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Firebrick Self Balancing Scooter out of the two wires. He looked around, deftly inserting two wires into the keyhole. However, just poke a few times, he heard a downstairs came a footsteps firebrick self balancing scooter of Xu Jianbu Xu. Luo Shaohua stopped action, pay attention to listen. Soon, footsteps getting closer, it seems not the fourth floor of the following households. He cursed loudly, the wire pinch in leray self balancing scooter balance motion 6.5 two wheel his hand, picked up the backpack, intends to leave to say. Insurance, Luo Shaohua decided to go downstairs, or come to live in the 6th floor, electric self balancing scooter then he is very suspicious. Just go down the bottom half to see a man carrying a large plastic bag, is humming a song, step by step up. gray self balancing scooter Suddenly, Luo Shaohua brain blank. Lin Guodong wearing a gray down jacket, black corduroy trousers, cotton shoes, in the corridor and Luo Shaohua pass. He looked up and looked like a Luo Shaohua, it seems not. His mouth is not a tune of the ditty song without interruption, mixed in the plastic bag of crash sound, and instantly filled with Luo Shaohua s ears. This twenty three years, two people for the first time so close contact. Luo Shaohua even feel the strength of the other side of the shoulder. Through the clothing, the kind of power with the dispersion of bla.collar, dragged him to the display cabinet before. Look at these, what s this Duan pointed at the trophies and the certificate, This is the brothers who fight back with blood and sweat, in exchange for life Suddenly, he picked up a trophy, fell heavily on the ground, gold Guangcan Can cups suddenly torn apart. Do not now, is not it Duan Hongqing Du Cheng roared, all the honors, are not, is not it Immediately, he pulled the next certificate, raising his hand to tear. Zhang Zhen seeing, hurriedly rushed to stop him, the piece has been ripped off a corner of the certificate grabbed down. Duan Hongqing more anger is not extinction, a pushed Zhang Zhenliang, raised a finger pointing to Du Cheng, trembling darkslateblue self balancing scooter fingertips, but could not speak. A long while, he was biting his teeth openings, tone has been with a trace of pleading. When the police for so many years, the hail of bullets through the firebrick self balancing scooter firebrick self balancing scooter blood in the mud rolling, finally landing safely Duan Hongqing look back to see Ma Jian. Former Deputy Secretary look sadly, turned away. Doudou, I beg you. Duan Hongqing to face again, This skque self balancing scooter 10 wheels matter, can not forget it No Du suddenly raised his head, eyes wide open, then to check this case, I die.

