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Florida Self Balancing Scooter rd Nunu chin. Banggemang, to pull the curtains. Wei Jiong hesitated a moment. Although the woman is sleeping, but this is her private space. However, opened the curtains only, should not be anything offensive. Thought of this, Wei Jiong to look around the corridor, best self balancing scooters on the market or heels into the bedroom. A door, Wei Jiong to smell a strange smell. He sniffed, went to Florida self balancing scooter the window, opened the curtains. The afternoon sun pouring in, the woman s face becomes clear. See, she should be regarded as a beautiful young woman, face rounded, facial features Zhou Zheng, the skin can be considered delicate. Wei Jiong look back and see Ji Qiankun, the latter is also looking self balancing scooter reviews 2015 at him. You smelled it Wei. Wei Jiong Florida self balancing scooter frowned, that taste is not pleasant, mixed with sesame oil or something else, will make people think of some kind of evil emotions. Ji Qiankun shake wheelchair, slowly into the Florida self balancing scooter room. He looked at the interior furnishings, from time to time flutting his nose, then, his eyes on the woman who fell asleep. Wei Jiong is also Florida self balancing scooter looking for the kind of taste of the Florida self balancing scooter source, however, a small indoor glance, and no remnants of food and the like. Finally, he and Ji Qiankun line of sight. Ji Qiankun smiled, the wheelch.turned around and saw the middle aged man looked at his face suspiciously. He turned, pulled out from his pocket police certificate, held to the front of men. I m a police officer. Oh Middle aged man tilted his head to see police officer card, and look at Luo Shaohua, You know Lin Guodong Do not know. Luo Shaohua pointed to the window of room 501, how do you and him Middle aged man realized that Luo Shaohua will not be partial, immediately excited, You say what is this thing That s right, you give evaluation of Florida self balancing scooter management Middle aged man named Liu Zhu, monosodium glutamate factory is the auto repair class, and Lin Guodong mother of some friendship. Two years ago, Lin Guodong want to learn to drive, his mother to find Liu Zhu, asked him to borrow a car to Lin Guodong. Liu column due to sensibilities, put an idle truck lend Lin Guodong practice. Vehicle wear and tear can not be seen from the surface, the odometer can also be done hands and feet. Therefore, the past two years, Lin Guodong has borrowed a dozen cars, in addition to each of the benefits will give self balancing scooter manufacturer Liu column, the two sides without incident. However, the consumption of gasoline is unable to cover up the fact. A few months.

