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Floralwhite Self Balancing Scooter t them heat the dishes soon. Wei Jiong grabbed a wheelchair arm No, old discipline, I brought you dumplings, we eat this. lightgreen self balancing scooter Dumplings Old discipline a look of surprise, good good. Wei Jiong open insulation boxes, opened the lid, braved the hot dumplings in front of him. Try it, my mother s craft. Old Jihao already took chopsticks, can not wait to pick up a stuffed into his mouth. How is the taste Elder brother big mouth eating dumplings, oil juice down the mouth down, delicious delicious floralwhite self balancing scooter Hey, you slow down, said Wei, laughing, and got up to get a napkin. Then turned around, he was shocked. Old discipline floralwhite self balancing scooter back to himself, head down, his hands holding a heat lunch box, shoulders slightly twitching. He was crying. In this silence of the night, in countless people with blessing to sleep, the first floralwhite self balancing scooter ray of sunshine in the New Year before the arrival of a lonely old man, crying in silence. Tenacious, optimistic, such as the old discipline, and finally a box of hot dumplings relieved all the armor. When he calmed down a little, Wei Jiong only segway self balancing scooter put a hand on his shoulder, while handed from behind a napkin. Old Ji shook a moment, quickly took the piece of paper, wiping his face in the floralwhite self balancing scooter random. Oh.was dim. Wei Jiong find the light switch, press down, but no response. He shook his head and opened the door to its maximum. With the living room through the faint light penetration, Wei Jiong looked at this narrow space of less than five square meters. Walls and floors are covered with white tiles, ceiling is white aluminum plastic plate. Because of age and neglect of clean, tiles and aluminum plastic panels floralwhite self balancing scooter are beginning to yellow the edge of the corner has grown a black mold. Washbasin edge of soap, toothpaste and two randomly disposed toothbrush. There are still some water stains in the basin, mixed with dust, look dirty. The west side of the wall is a single bathtub, ceramic material, the same water stained cylinder block, looks for a long time have not been used. Wei Jiong with both hands in the bathtub edge, leaned down, carefully in the bathtub to see, then, turned around and looked opposite the bedroom. He walked out of the bathroom, went straight to the bedroom, looking around, lying on the floor, looked to the bed. In addition to the thick dust, the bed empty. Wei Jiong kneel to climb up, pat the palm, thought, went to the living room. Living room sofa in addition to a ha.

as solemn as a memorial service. Under strong pressure, the Secretary in the analysis will come to an end when black self balancing scooter the military order twenty days to solve the case, or automatically leave to guard the equipment library. The top of the table of the state, the pressure is still in the Ma Jian them. A meeting, Ma Jian, who led the people back to the office. Everyone sitting floralwhite self balancing scooter at the table, a moment of no words. A long time, Ma Jian slowly opening Shaohua it Someone replied In the physical evidence test over there. Ma Jian ah a cry, stood up Just at the meeting, we also heard, twenty days, do not I say, time is pressing Suddenly, the office door was broken open, a naked upper body man staggered rushed in, splash kneel down to the ground, kowtow, such as Daosuan. You police comrades, a man s face full of sweat and tears, you must seize him I love her she is a good woman she should not Followed by rushed into the door to the Du into. He pulled a man, could not hold to the old discipline, you fast up, do not Ma Jian was also surprised, quickly greeted colleagues to floralwhite self balancing scooter help the man up. Man saw the blood on his forehead, mixed with dust and sweat, face lik.t is the only entertainment in those days pastime. Luo Shaohua would like to know the content of these sites, but he immediately gave up the idea, one, at the moment floralwhite self balancing scooter is still not floralwhite self balancing scooter know when Lin Guodong will come back, time is not sufficient Second, Lin Guodong this morning had used the computer, even if they cleared today Of browsing history, if this guy know how to view historical records, will inevitably be exposed. Thought, he took out his cell phone, photographed a few days of browsing history page, left to see later. Turn off the computer, put the mouse back to the original position, Luo Shaohua look at the watch, decided to evacuate. He exited the bedroom, closed the door, went straight to the door. Just hit the handle, he suddenly heard a door across the corridor came a burst of footsteps, the door mirror reveals the light is also an instant dark. Luo Shaohua flashed to the side, back darkolivegreen self balancing scooter on the door, pay attention to listen to the movement outside. Almost at the same time, footsteps also disappeared. Luo Shaohua hold your breath, the brain began to rapid rotation. Lin Guodong back If so, frontal conflict is unavoidable. Is open, or fled The latter probably to be more Kaopu, becau.tion, Ma Jian took a black pen came to the map before. Now it seems that the murderer is most likely to hide in the place He drew self balancing scooter site uk two big circles on the map, Tiedong and floralwhite self balancing scooter Xiujiang District. Du into the expression is still dignified. Although it seems that the scope of the investigation has been greatly reduced, but Tiedong and Xiujiang District, respectively, is the city s two main city, a large population, where the search for the floralwhite self balancing scooter murderer, but in the Pacific and Bohai Sea in the needle difference. Ma Jian seems to be complacent, in his view, whatever the outcome, from the complexity of the case out of an idea, though still not clear, but better than nothing. Arrangements in his investigation when the task, Luo Shaohua came from the door, a glance to see the map on the wall. I rely on, what is this Ma Jian is a look mediumslateblue self balancing scooter at him, and immediately greeted him to sit down You have to come back just, what evidence found there There is a fart. Luo Shaohua handed a few sheets of paper, expression of frustration, no fingerprints, plastic bags are not trademarks, origin are found out the same as in front of several cases. Ma Jian can not be reconciled, and asked footprints There is still.