r her body. This time, Yue Xiaohui did not refuse. But she still does not look at him, eyes scattered stare in the outpatient building out of the crowd. Yue Xiaohui long hair into a string together, the neck is also deposited with thick gauze, the arm can also be seen in the shape of bandage. Wei Jiong looked up and down her, whispered how are you firebrick self balancing scooter For a long time, Yue Xiaohui finally had a response Nothing, skin trauma. She raised her head, looked at Wei Jiong, and finally to the forehead gauze. What about you I have nothing. Wei Jiong smiled, sewing three needles. Yue Xiaohui also Lie Liezui, revealing a non cry non laugh expression. Immediately, she lowered her head, his forehead arrived in the knee. I can not sleep, with a doubling of the tranquilizer is useless. Yue Xiaohui s voice low and fuzzy, as if from deep underground pass up the general, one close your eyes, see the blood, overwhelming, like the same waterfall. Wei Jiong sighed in the bottom of my heart, stepped forward, Lan Yue Hui Lan shoulders. The girl shuddered and instinctively dodged back. Immediately, she obediently leaned his head in the arms of Wei Jiong. A few seconds later, Wei Jiong feel the girl completely r.led soup with the old Ji seems to be firebrick self balancing scooter recovering from the truth, the whole person seems to have narrowed in a circle. Wei Jiong stood, overlooking the head of Ji Qiankun light gray wool hat, clearly felt something similar to the water is lost from him. That s time. In Jigu Kun s cabin, it is as clear as a jelly transparent, but still, fixed his memory in a few square meters of space. He can be elegant, but also calm, contented, indifferent. However, once this jelly thrown into the earth s fire smoke, it will soon melt, and the rapid flow of time in the river. All it was sealed, naked to fall to the ground, mediumspringgreen self balancing scooter covered with dust, anxiety and helpless look at their own become coarse, was coerced forward. Wei Jiong s heart soft up. For a long time, Ji Qiankun long exhaled breath. about there. He turned and looked at Wei Jiong from bottom to top. Push me back. Ji Qiankun s eyes and restore a gentle, calm look, almost. Wei Jiong though do not know the sun tan almost or time almost , but still obey his mind, turn the wheelchair, pushing him slowly walked to the small building. Just go to the door, they head to meet a large group of volunteers come out. Ponytail firebrick self balancing scooter girl carrying Wei Jiong backpack.sit, but has not seen her for two days. Where has she gone Wei Jiong took out the phone, open the micro message, and Yue Xiaohui in the dialog box, type Where are you Almost sent out the same time, Yue Xiaohui responded, but her reply is neither text, nor voice, but a video. Wei Jiong feel strange, looked around, come up with headphones worn, click the play button. firebrick self balancing scooter Headphones temporarily isolated from the surrounding sound, Yue Xiaohui s voice is very clear. Looks like she is in a residential area, behind the side is close to a small advertising wall, corner can not see the snow has not ablation. Yue Xiaohui seems to stand for a long time in the outdoors, cheeks cold red, look very tired. Wei Jiong, when you see this video, please contact Du immediately, let him locate my cell phone location. Yue Xiaohui slightly paused, At the same time, the opportunity, I will use WeChat and you share My real time location. Wei Jiong more puzzled Yue Xiaohui where What did she want to do Why should contact Du Cheng No time to think, Yue Xiaohui went on to say The only chance is that he once again start firebrick self balancing scooter to kill. firebrick self balancing scooter Yue Xiaohui directed at the camera smiled, but her smile is both tense and anxious, I.

Firebrick Self Balancing Scooter , you see me, eat a look, ha ha ha. Old Ji s voice there is a hiss of tears, too delicious, thank you mother ah. Wei Jiong around firebrick self balancing scooter to him, deliberately not to see him, slowly rummaging in the backpack, a moment later, the opening firebrick self balancing scooter asked old discipline, how old are you this year Ah Old look has been restored as usual, thought, sixty. Fortunately, I remember correctly. Wei Jiong put the set of new underwear and socks out, thrown into his arms, quick to wear, a lucky figure. You boy Lao Ji eyes light up, took underwear carefully looked at his mouth muttering Yes ah, sixty Benming years. Wei Jiong urged Come on, put on. Old Ji is pleased from the life, effort to take off sweaters and shirts, put on a new shirt. Finished these, he has been out of breath. Wei Jiong came forward to help him take off his pants, two skinny, pale legs exposed. Old Ji also some embarrassed initially, but he soon looked calm, let Wei Jiong to help him for a good new pants. A few minutes later, the old discipline from head to toe were wrapped in a new big red, self balancing scooter price comfortable sitting darkgray self balancing scooter in a wheelchair, smiling at Wei Jiong. Wei Jiong Maryland self balancing scooter tired is sweating, feeling very happy. In front of the old Jihongguangmian, it seem.nd stamped a blanket on his lower body. He warmed and went out the door. Wei Jiong is the first push wheelchair, coupled with red brick Yong Road rugged, the first part of the journey can be described as thrilling. On several occasions, he almost pushed Laoji to the earth. Compared to Wei Jiong s frightened, Ji Qiankun firebrick self balancing scooter touches seem contented. At the moment has sunset, because there is no high rise buildings around the nursing home s sake, the yard is still full to shed a large firebrick self balancing scooter sun. Ji Qiankun narrowed his eyes watching the golden sun, big mouth breathing dry and cold air, expression is quite fascinated. Not for a long time. Is it The wheelchair was pushed to the end of a road, Wei Jiong effortlessly to the direction of the wheelchair, began to go back, You here a few years Eighteen years. Also used to Jiugukun looked next to a tree, it is a peach red self balancing scooter tree, when the tree full of peach in spring, very beautiful acceptable, to endure can not accept, and I according to their own Idea to. Wei Jiong think of his room a small electric pan and cigarettes, smiled. Your family often come to see you I have no family, Ji Qiankun replied, without children, the wife died very early. Oh Wei Jiong.

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