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Gear Best Self Balancing Scooter kly changed to, the highest inspection if there is a need to prosecute, you can continue to prosecute. There must be Ji Qiankun blurted out, high tone. Wei Jiong was shocked, surprised to see Ji Qiankun. Kill people. Ji gear best self balancing scooter Qiankun immediately aware of their gaffe, how much thing you say is not it Wei Jiong nodded blankly. Ha ha. Ji Qiankun laughed, began to smooth things over, You just, is the mobile gear best self balancing scooter Internet Yes. Now the technology is really developed, so convenient. Ji Qiankun smack mouth, I can not keep up with the times. Smart phones can be. gear best self balancing scooter Wei Jiong also recovered, like a small computer like. Ah. Ji Qiankun turned to look out the window, you probably leave Wei Jiong look at the watch 4 30 or papayawhip self balancing scooter so. Oh, there is still a while. Ji Jinkun Chong Wei Jiong smiled, Today the sun is good, push me out how to walk The yard is not large, and most of the soil. The yard planted a few trees, because the leaves have all fallen light, can not distinguish between species. Can push a wheelchair to walk on it, only a few horizontal and vertical staggered red brick paved road. Nevertheless, Ji Qiankun still seemed very happy. With the help of Wei Jiong, he put on his down coat, wore a hat and scarf,, quietly walked to the 22 floor. Came to 4 units in front of, was about to open the door upstairs, suddenly heard a thundered. stop Two people are startled, head of the voice lights also will light up. Pouring down the lights, Ma Jian and Luo Shaohua face as white as paper, frightened to the light outside the dark Department looked. Accompanied by a rustle of footsteps, Du Cheng and Zhang Zhenliang s face followed in the shadow appear. Du into a gray and black down jacket, collar and exposed the sick and white clothes, evidently came from the hospital. What are you going to do Ducheng waxy yellow face with sweat Jinjin, deep voice mixed with severe asthma, Why come here Ma Jian stared at him, a long while before squeezing out a few words how do you come Ma Bureau, you about Luo Shaohua out to drink. Zhang Zhen Liang frowned, I did not care at first, and later found that the hotel next to the Green Bamboo Court area. Ma darkmagenta self balancing scooter Jian was enraged You fucking on their own people on the means Zhang Zhen Liang snorted, turned away, electric self balancing scooters for adults did not answer. Du into the top and bottom looked at Ma Jian, suddenly stepped forward, pulled out from his pocket a pair of gloves. What are you doing, you fucking.

or things that year made public. So, what he might do next, what would it be The waiter came in to clean up the broken cup, Ma Jian is still more than anger is not canceled, sitting on the sofa for a while after a brief rush of gas, he again directed at the Luo Shaohua. Why did not you tell me about it I am hello. Luo Shaohua smile, You know how can it More than one person knows, more than a favoritism I own it. Why do you want to tell gear best self balancing scooter me now Ma Jian did not appreciate the situation, knocking at the table heavily. The time limit for prosecuting the crime of favoritism is fifteen years, his mother passed, what are you afraid of Do we have to watch his mother Luo Shaohua also fire, he will kill The last sentence instead let Ma Jian quiet down, he looked at Luo Shaohua, whispered darkseagreen self balancing scooter Are you sure determine. Luo Shaohua open carry bag, took out from the inside a few self balancing-scooter sheets of paper handed Ma Jian. Lin Guodong bought a computer, I checked his browsing history. Luo Shaohua finger that a few pieces of paper, these sites, he was particularly frequent log. Ma Jian turned around and found some printed pages of the page. Looks, these sites mainly provide video and pictures, content is all purpose.y from this full of personality for the old man s curiosity, and her bones of goodness and compassion. However, since that Jiqian Kun Wei Jiong commissioned to Self Balancing Scooters Product Instructions help him investigate the series after the murder case, Yue Xiaohui attitude can be used gear best self balancing scooter to describe the frenzy. Sometimes, Wei Jiong even think she is also eager to catch the murderer than Ji Kunqun. This point, can not simply be interpreted as feel stimulated or fun the. I told you last time, my mother died early in my time. Yue Xiaohui staring at the increasingly dark square, it was in October 27, 1992, when my mother in the city When the department store was a salesman, she went off at nine what is the best self balancing scooter every night, and she did not go home that night. Wei Oklahoma self balancing scooter Jiong surprised to stare She The next morning, her body was found lime self balancing scooter throughout the city. Yue Xiaohui slowly turned and looked at Wei Jiong, in the dark, her eyes sparkling, everywhere, naked. She stretched out two hands and crossed her forefinger She was cut into ten pieces in a black plastic bag and tied with a yellow tape. Wei Jiong s mind exploded about what the boom. Late at night. rape. Murder after the corpse. Black plastic bags. Yellow tape I was less than one year ol.ubles. Only myself. Only for myself. How good this is. A burst of cold air poured into the room, but not annoying, on the contrary quite pleasant which mixed with meaty. Lin Guodong look down, downstairs is also open a small gas window, a large steam from the steam out of the faint, there are faint noise came. But also an unfinished banquet. Lin Guodong shut the window, standing hand in the bedroom. However, that kind of meat incense was not drift, still floating in the room. He gear best self balancing scooter sniffed the nose, which touched one of the switches in his memory. The child, what is it Lin Guodong back and forth in the narrow gear best self balancing scooter room pacing up and down. Gradually, the face in my mind slowly clear. Round face, some superficial. Always shy expression, tension will sweat. Habitually rubbing the nose. Like the side of the body, sitting on the bed, bow back to recite the book. He returned to the computer, skillfully open the search engine, type three words. Instantly, tens of thousands of search results appear on the gear best self balancing scooter page. He skimmed gear best self balancing scooter through gostwhite self balancing scooter the first few lines not gear best self balancing scooter the child. Thought, Lin Guodong and type a keyword C City. Search results greatly reduced, however, still do not see the information he most lookin.

Gear Best Self Balancing Scooter stood in situ for a while, and looked up to see the 501 room windows. The light was still on, and gear best self balancing scooter the thick cloth curtains were still. Presumably Lin Guodong downstairs this a fierce conflict without any awareness. Sleep, sleep. Du into the mouth of the lines become hard cold. This quiet night, you can not enjoy a few days. Zhang Zhen Liang and the girl sitting in the Chaoshan restaurant. See Du came in, Zhang Zhen Liang got up in the past. Asked the store, the answer was watertight. Zhang Zhenliang to the cashier Nunu mouth, whispered, It seems Ma Jian arranged very gear best self balancing scooter well. Du Chen a cry, the line of sight to the nervous girl What is she Her name is Chen Xiao, a translation company. Zhang Zhenliang smiled, is Lin Guodong that house. Oh Du Cheng raised his eyebrows, They know Chen Xiao at nine o clock tonight, after work, and then met Lin Guodong, invited to his gear best self balancing scooter home for dinner. Zhang Zhenliang smile gradually converge, do not know how to find this line Ma Jian, but his judgments are accurate Lin Guodong certainly not encounter Chen, perhaps He paused Maybe Lin Guodong really want to kill tonight. Du into the thought, nodded, walked straight to Chen Xiao. The girl is drinking.

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