Floralwhite Self Balancing Scooter d, Lin Guodong mother carrying the basket, while away the key, while cross the door. Just entered the hall, to see two people confrontation. Hey, you are not that she pointed to Luo Shaohua, greatly surprised. Immediately, she saw his face is the son of dust and blood. My God, Guodong, how are you this The old woman hurried to put down the basket , Lin Guodong arm to reach out. Which has turned its attention to the ground over the food basket. Pork, celery, fenpi and eggs. Lin Guodong sudden storm, hands feldspar self balancing scooter and feet to climb over, grabbed the piece of raw pork, stuffed his mouth chew up. God, Guodong, what are you doing The old woman was scared and scared, reaching out to grab his mouth of pork, Lin Guodong was bitten in the back of the hand, suddenly bleeding. Son, how is this you self balancing scooter buyer Old woman refused to hand pain, has been like to seize the crazy Lin Guodong, You say a word, ah, my mother ah Lin Guodong a push mother, and threw himself into the basket, picked up a raw egg into his mouth. Along with the crunching of crushed eggshell, yellow and white egg flowing from his mouth down. Alive, as long as alive. Lin Guodong fell to the ground, just like a hungry beast, looked up at with a meaningful smile. Kid, he floralwhite self balancing scooter said, burning the cigarette lightly. What do you know Wei Jiong in the heart cursed his careless, seeing has been unable to conceal, had nothing to do. The end of October Indiana self balancing scooter 1992 that case, the victim is the mother of Yue Xiaohui. Du Cheng suddenly stunned, stared at Wei Jiong. A long while, he shook his head with a wry smile, his face is still an incredible expression. Do not be so floralwhite self balancing scooter clever Du thought for a moment, to himself, No wonder she was so intent on this case. He looked at Wei Jiong What do I need I would like to know the case, Wei Jiong paused, if possible, I want to find out the murderer who killed her mother. Why Du suddenly smiled, Because of love Wei Jiong did not laugh, look serious, Yue Xiaohui asked his father, because he was allergic to perfume, so her mother never apply paint, that is to say, Lin Guodong not kill her mother s murderer. and then Yue Xiao Huiming know to help the old discipline will not floralwhite self balancing scooter revenge for their own revenge, but she insisted on going to check down because she felt that it is worth it. Wei Jiong paused, look more determined, Well, it should be Somebody does something for her. Du Cheng convergence of a smile, lo.

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