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Goldenrod Self Balancing Scooter er is good. Wei Jiong put down the curtains, turned to the discipline of heaven and lightseagreen self balancing scooter earth smiled, I push you out to walk To help Ji Kung kun wearing a hat and took a lot of work. Pushing him to the corridor, Wei Jiong s face has been emitting a sweat. Just out of ten meters, Wei Jiong suddenly Oops. Old, I have to go back the phone fell in the bag. Good. Ji Qiankun unlock the keychain around the waist and handed him, blinked his eyes, how, afraid of Yue Xiaohui can not contact you Do not nonsense ah. goldenrod self balancing scooter Wei Jiong s blush, took the key and ran around. Cloudless, sunny. Wind in the face, has a little warmth. Jikun Kun turned a few laps in the yard, could not help but remove the hat and scarf, while enjoying the sun in segway self balancing scooter the head of the sun itching, while breathing a large mouth moist air. The yard has been completely melted snow, corridor outside the ground stepping on the soft, it is tempting to imagine whether there are new buds in the soil below quietly germinating. Passing the peach tree, Ji Jinkun let Wei Jiong stopped. He touched the rough trunk, and forced a pat. It s going to be blooming, and the trees are pink and pretty. Wei Jiong stood behind him, quietly watching Ji Qiankun a g.n, Ji Qiankun should not accomplice. Du Cheng nodded, turned to the boy, looked up and down some of his, opening asked What are you called Ah The boy was surprised, My name is Wei Jiong. Who are you Be friends You just said his legs were not good, Du continued, What s wrong with him He is paralyzed. Wei Jiong scratched the back of his head, now lives in a nursing home. Du Cheng and Zhang Zhen Liang on the look a bit. Du into a notebook, a detailed record of the nursing home address. Zhang Zhen Liang asked Do you want me to send you a trip now Do not. Du Cheng shook his goldenrod self balancing scooter head, goldenrod self balancing scooter Let the two children go. Wei Jiong relieved, turned to greet Yue Xiaohui, but found that she had entered the room, back to their own, I do not know what to see. Wei Jiong Chong i1 hover self balancing scooter reviews goldenrod self balancing scooter Zhang Zhen Liang squeeze out a smile, walked into the bedroom, reaching for Yue Yue Hui. Finger just touched her sleeve, Wei Jiong to perceive her trembling. His heart was shocked, not enough time to ask questions, heard Yue Xiaohui throat issued a grunt strange sound, followed, the girl throw off Wei Jiong s hand, clutching his mouth out of the 803 room. Wei Jiong quickly got up to chase, leaving Zhang Zhenliang and Du Cheng inexplic.

