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Gold Self Balancing Scooter moment, then looked up and saw a box of cigarettes stood on the instrument panel, to take out a light. Zhang Zhenliang some impatient how Do you think Du into a spit a cigarette, thought, spoke and said mobile phone positioning to the 8th floor, people should self balancing scooter spain be in the 8th floor, but the system has both smoke and smell, they are not afraid of being found That is not a problem. Zhang Zhenliang a wave, put people hold, and consequently easy. He finished, he picked up the walkie talkie, briefly ordered 8, No. 3, upstairs. Du turned to look out the window, saw the back of the car jumped a few young men, the pace hurried into the 4 Building 2 unit. Zhang Zhenliang watched them disappear in the corridor, a few minutes later, walkie talkie came a deep male voice arresting group dimgray self balancing scooter has been in place. Zhang Zhen Liang picked up the walkie talkie moment action agile point. Then, he took out a cell phone from his pocket, handed Huangfa youth. As I have just said, if you dare to play tricks, I let you eat bread for life. Huang made a young man raised his head, not opening the first hit a big yawn. I I dare gold self balancing scooter He yellow self balancing scooter took over the phone, open the call log, select a number, set aside. Car police Lin Guodong is still a leisurely look askew, slowly Guangzhao. Luo Shaohua far from him, relying on the column, counter and other customers conceal themselves. More than an hour later, he gradually lost patience, began to doubt whether his follow up is necessary. Now Lin Guodong really like a long illness of the elderly, gentle, clumsy, weak, in others have been harmless, and even look a little pathetic. Poor When these four words appear in the Luo Shaohua s mind, he immediately reminded himself to keep alert. Do not be blinded, never again. Because, no longer twenty three years time to remedy, to repay. Luo Shaohua playing gold self balancing scooter spirit, from a large poster stuck his head out, his eyes immediately widened. Lin Guodong was gold self balancing scooter gone. Cold sweat immediately covered his forehead. Luo Shaohua walked out from the poster, looked around. At the moment, he is located in the gold self balancing scooter second floor of the two rows of shops, are all around the brand women. He remembers Lin Guodong last place is the front of the right side of the Amathshi women s clothing store, rushed into the shop, but not the other side of the silhouette, only a few stores are selected windbreaker and trousers woman. woman. Mother, woman. No.

