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Georgia Self Balancing Scooter t went to the morning to buy food To be on the safe side, Luo Shaohua quickly withdrew from the 22 buildings, toward the opposite 14 buildings, back to him that very familiar place, 6th floor at the monitoring station. All step by step, familiar cooked as if cooking in their own kitchen in general off the bag, stuffed into the right hand side of the sauerkraut cylinder. And then bent down from the left corner of the empty flower pots took out two bricks, pad under the window, so that it is convenient to observe the opposite floor of the 5 Georgia self balancing scooter story, but not Georgia self balancing scooter to Texas self balancing scooter allow long standing on the cold feet of cement on the ground. Remove the Georgia self balancing scooter telescope, took Georgia self balancing scooter out the food with a good bag of steamed stuffed bun, placed in the corridor of the heating pipe this place can give food insulation, not compelling, in case someone upstairs or downstairs, Luo Shaohua ready to put away Telescope, quickly leave. Ready, Luo Shaohua to Lin Guodong room looked. Curtains opened, bed bedding is also neatly stacked. Small notebook on the desk was closed state, usually stacked in the side of the manuscript was gone. It seems that Luo Shaohua to the possibility of delivery is great. Luo Shaohua look at the watch, the.plastic bag head No. 3 and were divided into four left and right upper limbs No. 4. The same day at 15 20 Xu, found in the canal in the South canal with a black plastic bag in the human body left thigh 5. At 9 10 on October 29 Xu, North Lake Park artificial lake found in black plastic bags of human best self balancing scooter right leg 6 and left leg 7 Site inspection Black plastic bag handle crossed, was cruciform tight, and sealed with a transparent tape. In addition to a small amount of blood within the bag, no other content. There is no printed Georgia self balancing scooter word on Georgia self balancing scooter the plastic bag. In the plastic bags and transparent tape is not extracted to the fingerprint cause of death According to the test, the deceased was due to strangulation caused by mechanical asphyxia death Injury According to the forensic examination, the corpse pieces at the end of the wound edge irregular, a wall with multiple flaps, intracranial no interstitial bridge, part of the trail visible trailer marks, no life response, consistent with sharp cutting And postmortem Du Cheng look back to remove the files of the iron archives, which are not yet detected above the end of the file data, in other words, these cases are not det.

is still silent, as if a statue never openings. Shaohua, can no longer dead. Du Cheng out of a hand, take the shoulder in the Luo Shaohua, You must help me. Du paused I beg you. A long time, Du into the palm of your Georgia self balancing scooter hand under the stone move a bit. His heart thrown a glimmer of hope. However, the stone open mouth after the first sentence let his heart thoroughly cool thoroughly. You go. Luo Shaohua s eyes empty nothing, Do not force me. Du Cheng left, Luo Shaohua and sat alone for a while, stared at the window outside the Georgia self balancing scooter window in a daze. Things have been completely out of his control. It will be where to develop, Luo Shaohua is no way to know. As for the final will show a kind of outcome, he would like to want to think about. And sucked a cigarette, Luo Shaohua took out his wallet ready to checkout. Just stood up and felt the shoulder was a hand hold. He subconsciously turned his head and saw a look of livid Ma Jian to bypass their own, sitting opposite the table. You Luo Shaohua immediately react, how do you know about me to meet here He tracks me, I will not track him Ma Jian waved hands over the waiter to leave, he told you what Luo Shaohua hanging eyelids To self balancing scooter suppliers my not a fucking Voice hardly ever, he coughs up violently. Intensive blood spray in the Du into the body, his face. He did not wipe, did not view, more hard on the hands, holding more Connecticut self balancing scooter and more cold body Ma Jian, helplessly looked at the window deeper night. I ah, really stupid stupid I was going to Ma Jian stopped the cough, he slowly raised a hand, grabbed Du into the collar, In fact, after I thought, Even that night I went to Lin Guodong s home, I will not let the Georgia self balancing scooter girl die Do you believe Du into his head, Ma Jian in the line of sight of a blur. He nodded Believe. Hey. Ma Jian smiled, loosened his collar grabbed his hand, patted the shoulder into deeppink self balancing scooter the Du, Frank, the old man. The hand, unable to fall. At the New self balancing scooter moment, downstairs has begun flashing red and blue and white lights. The rapid footsteps sounded in the building. Soon, Zhang Zhenliang with a large number of police rushed into the 7th floor of the hall. In a cries, the command issued the voice and the flashing flashlight, the Du into a motionless sitting on the ground, all around the turn a blind eye, do self balancing scooter battery not hear. He just holding an old friend has begun to stiff body, quietly watching the first.. Blurred vision, he can only see the coffee table overturned tables and chairs, as well as sitting in the hall of two people. Back to his identity that person is unknown, look clothing, it seems that Luo Shaohua. The man across from him, it is Lin Guodong. Du into the back door, pulled out the phone, quickly press the number. The beam, immediately bring people to Hing Wah North Street and the intersection of Dawang Road TheOne coffee shop, Lin Guodong here. Du into the smoke in front Georgia self balancing scooter of the fan, There, called the Exodus team over. Ji Qiankun gritted his teeth, feeling the ears humming. Lin Guodong sitting across from his hands Baotou, semi volts on the table, shaking at the door. It was just a little thing. Jiangu Kun pointed to Lin Guodong seat under the black bag, the power of it more than a few times. Lin Guodong two blood red, body, his face is dust You fucking crazy Now we have only two of us. Ji Qiankun lifted the hands of the remote control detonator, You continue. Lin Guodong hysterically shouted You fuck in the end let me say Why do you want to kill her Ji Qiankun also lost control, Why Missouri self balancing scooter do you want to kill my wife Old discipline Suddenly, Ji Qiankun heard behind him heard.