cles. However, Lin Guodong is still missing. He refused to take a break, then ran to his car. Just launched a car, Du Chengjiu called the phone. Old Luo, found, in Bayi Park near, and the location of the same. Know. Luo Shaohua holding a phone in one hand and a sharp turn of the goldenrod self balancing scooter steering wheel, at the foot of fierce throttle. Old Luo, it is Luo Ying s phone number. Du Cheng s voice is also quite anxious, how she had Luo Shaohua did not have time to explain to him, You take a few people in the past, please Well, I ll set out. The footsteps came from the handset, You keep the goldenrod self balancing scooter phone open and keep in touch. Luo Shaohua should be a cry, bypassing a taxi, Bayi Park to speeding away. Bayi Park is located in the south, from the Chunyang Street subway station about seven kilometers away. Luo Shaohua driving all the way bolted, less than five minutes to open the door to goldenrod self balancing scooter the park. Just parked the car, they saw a Paladin SUV gallop. Du Cheng jumped from the car, ran toward Luo Shaohua. Zhen Liang they have to. Du into the face is full of sparkling sweat, in the park search. Looking back, Luo Shaohua and Du Cheng has not seen for a few years, and even the words are not said. Meet again, but do n.guarantee that he does not expose you Luo Shaohua still does not move, If I were him, rather than waiting lime self balancing scooter for the court, suffer a gun, not as good as an instant to be blown into pieces. goldenrod self balancing scooter That his mother how to do Du broke out at once, he grabbed Luo Shaohua collar, repeatedly shaking, You let me how to do Were watched blown here fly ah Suddenly, Iveco police car door was opened, and anxious Jinfeng appear in the car, behind also followed by Zhang Zhenliang. Into the child, you Jinfeng arms holding a cloth bag, reach out and pull into the arms of Du, You let him go. Du Cheng Jinfeng look at, but also take a look at Luo Shaohua, mercilessly shoving him in the seat, sitting next to himself, breathing heavily. Luo Shaohua stared at his wife, murmured how do you come Jinfeng did not speak, leaning on the door, looked up and down his own husband. Suddenly, she raised his hand, mercilessly pumping Luo Shaohua a slap in the face. This action seems to run out of her whole body strength, the whole person to fall backwards. Zhang Zhenliang hastened to hold her. Luo Shaohua also stuck half of the body, grabbed Jinfeng sleeve. Jinfeng throw him, cover your chest, big mouth breathing. To diabetes. Drink, we two back to the district to pick up the car, called on behalf of driving in the 22 downstairs urine, accidentally found 4 Unit 501 room window with a bloodstained person.We feel suspicious, then upstairs to see and found Lin Guodong rape murder at home.We tried to uniform Lin Guodong, was the other party armed with resistance. Luo Shaohua silence for a while, and asked Then Ma Jian turned his head, looking at the front, the tone in no goldenrod self balancing scooter way emotional facing the ongoing serious threat to human security violent crimes for goldenrod self balancing scooter example, armed attack, take proper defense, causing unlawful infringement of serious injury, death, Do not belong to the defense too, do not bear criminal responsibility. Luo Shaohua trembling a bit, his face became pale This OK Shaohua, we did almost four decades of Interpol, just what the scene of the defense, no one more than we indianred self balancing scooter know. Ma Jian lit a cigarette, took a deep, slowly spit, What we say, That s what. Luo Shaohua bowed his head, gradually feeling the muscles goldenrod self balancing scooter began to tighten. What do we do now Ma Jian sat back in the driver s seat, staring straight at the window, and the light from the curtain after pouring out. Wait. Chen was.

Goldenrod Self Balancing Scooter d man, blind wandering what ah. Zhang Haisheng to see Wei Jiong squint, how do you come Well Wei Jiong escape Zhang Haisheng s eyes, volunteer service. Old age and asked you to buy things No. Zhang Haisheng s face a little more relaxed, the tone is still unceremoniously You go to another red self balancing scooter room, I want to mopping the floor. When he finished, he throw off the mop, Arkansas self balancing scooter wiped out in disorder. Wei Jiong dodge, was even hit two sanway smart self balancing scooter heels, quickly picked up the rag out of the room. This is the last social practice class, Wei Jiong always felt that the Ji Kung kun told the individual, although not too formal, but be beginning to end. However, throughout the peru self balancing scooter entire floor, or not see the signs of Ji Qiankun. Wei Jiong wondering whether to go back to ask Zhang Haisheng, think twice, or give up the idea. One, Zhang Haisheng does not seem to know where the old discipline two years, from the attitude of his view of Zhang Haisheng, even know, will not tell myself. Well, Wei Jiong said to myself, the vast expanse of the sea, he and the old discipline can only be met by chance. The edge of the edge, let it be. Nevertheless, Wei Jiong is still some small loss, and goldenrod self balancing scooter no longer find someone to chat segway self balancing scooter for sale interest. He p.long goldenrod self balancing scooter time, the old woman cries gradually. She wiped her eyes and breathed a long breath. Where is the old horse I m going to see him. Sister in law, you still do not go. DuanHongQing cheeky, take care of their own body. No, the old woman categorically refused. Immediately, the voice choked up, I can not let him alone Duan Hongqing see Du Cheng, who gently nodded his head. He pressed the pager on the table, so that the Secretary to the old woman to the funeral home. After the old woman left, the office once again restored the dead silence. Duan Hongqing sitting in the desk after a long while, got up and Luo Shaohua Du and pour a glass of water. Then, he pulled a chair, sitting opposite the sofa, eyes glanced back and forth in the two men s face. Last night in the end is how the matter, why Ma Jian at the scene We all know. Du Chengheng snorted, to Luo Shaohua Nu Nu mouth, he is more clear. Duan Hongqing swept the Luo Shaohua one. The latter finally move, bending, bow, hands in the hair, uttered a sigh. Why did Ma Jian know that I would go to Metropark Ducheng stared at him tightly. Are you tipped off He did not need to mess around with me, Luo said, his head on his knees, his.

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