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Electric Smart Self Balancing Scooter sandybrown self balancing scooter , immediately gave up the idea of electric smart self balancing scooter getting off the right side. Du into the seat belt, hands and feet and climb to the back seat, reach out and open the door. Although the door opened, but only a gap only. Ma Jian selected parts of the impact is very accurate, so that the front of the Honda CRV in front of the front door between. Du would like to open the door to get out is not possible. Fuck Du into furious. He fell back in the back seat, raised his feet, to the rear side of the window to kick severely. Just a burst into the building, Wei Jiong was the foot of the rubble tripped. He embarrassed to get up and feel the knee and elbow electric smart self balancing scooter are painfully painstaking. He refused to see the injury, hastily observed about the surrounding environment, the cement ladder to run upstairs. No one on the second floor. Three no one. Wei Jiong ran like a electric smart self balancing scooter cow. However, there is no sound around him, can not see electric smart self balancing scooter half a shadow. Are they looking for the wrong place, or Yue Xiaohui has been killed The same four no one. He could no longer run, bent down, hand on his knees, breathing heavily. After a night of running around, coupled with a high degree of mental tension, Wei Jiong s physical has been completely.a did not care for her. Luo Ying Pie Piezui him, close the door to work. Standing watching the front page, Luo Shaohua and turned to the local news, browse again, convinced that he did not want the information, he folded the newspaper, return to the table. This is his recent habit, every self balancing electric scooter walmart morning the first thing is to see whether the morning post to the door. Luo Ying feel strange, asked several times, he was ambiguous in the past perfunctory. Jinfeng has been quietly, but in the Luo Shaohua pay attention to his newspaper when the face. After breakfast, Luo Shaohua wash dishes, served Jinfeng eat the medicine, and best self balancing scooter for kids catch a grandson to write winter homework. He watched television for a while, wandered around the living room for a few laps, and finally went to the balcony to electric smart self balancing scooter smoke. The air is cool, although the remains of the firecrackers after the smell of light smoke, but the breath of the Chinese New Year has disappeared. In the short carnival, the city has resumed the busy, the anxiety of the truth. Life re indifferent face, as the cold climate, the spring, is still out of reach of one thing. The road downstairs after a few days of silence, once again lively, even more congested. Self Balancing Scooters Useful Hint Lu.

