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Electric Self Balancing Scooter Hover Board enty minutes after the meeting The police should be a cry, have to speed up eating. First eat, and has begun to organize materials, ready to make a report at the meeting. Ma Jian even smoke two cigarettes, quietly sorting out ideas, from time to time in the notebook record points. Ready to stop, Ma Jian out of cheap smart self balancing scooter the conference room with his men, walked along the corridor to the elevator. Just a few steps, suddenly heard behind a piercing cry. That is the direction of forensic dissection room. Ma Jian stopped, his electric self balancing scooter hover board head drooping, his eyes slightly closed, his hands clenched into the fist. Behind the colleagues also stopped, watching the captain slightly trembling back. The sound self balancing scooter quality specification of the clenched teeth is clear and recognizable. For a moment, Ma Jian raised his head, re move the pace, walked quickly forward. Analysis will be opened for more than two hours, the Secretary, Deputy Mayor and Politics and Law Committee secretary s face does not look good. No wonder, from last November, the murderer has been raped, killing four women, the city is caught in an unprecedented panic. However, from the police to obtain clues and detection progress, there is no clue. The atmosphere at the meeting was.ive minutes before the wheelchair into the shake. Through the glass door, Wei Jiong vaguely see the hands lightskyblue self balancing scooter of Ji Qiankun waved a bit, it seems that something thrown into the door of the electric self balancing scooter hover board pot. Wei Jiong turned around to see Yue Xiaohui, who is using the same surprised eyes looking back at him. Is Luo Shaohua appointment is Ji Qiankun Things more and more people scratching their heads. In the impression, Ji Qiankun and Luo Shaohua did not come into contact, let alone meet. So, why do two people meet in this cafe Yue Xiaohui first sit still, she pulled out the phone Do you want to call the old Ji Wei Jiong shook his head. Ji Qiankun had turned a blind eye to their own, these days is no information. It seems that he is doing a do not want to let themselves and Yue Xiaohui know things. At the moment to call Ji Qiankun, he certainly will not answer, even if the answer, it is bound to not tell the truth. hold on. This one is a full ten minutes. Cafe floor windows are made of brown glass, coupled with the reflection of the sun, completely indistinguishable indoor conditions, but no way to know Luo Shaohua and Ji Qiankun to meet the situation. smart self balancing scooter specs While Wei Jiong and Yue Xiaohui is about to lose p.

without clothing. There is no printed word orchid self balancing scooter on the plastic bag. In the plastic bags and transparent tape is not extracted to the fingerprint. November 10, 1990 16 40 site investigation the east of the fourth incineration plant east of the incinerator found two black plastic bags, handle cross shaped cross was tight, two plastic bags with transparent pocket The tapes are bundled together. There are skulls and human body left thigh bag. The black plastic bag with the head was broken. There is a little dirt in the bag. There is electric self balancing scooter hover board no printed word on the plastic bag. In the plastic bags and transparent tape is not extracted to the fingerprint. 1990 10 10 20 50 minutes on site inspection the orthopedic hospital in the south side of the wall, away from the unity of the street blocks about 200 meters and found a black plastic bag, handle cross shaped cross was tight, and transparent Tape sealing. The bag has a electric self balancing scooter hover board human right thigh and left leg, left foot. There is no printed word on the plastic bag. In the plastic bags and transparent tape is not extracted to electric self balancing scooter hover board the fingerprint. Body examination 1 for the human body lower limb right leg and right foot, right leg length 40cm, circumference 38cm, fro.Yue Xiaohui to die. Is thinking, Wei Jiong s cell phone screen suddenly lit up, while a ringing tinkling pound bell sounded. He subconsciously looked down, is Yue Xiaohui sent a video chat request. Wei Jiong suddenly held his breath, did not want to want to press the answer button. The screen appears slightly shaking the screen, but do not see Yue Xiaohui s face. Most of the screen is occupied by a window and below the rows of heads. At the same time, the headset came a burst of not very clear voice, sounds like a female voice, flat, no ups and downs, a few figures faintly discernible. Wei Jiong suddenly realized that Yue Xiaohui in a bus. He eagerly at the microphone shouted Xiao Hui, Xiao Hui, where are you Yue Xiaohui did not respond to the screen display of the image is still maintained the original point of view. A few seconds later, the screen began to rotate rapidly, passing a few people after the face is unclear, fixed in the compartment. Wei Jiong eyes suddenly stared. A man s upper electric self balancing scooter hover board body appeared in the screen, he looked directly at the direction of Yue Xiaohui, then turned away, while the Adam s apple in the rapid peristalsis. Although only a short span of two seconds, Wei.den Ying Ying in the end what happened Really drink, do not answer the phone, so I am anxious. Luo Shaohua escape his eyes, just the words of a doctor you are not all heard Twenty years ago, Yingying on the junior high school, did not test the final exam, dare not go home, go home to sleep two days. Du into his look, then you did not like tonight Just listen to your tone, I thought Yingying was kidnapped. Luo Shaohua s body shaking a bit child a little slip, you can to my life. I think you can stand up to toss. Du kicked Luo Shaowu electric self balancing scooter hover board at the foot of the bag, If Luo Ying is not only answer the phone, you as with a baton and telescope Luo Shaohua subconsciously bow, see the pocket of the bag open, baton s handle and telescope exposed corner. In fact, he is difficult to explain why they will find Du Cheng to help. Luo Ying may be aware of the time of the victims, Luo Shaohua first thought is Du Cheng. Perhaps in his subconscious, only this hard to trace the murderer twenty years old friend can really appreciate how dangerous Lin Guodong. However, at this moment, for where to buy leray self balancing scooter the ins and outs of things, he can not explain, can not explain. He is very clear that any reason and excuse are deceptive D.

