Do not hesitate to destroy yourself Ok. And even destroy someone Ji Qiankun not speak. A moment later, he whispered, How is your mother dead Yue Xiaohui a good while before answering car accident. Oh. Ji Qiankun twisted body, Xiao Hui, towel a bit cold. Oh. Yue Xiaohui wake up like a wake up reaction, sorry sorry, patronize the chat. She removed the towel from her face. Evenly applied to the sh.

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