be a man escorted out of the general. She set the gods, did not bother to have winked to her Wei Jiong, the drink half of the coffee thrown into the side of the trash, full of clothes, stand up. Wei Jiong and the man walked in front of her, ranging from them to speak, Yue Xiaohui said No matter his thing, I electric smart self balancing scooter let him go. Men surprised a moment, Wei Jiong face is a dumbfounded expression. Immediately, the man laughed. Patting criminal files, your courage is not small. Men pat on the shoulder Wei Jiong, But your associates good, quite interesting. Having said that, he walked on his own, leaving a confused Yue Xiaohui standing in situ. Wei Jiong followed behind him, and waved hands Yue Xiaohui also keep up. Men have electric smart self balancing scooter come to the self balancing scooter site fr ebay amazon parking lot of the electric smart self balancing scooter High Court, to find an old fashioned Paladin SUV, open the door, indicating Wei Jiong and Yue Xiaohui electric smart self balancing scooter sat in the back, then, on the train, launch, leave the High Court. Soon, off road vehicles into the city s busy. Men have been driving, always silent. Car drifting away, Yue Xiaohui also slowly recovered, turned around and looked with the eyes of inquiry Wei Jiong, his mouth silently asked Who is he Wei Jiong look at the driver s seat silent ma.on the board, a good check, casually check, check I do not care.I die electric smart self balancing scooter brother injustice, to his vindictive day, Remember to tell skque self balancing scooter review me Er Yi, I invite you to drink Du smiled Good. From the farmers market in Chunyang out, has been almost one o clock in the afternoon. Du Cheng Wei Yue and Yue Xiaohui went to a beef noodle shop. When eating, Wei Jiong asked Du police officers, do you think Wang Xu suspect it I do not think he is, he said, and he did not eat much. Wei Jiong nodded I think so, if he is the murderer, should be anxious Xu Mingliang for his crime, that you want to review the case, I think he was very happy. Yes ah. Du into the bag from the pills, swallow electric smart self balancing scooter on the water, they picked up a facial tissue, wipe the sweat of his face. Wei Jiong and Yue Xiaohui invariably stopped chopsticks, silently watching him. Du lightyellow self balancing scooter noted that their eyes, feel a little embarrassed to come up with Napal information. Besides, the taste is not right. Well. Wei Jiong look at Yue Xiaohui, He does not seem to care about Xiao Hui. Yue Xiaohui hanging eyelids, there is no sound. I am not talking about this. Du turned to look at the information, Wang Xu was to sell fish, and will peru self balancing scooter certainly be covered with fish.st of the night. Flashlight directly illuminate the face of Wei Jiong, he subconsciously block the light by hand, depressed back to the sentence I am. Who are you The security guard was obviously unhappy. So late, why Wei smart-balance wheel Jiong lift the hands of the insulation lunch box send dumplings, to my uncle. Oh, the security officer s grievances did not diminish, early doing, and this are a few points Come back tomorrow. Do not, ah, Master. Wei Jiong anxious, I come all the way, say He suddenly remembered his pocket of cigarettes, and quickly pulled out a box of delivery in the past You do a convenient, large New Year s. Security guards to see the cigarette on the Chinese word, hesitated a moment, tone a little relieved. Wait a minute. When he finished, he turned back to the duty room, picked the key from the wall, and returned to the iron gate. You ah, usually more than to see the elderly. Security guards to open the door, Now what the whole scene of children, nursing homes and not lack of dumplings. Xie ah master. Wei Jiong sideways from the security guard side squeezed, the cigarette into each other s pockets at the same time, smell a strong alcohol. Dumplings come out, ah.

Electric Smart Self Balancing Scooter n to me the reasons for doing so. Yue Xiaohui looked goldenrod self balancing scooter at him, turned away, mouth tight sip. Wei Jiong hesitated You have not found kill your mother s murderer. Yue Xiaohui still do not speak, his lips began to tremble. So, I need you to give me an explanation. Wei Jiong bent down, electric smart self balancing scooter looking directly at the eyes of Yue Xiaohui, Why do you want to do that Long, Yue Xiaohui whispered I can explain to you, but not now. When she finished, she stood up, took down jacket, handed back to Wei Jiong I have to go back. Just a few steps away, the girl turned around, looked up and down Wei Jiong, expression complex. You know what Yue Xiaohui smiled, You are not the same as in the past. Wei Jiong also smiled Maybe it is. Girl crooked head, thoughtfully. Finally, she Chong Wei Jiong waved his hand, turned and walked to the inpatient building. Wei Jiong carrying down jacket, watched the girl disappeared in the inpatient department. Immediately, he sat on the bench, straight legs, staring at his toe out. I changed it Yes. For the past few months I have seen the darkest sins, the strongest feelings, the most cruel criminals, the bravest police. Yue Xiaohui also changed, because she has her own secret. I.en, one of which looks about the age of 60 years, bald. Wei Jiong remember in the nursing home saw this man, but do not know which room he is. Another person is Zhang Haisheng. From the video content, two people are talking, and talk about things quite secretive. Because they are constantly looking around. Zhang Haisheng always sandwiched smoke, tilted his head, a lazy look. Bald man seems to have asked him, his face has been flattering expression. At the end of the video, bald man according to Zhang Haisheng s shoulder, stuffed his pocket with something. Zhang Haisheng electric smart self balancing scooter dodge a few times, but see that he is just doing like, and finally pretended to helplessly nodded promised. Bald man cheeky, and talk to him after a few hurry to leave. Zhang Haisheng also turned to walk to the other side of the corridor, walking from his pocket and took just the things from the action point of view, it should be a few notes. The video ends here. Wei Jiong was very surprised, he did not know the meaning of this video, is it bald man also please Zhang Haisheng from the outside purchase of nursing homes contraband Is thinking, the old discipline has made a WeChat over received it. Wei Jiong reply recei.

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