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Feldspar Self Balancing Scooter e apparent. Her side of the boss in the heart of anonymity, while wondering how to solve the dinner. After much deliberation, a person always feel too boring to eat, decided to go to the convenience store to buy a sandwich operator. Just went to the company downstairs, a 7 11 convenience store, Chen heard behind him heard a soft call. Chen. Chen Xia subconsciously turned around and saw Lin Guodong stood a few meters away from the place, some stiffly looked at her. Lin teacher Chen Xiao was surprised, how do you here Nothing, Liu Wan. Lin Guodong smiled, I do not know how to come here you get off work Chen Xiao felt his face slightly hot Yes ah, overtime. Have not you eaten yet Well, said Chen, pointing to the convenience store next door, is going to buy a sandwich. Sandwich Eat that how the feldspar self balancing scooter line Lin Guodong frowned, too simple. All right, anyway, I am a person. Chen Xiao half head, stroking the backpack of the tape, to smart balance wheel battery charging deal with a bite. Otherwise, go to my house to eat it. Lin Guodong looked at her, tone test, Today, I do a few dishes, but a person, no feldspar self balancing scooter appetite. Chen Xiao raised his head. Lin Guodong half of the body are hidden in the shadow of the street, the eyes flashing, it seem.aving cream, she gently according to Ji Qiankun cheek, starting from the upper lip beard blowing. Girls focus on the face in North self balancing scooter close proximity, hot and humid breath in his face. Ji Qiankun close your eyes, quietly feeling the beard blade cut beard. The old discipline. Ok If Lin Guodong in front of you, how would you do just now Correct. Ji Qiankun did not answer, the body is gradually tightening up. Yue Xiaohui to proceed on the action, scrape the beard, the blade moved to his cheeks. The razor went where he could feel the muscles of the old man s face slightly raised his teeth. I ll kill him. feldspar self balancing scooter Razor in Ji Qian Kun s feldspar self balancing scooter pause on the pause for a second, they continue to walk slowly. why Why do not I get revenge Said Ji, turning his eyes open and his fists clenched. He killed my wife with such cruel means, and ruined my whole life. You do not move, I will hurt you. Yue Xiaohui hold him, I m sorry, I asked such a question. Ji Kun kun slightly relaxed a bit Never mind, these days, I also think about it. Oh Twenty years, Du Cheng can not collect enough feldspar self balancing scooter evidence. Ji Qiankun s voice low, then become high spirited, I will not just forget it. If you kill him, you ll go to jail. Ji Qiankun s cheek.