Electric two wheel electric self balancing scooter Self Balancing Scooter Hover Board he dossiers, but also in several locations apart from the other. Bai Xiaoyong kidnapping murder case. He immediately realized that in this file rack, the file is in accordance with the order of Hanyu Pinyin. This means that Xu Mingliang murder case files, must be in the bottom of a column. Wei Jiong immediately squat body, found on the bottom of the iron frame. When he took out the fourth electric self balancing scooter hover board volume of the file, see the cover was shocked to read Xu Mingliang rape mediumvioletred self balancing scooter murder case. He cheered in the bottom of my heart, quickly inserted in the hands of the file, sandwiched this file, walked back quickly. There are a few meters away from the table when Wei Jiong faintly heard the voice of the administrator came the corridor OK, then see at night. He did not neglect, almost run the remaining steps, the administrator s foot into smart-self balancing scooter the file room at the same time, Wei Jiong sat in a chair. Despite his head down, Wei Jiong still feel the administrator looked at their own direction. In order not to let him see the abnormal, Wei Jiongping lived this has been electric self balancing scooter hover board very rapid breathing, trying to make his body stable down. The administrator did not seem to notice, stared at him for a few seconds, and sat back.d for a long time, honestly do not know. Ji Qiankun s face became very difficult to see, he was electric self balancing scooter hover board difficult to shake the wheelchair, moved to the bedside, a hand to the inside of the small shelves, seems to want to remove a book, but the fingers from the lightgodenrodyellow self balancing scooter spine a electric self balancing scooter hover board few centimeters. Ji Qiankun tried to stretch the arm, lost the balance of the whole person, the wheelchair is also dangerous to tilt up. Wei Jiong hurried past the wheelchair What do you want to take I come. Red, criminal code. Ji Qiankun tone is very harsh. Wei Jiong hand to remove the booklet that is thin, and handed Ji Qiankun. He almost grabbed the Code of the hand, can not wait to look up. However, Ji Qiankun just look at the directory, put the book thrown in bed, then pointed to the shelves. Yellow, that, thick. Wei Jiong removed the book and found that it is in their own schools in the use of teaching materials. Ji Qiankun the same first look at the directory, and then quickly open to a page, carefully read up. He seems to have completely forgotten the existence of Wei Jiong, bent electric self balancing scooter hover board to find in that criminal law text of a message. Wei Jiong helpless standing in place, electric self balancing scooter hover board I do not know what to do, subconsciously look to the bo.

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