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Gainsboro Self Balancing Scooter or things that year made public. So, what he might do next, what would Florida self balancing scooter it be The waiter came in to clean up the broken cup, Ma Jian is still more than anger is not canceled, sitting on Alaska self balancing scooter the sofa for a while gainsboro self balancing scooter after a brief rush of gas, he again directed at the Luo Shaohua. Why did not you tell me about it I am hello. Luo Shaohua smile, You know how can it More than one person knows, more than a favoritism I own it. Why do electric self balancing scooter you want to tell me now Ma Jian did not appreciate the situation, knocking at the table heavily. The time limit for prosecuting the crime of favoritism is fifteen years, his mother passed, what are you afraid of Do we have to watch his mother Luo Shaohua also fire, he will kill The last sentence instead let Ma Jian quiet down, he looked at Luo Shaohua, whispered Are you sure determine. Luo Shaohua open carry bag, took out from the inside a few sheets of paper handed Ma Jian. Lin Guodong bought a computer, I checked gainsboro self balancing scooter his browsing history. Luo Shaohua finger that a few pieces of paper, these sites, he was particularly frequent log. Ma Jian turned around and found some printed pages of the page. Looks, these sites mainly provide video and pictures, content is all purpose.the gainsboro self balancing scooter bath again in a circle or not see Ma Jian trace. His mind secretly strange, Idaho self balancing scooter what this guy doing This morning, a strange number dialed Jinfeng phone. She answered, the other has to and Luo Shaohua call. Luo Shaohua confused took the phone, only to find that familiar voice from Ma Jian. Subsequently, he asked Luo Shaohua in the bath and meet him. Luo Shaohua returned to the Ministry of men, took the waiter handed the bath clothes, ready to open the locker, to call Ma Jian. Just remove the key on the wrist, he found his locker inserted a small piece of cornfloewrblue self balancing scooter paper. Open to the top of the writing is Ma Jian lounge area, jade bath room. Rest area of a total of four jade bath room. Each bathroom are lying in disorder gainsboro self balancing scooter in a few bath. Luo Shaohua one by one view, went to the fourth time, still did not see Ma Jian. Just as he was about to leave, a passenger lying on the door suddenly lifted his foot and stumbled on him. Luo Shaohua a stagger, just to attack, I saw the bath off the lid in the head off the towel Ma Jian s face exposed. You are Ma Jian made Missouri self balancing scooter a wink at him, motioned him not to speak out, then climb up from the jade couch, went straight to the bath gainsboro self balancing scooter room, a small compartment. Bath.

nt a full ten minutes, Ji Qiankun to understand what is WeChat, after some on the phone to tinker with, hi not win. This thing is good, with the phone like ah. Ji Qiankun looked up at them, Thanks to the two of you, I have to master the old high tech. Of course. Yue Xiaohui said with a smile, You are so fashionable old man, how can not play this ah. Ha ha ha. Laughter hardly ever, Ji Qiankun the phone rang. Suddenly the pleasant ring tones let him panic Oh, how to pick up Slow slowly, I come skque self balancing scooter Ji Qiankun expression tension, hand on the screen slide, the phone connected. Operation is successful, Ji Qiankun very satisfied with their own, a smile to answer the phone. However, chatted a few words, his face slowly darkened down. Well, I know gainsboro self balancing scooter I m over now. Hang up the phone, Ji Qiankun holding the phone, silently sat for half a minute, frowning, solemn expression. Wei Jiong and Yue Xiaohui looked at each other, do not know what happened, dare not ask questions. Finally, Ji Qiankun gainsboro self balancing scooter looked up and squeezed out a smile. Go, Wei Jiong, to open the wardrobe, which has a purse. Wei Jiong honestly do, from the closet out of a bulging bag of old fashioned black leather bag, handed Ji kun.t throbbed violently. Such a neck, if the pinch in his hand, what would be the feeling The girl turned blankly. Sudden rain makes road traffic slightly congested. Wei Jiong looked at the front of intensive traffic, anxious. He kept looking at the phone, but both Du and Yue Xiaohui, are no news. Yue Xiaohui intention is clear with Madame Butterfly and himself, to lure Lin Guodong again committing the crime. From Lin Guodong had intended to kill Chen Xiao point of view, he is very likely to catch. However, Yue Xiaohui face the same risk. If you can not catch the current Lin Guodong committed guilty, even Yue Xiaohui can leave gainsboro self balancing scooter evidence, will pay the price of life. Do not know what is the reason for Yue Xiaohui to make such a decision, even if the old Ji or Du into, this price is too great. Wei Jiong repeatedly told himself not to Luanxiang, focus on finishing ideas. Now Yue Xiaohui and Lin Guodong should be together, the specific location unknown, the environment is unknown, Lin Guodong has gainsboro self balancing scooter been hooked do not know. However, the priority is mediumvioletred self balancing scooter not to arrest Lin Guodong, but to prevent Yue Xiaohui. Even from the disturbed Lin Guodong, lost his opportunity to justice, can not stand to watch.rship, but the anti social killer as the object of worship is extremely rare. In addition, if he does intend to kill to release the evil in the heart gainsboro self balancing scooter of the long hidden, it is easy to form gainsboro self balancing scooter a continuous intent of committing the crime. Moreover, the police has not cracked the case, which will greatly stimulate his confidence again committing the crime. However, in this case after the incident 20 years, C City, no similar cases occurred. In other words, after he killed Liang Qingyun, since gainsboro self balancing scooter disappeared, completely hidden. The police portrayed him, basically from the Xu Mingliang cheap smart self balancing scooter homicide case of both the experience male, 30 to 40 years old, clean appearance, talk, have driving qualifications, may own motor vehicles, careful thought, there is a certain Of the anti detection experience, the murder and the Department of the dead in terms of the first offense. In addition, in view of his Xu Mingliang murder case highly restored, this person should be well aware of the many details of the case. This conclusion, in fact, in terms of finding suspects is not much effect. Although the news media at that time, although not as contemporary developed, however, the public can still through various c.

Gainsboro Self Balancing gainsboro self balancing scooter Scooter as if the sun on his head, hot, bright, with a never ending temperature and enough to resist the power of the dark, like this is full of looking forward to the spring. Like a new life. Just like hopecut off from the world, and died with hatred and resignation. hope You lit the ashes in my heart, said the old scarlet self balancing scooter man, and his eyes suddenly appeared in a hawklike look, You make me feel that I have a chance to find the murderer. However, Wei Jiong still feel puzzled, What is this and Zhang Haisheng I need someone who can drive me unconditionally, said the old discipline s mouth with a smile, here is the equivalent of a cage, but I have to go out.In addition to Zhang Haisheng, no one can help me. Wei Jiong does not speak, still staring at him. I know this is not ethical, especially for the old Qin is not fair. Old Ji Wei Jiong know the mind, tone gradually worsened, I assure you that this matter to find out, I will be the first time to Zhang Haisheng The evidence of the rape is handed over to the police, but I can not trust Zhang Haisheng in terms of ability or character. Words here, the old discipline is no longer open, but looking forward to looking at Wei Jiong. Wei Jiong upset. He is very aware of the intention of the old discipline In addition to Zhang Haisheng, Lao Ji also need a person to help him investigate the murder case. This person is Wei Jiong. In the situation in reason.

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