s reflects his face. Gray, slightly edema, wrinkles. Old face covered in the two still young, vivid face, as if closer to the time and space, confused life and death. Du into the eyes gradually become soft, everything has been falling into the endless void, in the semi bright light, he no intention to pull back to reality, people will die, the most valuable, only memories. On 8 August 1991, at 7 10 am. A young uniformed police carrying two large plastic bags, hastily onto the bisque darkgray self balancing scooter C City Public Security Bureau Tiedong branch in front of the steps. Through the glass door, he nodded to the duty of colleagues, turn right, along the east side of the first floor of the corridor. At the moment has been bright daylight, the corridor is dim, both sides of the door countless closed, only the north end of a window can still light. feldspar self balancing scooter The silence of the corridor, only to hear the young police footsteps and plastic bags of the sound of friction between the rustle. Close to the eastern end of the room, the young police were inexplicable chill, as if the door in front of the bursts of cold air is being released. Came to the door, he moved the plastic bag to the left, hesitated, raised his hand and Ji said I have read a lot of serial killer of the book both domestic and foreign the age of such crimes, probably before the age of 40, according to this projection, the murderer should now Is about sixty year old man, and will not die, right Well, we assume the murderer is still alive. Yue Xiaohui once again throws a question, So, you sure he lives in the city Ji Qiankun moment language, his face has become very ugly. All China, 23 provinces, 5 autonomous regions, 4 municipalities, counties and cities numerous. Yue Xiaohui spread out his hands, violet self balancing scooter how do we find a person Indoor into a silence. Wei Jiong Lian Yue Yue feldspar self balancing scooter Xiaohui to wink, motioned her not to stimulate too Ji Kun Qian. However, the girl did not look at him, always look down on the face of the universe Qian. For a long time, old Ji gently smiled, slowly opening said So, I do a completely impossible thing I do not mean that, old discipline. Yue Xiaohui upper body forward, his hand on his knees, I just think, in addition to know the murderer is a male, the fact we know nothing about him. Old Ji thought, hard to admit Yes. So, have you ever wondered why he killed those women including feldspar self balancing scooter your wife feldspar self balancing scooter Lao Ji has been completely attr.was very embarrassed, softly whispered for a long time before whispered We how to say, I do not know what relationship. She looked up to see Du Cheng, the old police did not respond, made a gesture to continue. Lin told me good, I know he was interesting to me, but I refused. Chen Xiao bowed his head, playing with his fingers, Today after get off work, we met, I think, is probably fate. Du into a silent snort. My boyfriend is not around, usually I am a person s life. Chen Xiao smile, So, some people hurt me, but also very good. You have No, said Chen, categorically denying, looking more embarrassed, It is possible Later, do not know why, he stopped. Oh Well, the girl frowned and looked puzzled, he seems to say my taste is not right. Du into a sudden shocked. A few seconds later, he jumped top self balancing scooter up, grabbed Chen Xiao s collar across the table, scrape together the past smell. The girl was shocked, instinctively hiding back Why are you Do you usually apply perfume Du into the solemn look, What brand Madame Butterfly my boyfriend sent me. Chen was surprised and afraid, run out, so today for a. Do not speak, and silence with a cigarette smoking, then whispered I kno.

Feldspar Self Balancing Scooter ector of Personnel to see Du Cheng, Some personal resume what should still, you I want to see, replied dimgray self balancing scooter Du immediately, Thank you. Personnel Director is clearly regretting his mouth, reluctantly got up to the file room. Half an hour later, he shook a few dusty papers back to the office. Here, best electric self balancing scooter find them. Paper age, has been yellowed, brittle, were transferred to prove that personal resume, a copy of teacher qualification certificate and reserve cadre registration form. Du carefully turned to look at, and gradually sort out the personal situation of Lin Guodong. Lin Guodong, male, born in 1961, university culture, graduated from the C City Normal University Foreign Languages Institute Department of English. Teaching level is good, and colleagues can still. During his tenure in office won the title of an advanced teacher, there is no record of feldspar self balancing scooter punishment. Personal resume is also attached to a feldspar self balancing scooter color certificate, although the color has subsided, but still can see Lin Guodong year can be classified as handsome category. Standard thirty seven open separately, face thin, face lines, forehead wide, eyes bright and piercing, beard also scrape clean. But his brow slightly wrinkled, coup., had aroused his interest. Open to, is a human anatomy. Luo Shaohua frowned, turned and looked at Lin Guodong single bed. Immediately, he removed the neatly arranged bedding, a closer look at the sheets, but floralwhite self balancing scooter did not find any traces. The ground is still covered with new ash floor. Luo Shaohua lying on the ground, his face close to the ground, from the bed has been to view the door, and even the gap of the floor are not let go, still nothing. This is not surprising, if Lin Guodong is the murderer, and in the bedroom of those women sexual assault, they are mostly still alive, even with open wounds, it may not flow too much blood. Scene of the scene, should be another place. Luo Shaohua get feldspar self balancing scooter up, went straight to the bathroom. Bathroom in the north side, no window doors, an area of not more than five feldspar self balancing scooter square meters. There is a mirror on the east side of the wall, the bottom is a wash basin and bath cabinet. Luo Shaohua open the cabinet, which are some ordinary household items, such as toilet paper, toilet Maryland self balancing scooter cleaning agent and the like. He picked up a bag of washing powder, found that Missouri self balancing scooter there are about half of the remaining. He closed the door and found something under the cupboard. Reach for.

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