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Electric Self Balancing Scooter he tutor, and it s not far from the 103 Middle School what s his name Du into the data in the rummaging, and finally out of a piece of paper. Oh, Lin Guodong. City 103 middle school in the school soon after the Spring Festival. Is still in the winter in the Wei Jiong and Yue Xiaohui walk in the classroom building, listening to a fan in the window came the sound of reading, both miss and some schadenfreude. Three directly to the Personnel Department, asked to see Lin Guodong teacher. Director of Personnel is a helpless expression. This is really no way. He hands a pool, Lin has long resigned. Resigned Du into a very surprised, when the thing I think about it, said the Director of Personnel, self-balancing scooter uk thinking, Twenty two years ago, yes, in November of November 1992 I just went to work soon. 1992 Du frowned, Why did he resign It is said to be crazy. Director of Personnel Pie Piezui, We all feel strange, a good person, skque self balancing scooter fires the day before normal work, the next day crazy. Is his file still there Personal file is taken away by his mother that is, the old lady to help him resign.It is said that Lin teacher was not recognized, and in the well being of hospital treatment, as if not discharged. Dir.rst object of the visit is the original Chunyang Road, a staff member of the Trade and Industry. Twenty three years ago, he was responsible for the management of farmers Ohio self balancing scooter market Chunyang. According to Yang Guiqin, in order to get some care, or less to mess with some trouble, Xu Mingliang often send him some pork. If Wei Jiong s inference is established, then he may get a plastic bag with Xu Mingliang fingerprints. However, his visit did not take too long. The staff has not retired, and promoted to a department head. From the moment to see him, even Wei Jiong think he is not the murderer. In this man who can not smell any dangerous breath, only for many years removed from the administrative organs of the oil saved and smart. Moreover, his fragrance for the whole body of Yue Xiaohui did not give extra attention. Du Cheng is obviously not too much interest in this person, but simply put midnightblue self balancing scooter a few questions. In particular, he was informed in 2002 to obtain a driver s license, they directly ended the interview, got up and leave. The second visitor is Yang Guiqin s nephew. Wang Xu, male, 46 years old, divorced, only son living with his mother, now living with a electric self balancing scooter foreign woman. From the external.

fighting but let him calm down. Alone on his electric self balancing scooter own, apparently can not save his daughter. All the concerns in the life of Luo Ying are worthless in front of. That blood, whether it is Luo Ying Luo Shaohua did not dare to think, while running out of the phone, dialed a number. A few seconds later, Du Cheng s voice came from the handset Old Luo Where are you, son Home. Sounds, Du into his call quite unexpected, something Luo Shaohua has rushed into the opposite site, look around, no one stands on the platform, he cursed loudly, to the Du Cheng reported a bunch of phone numbers, there is news immediately notice me. Du hesitated a moment, but quickly replied Yes, I ll call the shock beam. Luo Shaohua hang up, turned and ran to the exit. Not to go out of the gate, to see several security guards are around to try to stop him. Out of the way Luo Shaohua roared loudly. Perhaps by his face vicious face scared, it is intimidating his menacing momentum, security guards who have flinched. While they hesitated, Luo Shaohua leaped from the gate, ran straight to the station. Coming to the street, Luo Shaohua quickly to the surrounding glance, the road only a few scattered pedestrians, very few vehi.erdict to Xu Mingliang was executed, there is always a man in the running for his injustice. However, the strength of the individual is insignificant, even if he is a part of the machine, in the face of a mechanically rigid judiciary. This person is Du Cheng. He insisted that it was a wrong case. To this end, the Du and had been as close as brothers, Ma Jian and others against each other. Board can not accept this is a high degree of praise of the iron case there are any flaws. In the repeated trade offs, Du Cheng was transferred from the original post, went to the province of a more remote county, was transferred back in 1993. I was in F City. Du into the thought, how Zhang Zhen Liang from the carry bag and took out electric self balancing scooter a portfolio, and handed Du into. I did not guess wrong. Zhang Zhenliang look solemn, Since you have to do, then you should look at this. You fuck even told me to hide the goods Du Cheng Xiao North self balancing scooter Xiao Road. electric self balancing scooter However, he saw the expression of Zhang Zhenliang, realized that this is not a joke. Portfolio is still a criminal case file. Du turned to see the first few, his face suddenly self-balancing scooter fastest changed, the faster the faster turn the hand. Shock beam, Du into the file, tightly staring electric self balancing scooter at t.alone If he took her, I would feel it Having said that, the old paused, the sound becomes hoarse, difficult Her name is Feng Nan, do not talk, but love to laugh we have been trying to have a child killed, she is only thirty Four years old. Again silence. Two people without a word sat, a moment, Wei Jiong look across the bedside bookshelves, first to break the silence. So for so many years, have you never let go of this I do not want to ask the murderer to let her go, said the old man, looking at her as if she had been killed. Death of the moment, will not meditate on my name in my heart, eager to save her Do not say Wei Jiong tears finally out of the blue. I want to know this.I want to see what is killing my wife is what kind of person.I want to ask him personally, how can other people s daughter, mother, wife play, like the same as the demolition of a toy They cut into pieces Have you been investigating the case Yes, until I met a car accident. electric self balancing scooter Wei Jiong silent for a while, thought, slowly asked old discipline, why do you say to me Because you gave me hope, Lao Ji looked at him. Before I came to you, I thought I could only stay here all my life.

Electric Self Balancing Scooter has been cleaned up, razor moved to his neck. This reason I understand. Ji Qiankun gently laughed, As long as the revenge, I do not care. self balancing scooter site fr ebay amazon at all costs At all costs. Ji Qiankun repeated, my wife s death, every second of my life, is for this matter. Razor slowly clean up the residue on the neck of the hawthorn, and finally, stay in Ji Hawaii self balancing scooter electric self balancing scooter Qiankun Adam s apple above. So, you did not intend to take Lin Guodong from the beginning, right Correct. In other words, you just need to find him, as to how to deal with electric self balancing scooter Lin Guodong, you would have thought. Yue Xiaohui s voice began to tremble, You use Wei Jiong, Du Cheng, and me. Ji Qiankun was silent. For a long time, he struggled to say I know this is unfair to you.However, Xiao Hui, you believe me, as long as there is any point to Lin electric self balancing scooter Guodong accept the opportunity of legal sanctions, I will not use this self destruction.but He can not go on, Yue Xiaohui is no longer open. Only electric self balancing scooter the razor shining. A minute later, the girl s voice re sounded in the ears smart balance wheel fastest of Ji kun. Old Ji, you do wrong thing Ah Ji Qiankun did not think she electric self balancing scooter would electric self balancing scooter ask such a question, Of course. Everyone electric self balancing scooter who does something wrong should have a chance. The pressure on the neck suddenly d. $txtNum = count($txtArray);

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