g smiled, looked at her while drinking tea. Girl today Florida self balancing scooter wearing a black turtleneck sweater, dark blue jeans. Upper body caused by convex, straight legs slender. His face because of the formation of the blush has not yet subsided, coupled with hot tea Xiadu, face on the vapor surplus. Lin Guodong walked slowly, and girls sitting side by side on the mini smart self balancing scooter bed. Under the weight of two people, mattress depression down, Chen s body over, half leaning on Lin Guodong s body. However, she did not escape or adjust the sitting position, let his arms close to Lin Guodong. Two forestgreen self balancing scooter people do not speak, holding their cups, small mouth sipping. Girl with his left hand on the bed, looking at the front of the wall, head is not strabismus, arm occasionally carried to the mouth, the tea slowly into the mouth. Lin Guodong is constantly flaring nose, it seems that girls should take all the air sucked into the whole body. Tea fragrance, after the initial bitter taste of the entrance, after the goods suck back Gan. Lin Guodong but drink the more thirsty, as if the nose is not the girl s body aroma, but a mass of fire, and instantly the tea will evaporate completely. He quietly moved the body, Zhu right in the bed sl.can live a few days, your mother is to support, have to support me to Lin Guodong justice that day Wei Jiong pushed the door of the ward, but found that Yue Xiaohui no one on the bed. He looked at the remaining half of the liquid infusion bottle and hanging in the air of the needle, turned to the nurse station. Duty nurses do not Florida self balancing scooter know the whereabouts of Yue Xiaohui. Wei Jiong took out his cell phone, call Yue Xiaohui phone number, ring for a long time, she has refused to answer. Wei Jiong reluctantly hung up the phone, ready to find her layer by layer. Just a Florida self balancing scooter few steps, he inadvertently caught a glimpse of the wall of smoking prohibition, thought, went straight to the hospital. The yard is not big, Wei Jiong soon in the flower bed side of the bench found Yue Xiaohui. She was only dressed in sick clothes, tuck sat on the bench smoking. Wei Jiong called her, quickly ran over. Yue Xiaohui to look to the sound, Florida self balancing scooter then turned to face to face to face. Wei Jiong went to her side, grabbed her arm You re crazy Dressed so little, will be cold Yue Xiaohui throw off his hand, still in front of the visual, but also lit a West self balancing scooter cigarette. Wei Jiong silently stood for a while, took down jacket, draped ove.ionally drink a cup of hot water in the insulation. Florida self balancing scooter Every twenty minutes with a telescope to see Lin Guodong home movement. Hear someone downstairs came, Luo Shaohua will hide behind the window, some peeping carefully. However, a full half an hour later, Lin Guodong home is Self Balancing Scooters faq still a silence. Luo Shaohua began to doubt his own judgment this bastard do not sleep or died at home That s too damn good. Luo Shaohua not without malicious thought. He had long legs of endless tingling, thought, decided to explore the opposite side of the actual situation. Luo Shaohua Dai Hao down jacket hat, but also with a scarf tightly, only the nose and eyes exposed outside. He was gear best self balancing scooter carrying a bag, quietly downstairs, slowly through the floor of the open space, looked around a bit, quickly rushed into the 22 unit 4 corridor. Three steps and for two steps to climb the 5th floor, Luo Shaohua has been a slight asthma. He stood for a while on the slow platform, until the heart is slightly stable, carefully close to the 501 room iron door, opened the hat, the ear attached to the door, hold your breath. The room was silent, with no sound at all. Luo Shaohua straightened up, silently watching the iron gate in fron.

Florida Self Balancing Scooter office, is full of years of thick dust. Suddenly, his hand stopped, his eyes suddenly stared. Immediately, he removed from the top of a long strip of objects. This thing wrapped in newspapers, both ends wrapped with a yellow tape, the same coverage with a layer of thick gray. Wei Jiong picked up it shook, a large group of dust Pu Susu to fall. Newspapers on the font is also exposed, is October 29, 1992, People s Daily. Newspapers have been yellowed, brittle, a little pulled on the broken open. Some dark brown things appear in the newspaper below, feels Florida self balancing scooter the metal cold and hard feeling. Wei Jiong breathing rapidly, he torn off the newspaper, that thing finally show the whole picture. Is a hand saw. Du into a good car, the pace hurried across the road, looked up at the front of the shop signs LeoCafe. He turned around the sidewalk and headed for the entrance. Just two steps, he saw the other side of the floor of the glass window Florida self balancing scooter Luo Shaohua. Luo Shaohua sitting at Minnesota self balancing scooter the table, in front of a cup of coffee did not move. His hand sandwiched cigarettes, soot has been burning a long length, falling on the table at hand. He seems unaware of this, just stare at the cup of hot smoke, the whole.isfaction, Ma Jian, before and after retirement is a branch deputy director, so dry is not it Little high, do you know what I was looking at the case Du asked him. How many know a little. Highlight to see Zhang Zhenliang, and see Du Cheng, more than 20 years ago, a case with Ma Jian I m not sure, so I need your help, said Du, clapping his bright shoulders, this case is very important to me, and I can not close my eyes and see if I can break it. Rely on, forestgreen self balancing scooter you old guy. High muttered his mouth, but the mood has been loose. Liang son, Zhang brother usually how about you Zhang Zhenliang handed him a cigarette, did not speak to you The line of the line. Highlight lit cigarettes, waved his hand, I fucking you two. I wait for the news not to mention I did ah Du Cheng and Zhang Zhen Liang Lianlian nod. Highlight glared at them, turned and left the staircase. See him go away, Zhang Zhenliang whispered Master, you really think Luo Shaohua and Ma Jian Well, they probably knew the wrong person very early, Du nodded, or your boy reminds me. Indeed, Zhang Zhenliang prompted him to pay attention to the 1992 10.28 rape murder case of the police handling the case, it is Ma Jian and Luo Shaohua.

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