Georgia Self Balancing Scooter . Wei Jiong picked up the Georgia self balancing scooter plastic bag, opened it and found that it was a box of soda crackers, a bottle of Coke and two packs of tissues. Then turn down, the bottom of the bag and a box of cigarettes. Five milligrams of tar content in Zhongnanhai cigarettes. Wei Jiong heart jumped up. This is Yue Xiaohui like cigarettes brand. If this shopping bag is indeed Yue Xiaohui, then at least two things can be explained First, she did go through this alley Second, she encountered a sudden situation. In other words, she was here Lin Guodong hijacked. Wei Jiong s brain began to run fast this alley is not suitable for committing the crime, Yue Xiaohui must be hijacked somewhere else. From the time to infer, they should not far from here. He left the shopping bag and ran all the way to the end of the alley. A few minutes later, Wei Jiong has been out of the Black Mountain Road 102 Lane, in front of him is Matsuyama Road. Looking at the wide road and sporadic vehicles, Wei Jiong need to make a choice again. In case she was Lin Guodong hijacked a taxi Wei Jiong hastily took out his cell who makes the best self balancing scooter phone, dialed the phone into the Du. Hello, I ll be right in. As soon as the telephone was connected, Du sounded.n Highlight wide eyed, You should not let me find it up layer by layer, 15 layer ah We two go up the elevator, from the roof down search. Du Cheng pat bright shoulder, homeopathic half pack of cigarettes into each other khaki self balancing scooter s pockets, Big Brother to accompany you up if that kid hidden in 15 House, tired of you. Mouth talking, Du has been coaxed to drag to drag into the elevator highlighted. Bright face unhappy, the elevator door closed, could not help complaining You are this age, but also so hard ah Du into the press 15 , turned and laughed Big Brother also can not do a few years, and when Banggemang. Highlights looking at Du into the police over thirty years into the police, the body has a little fat, gray old jacket tightly stretched on the body, protruding in the waist at a ridiculous semi circular. Grizzled Georgia self balancing scooter hair chaotic, wrinkled face is a pleasing look, the heart is also some can not bear, whispered a few will no longer speak. Du Cheng stood up straight, staring at the changing figures on the LCD screen. The lift rises to the 15th floor. Two people have out of the car, highlighting pull out the locator probe, just to start testing, Du Cheng a pull him, raising his hand off the Georgia self balancing scooter loc.

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