all night, during which also made a vague dream, until a truck filled with mud from the side whistle passing, he woke up. Scared endless. Ma Jian cursed, and found that cold sweat has flowed from the neck to the chest. He took off his coat, thrown in the back seat, open the car radio, transferred to the maximum volume, re start the car. He did not hear the BP machine in his coat pocket, was constantly issued a sharp tweet. On Thursday, August 8, 1991, the 28th day of the sixth gold self balancing scooter gold self balancing scooter lunar month, the beginning of autumn and the heavy rain. C city residents Peng Juan and his son Du Jialiang died due to gas poisoning at home. The scene investigation, the cause of the accident on the gas stove on a pot of soft shelled turtle soup, soup overflow due to fire extinguished. Coupled with the city that gold self balancing scooter night storms, the deceased to prevent rain into the room, the doors and windows closed. Excluding homicide may. For the other C city residents, this mother and child death, is less than five minutes in the evening news reports, chat conversation is the time before going to sleep, turn off the gas valve alarm. For Du Cheng, the gateway to the human world is closed. Sales account. Finishing relics. Pre.un bed busy living, see them come in, Zhang Haisheng hands on the pillow to shoot loose, placed in bed. Although he seems to be in the finishing bed, but Wei Jiong can be sure that he is rummaging for something. You come back Zhang Haisheng face smiles, pointing to the single bed, Should you take a break No. Ji Qiankun hanging eyelids, raising his hand to indicate Wei Jiong pushed him to the window. Where the old discipline Let me worry about the strange. I do not see him, turned to Wei Jiong, Wei, open the cupboard, which has tea.We two bubble tea drink. Zhang Haisheng seeing this, can only say you talk , bitterly to open the door out. Today s tea Tennessee self balancing scooter is Lu an Guapian, aroma Qinggao, taste Xianchun. A cup of hot tea Xiadu, two people s atmosphere gradually mix thoroughly. Wei Jiong body sweat consumed more than half, comfortably leaning against the table, small mouth sipping tea. Ji Qiankun come up with a healthy brand of cigarettes to smoke, and soon, fighting room smoke misty, mixed with tea, people are quite lazy and comfortable. Wei Jiong suction nose, suddenly remembered the third floor of the woman. The old lady Wei Jiong tried to ask, is your friend Do not. Ji Qiankun sh.a moment did not react, woke up to God when the heart is half apologetic half grateful. Came to the balcony, the eyes are as vast as the stars of the ten thousand lights. This is the most lively night of the year, but also gold self balancing scooter the most human like world. Luo Shaohua lit a cigarette, quietly watching the smoke into the blue smoke outside the window is more intense. He inexplicably felt gold self balancing scooter satisfied and lazy, as if the king is between heaven and earth. I live, can feel the blood rushing in the body. I have a complete home. Although his wife s body is not gold self balancing scooter good, but every morning can touch her warm hand. Although the daughter divorced, but did not fail marriage failed. Cute grandson naughty a little, but grew up in peru self balancing scooter the day. I will not live alone in the empty house. Not a person to greet the coming New Year. Not over gold self balancing scooter and over again to refresh the page, swallowing a simple meal. No blessing, no other people s blessing. Luo Shaohua put out cigarette butts, a question mark in my mind more and more clear. He, in doing Wei Jiong holding a cell phone, to Yue Xiaohui issued a New Year s WeChat. In her head below, is the old discipline. He issued a WeChat, or seven days ago. It is said that today s nurs.

Gold Self Balancing Scooter , had aroused his interest. Open to, is a human anatomy. Luo Shaohua frowned, turned and looked at Lin Guodong single bed. Immediately, he removed the neatly arranged bedding, a closer look at the sheets, but did not find any traces. The ground is still covered with new ash floor. Luo Shaohua lying on the ground, his face close to the ground, from palegodenrod self balancing scooter the bed has been to view the door, and even the gap of the floor are not let go, still nothing. This is not surprising, if Lin Guodong is the murderer, and in the bedroom of those women sexual assault, they are mostly still alive, even with open wounds, it may not flow too much blood. Scene of the scene, should be another place. Luo Shaohua get up, went straight to the bathroom. Bathroom in the north side, no window doors, an area of not more than five square meters. There is feldspar self balancing scooter a mirror on the east side of the wall, the bottom is a wash basin and bath cabinet. Luo Shaohua open the cabinet, which are some ordinary household items, such as toilet paper, toilet cleaning agent and the like. He picked up a bag of washing powder, found that there are about half of the remaining. He closed the door and found something under the cupboard. Reach for.d with the idea if the police report to you at the time, too too cruel. Yes ah, obsession, obsession. Ji Qiankun a long gold self balancing scooter sigh, as if the two words interesting, eyes scattered off, At that time, I have no other way to allow the police to restart the investigation, really lemonchiffon self balancing scooter There s no more. He cheap smart self balancing scooter half bowed his head, the voice more and more low I can only use exactly the same way to kill a person in order to let the police believe Xu Mingliang is innocent, the murderer is still alive, but Xiao Hui, please believe me Ji Qiankun looked up to Yue Xiaohui, eyes urgent and sincere I did not rape your mother, but did not torture her. The girl cried out of the sound, repeatedly shook his head Do not you say I know that I own sinful, if not this obsession has been supporting me, even if I do not surrender, will commit suicide, and retribution soon came. Ji Qiankun bowed his head, watching their unconscious Of the legs, I killed your dodgerblue self balancing scooter mother, the foot for a gold self balancing scooter year and a half, the police no movement, so I can only go again June 7, 1994. Wei Jiong looked at him, right I ve chosen that woman, and when I ran across the street, a truck knocked me down behind me. You deserve it L.

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